Indie-licious Tues Nov 18th 2014


1. Paisley and Pastel – Freelove Fenner*
2. Deckard – Mysteries
3. City Full of (W)holes (Pt. II) – Mean Wind*
4. Somebody’s Talking – The Preatures
5. I Got The Moves – Habibi
6. Icarus – Meanwhile
7. Turn Your Love Around – TOPS*
8. Sålka Gets Her Hopes Up – Yumi Zouma
9. Annie – Mac Demarco*
10. 1001 Decisions – Woo
11. Caitlin And Peter And George Harrison – Sheer Agony*
12. Like That – White Fence
13. Back, Baby – Jessica Pratt
14. Nature – Jennifer Castle*
15. Black Bough – New Bums


Indie-licious Tues Nov 4th 2014


1. Glow – Foxes in Fiction*
2. The White Balloon – Mary Lattimore & Jeff Zeigler
3. The Brae – Yumi Zouma
4. Cave – Los Angeles Police Department
5. June – Olivia Kaplan
6. Drum – Hiss Golden Messenger
7. tell me – dd elle
8. Jesso Testa – OOIOO
9. Party on a Floating Cake – Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa
10. Maze – William Alexander
11. Tusk Vegas – MOVIE
12. Icarus – Meanwhile
13. safe ground – BEA
14. Seesaw – Club Kuru
15. So Close – Tom Misch & Carmody



TGIF Playlist: July 4, 2014

Another playlist where the order doesn’t even matter because all the songs are awesome, take a listen below:

  • Obsessed with this Lykke Li, No Rest For the Wicked remix with A$AP Rocky, makes me a little less depressed than the original.
  • Lowell’s The Bells has hands down become my summer jam. I Love You Money is just as upbeat and awesome as Bells, it also uses the crap out of a clap track, which I love. To me, it’s a girl power/feminist filled pop song, insert *raise the roof* emoji.
  • New Zealander Yumi Zouma‘s The Brae is a current favourite, it has really airy vocals, kind of an 80s, Breakfast Club vibe. 
  • I know i mentioned Adult Diversion last week and it’s all over Indie88, but I’m just in a big Alvvays kick right now.

That’s all friends, hope you all have a great weekend and for those in ‘Merica hope you have a great 4th of July!