Music Between Friends Halloween Playlist: Sasha’s Picks

Happy Halloween!!  Along with Katie, I’ve compiled some songs to play tonight to celebrate a day where people dress up and be who/whatever they want, terrifying or fabulous, or terrifyingly fabulous and eat chocolate, yum. Here’s what’s on my list:

Arctic MonkeysPerhaps Vampires is a bit Strong but…

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Buried Alive (feat. Dr. Octagon). The album artwork  for Mosquito could give children nightmares all on its own.

alt-JBreezeblocks.  The music video is what makes me feel like this song is meant for a horror film.

Radiohead – Bodysnatchers.  Apparently this song was recorded in a “dilapidated mansion” (creepy) plus any excuse I can use to get a Radiohead song on the playlist…

Franz Ferdinand Evil Eye.

LordeGlory and Guts

Akron/FamilyMany Ghosts

Kanye West– I am a God. The screaming is what makes this feel like Halloween — the type of song that would play during a movie scene where the main character is running for their life. *My reaction* But seriously, get the guy his croissant so he can calm down.

Ending my playlist is a funny song because I’m the kind of person who needs to chase something scary with something funny or cute or else I can’t sleep at night, so Werewolf Bar Mitzvah… it is! “Boys becoming men, men becoming wolves…” typical Halloween.

Acoustic Yeah Yeah Yeahs is perfect for sipping tea and arranging marriages

Normally, when I think “acoustic version” the first thing I think of is not “cello, violin, piano version”. I normally think “dirty guy in a bar playing a bad Bob Dylan cover”.

But this charming version of the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Little Shadow is a special acoustic track. It’s quaint, dignified, polite – Victorian teatime with a blend of Ra Ra Riot under leafy green tree boughs. I can totally imagine my aunts planning my wedding to a pre-arranged Lord while Karen O sings (in a corset, of

MP3: Little Shadow (Acoustic)Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Little Shadow (Acoustic) was released on the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s It’s Blitz Deluxe Edition, which also features pared-down versions of Hysteric, Soft Shock and Skeletons.



Go….and listen to this song… by Santigold and Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I like the idea of this pairing, and when I saw that they collaborated on this song my nerdy initial response was: ‘I wonder if they’re friends in real life?’ (because the inner geek in me hopes so).  I look forward to listening to new music from either or both of these ladies. Apparently Q-tip helped produce the song as well.  Click below to have a listen.

Also, fellow Canadians, don’t forget to go out and VOTE today

Septovember 2010 Playlist

I have FINALLY finished a playlist, and I made it extra long to compensate for the delay.  Hopefully you will enjoy the mash-up of older and new-ish songs as well as some of my musical throwbacks to the summer and California.


01 Yesterday Never Tomorrows - The Stills
02 Le Ferrassie - Tokyo Police Club
03 Danse Cave - Still Life Still
04 Rich - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
05 Spitting Venom - Modest Mouse
06 Green Eyes - Wavves
07 In the Water - Beat Connection
08 CP2Low feat. Ludacris - Woodhands
09 Another Mother To Mother You - Metronomy
10 Bearfight - Ten Kens
11 I Remember - Yeasayer
12 One Life Stand - Hot Chip
13 Santa Ana Winds - Cold War Kids
14 There's So Many Colours - Akron/Family
15 The Suburbs (con't) - Arcade Fire
16 Saint Simon - The Shins
 17 The Mountain - Heartless Bastards
18 Hot Like Fire (cover) - The xx
19 Slow Kids - Cheeky Cheeky and The Nosebleeds
20 The Maid Needs a Maid - Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton
21 The Pilgrim - Sam Roberts
22 Tonight - TV on the Radio