Indie-licious Tues July 15th, 2014

a day at the beach by cameos

a day at the beach by cameos

1. Memory – Tom Misch
2. (im so) tired – Pinner
3. Flag – Canto
4. Dance Community – Shaani Cage
5. Our Fore-Chamber By The Dock – swimming pools in heaven
6. 19 – Meenk
7. Mrs. Starkey – The Vaporettos
8.Real Slow ft. Sarah Chernoff (Happy Accidents Remix) – Miami Horror
9. me + the bee – nomen novum
10. Lost It To Trying – Son Lux
11.Unknown Ends – Dream Curtain
12. down with the crown – red sea
13. I Know, (I Know) – Jon McKiel
14. Ash Mound – Each Other
15. Love Solo – Heaven For Real


Tuesday Grab Bag

Are you ready to mellow?

New York’s Gingerly’s make 80’s-inspired indie-pop with a splash of shoegaze. Their debut 7″ Jumprope EP is out today (July 8th) via Shelflife.

Summer Cramps Gingerlys –  Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook


Speaking of shoegaze, Halifax’s Kestrels just released a new EP The Moon is Shining Our Way on July 1st via Sonic Unyon. They’re doing a limited run of 300 vinyl (half black, half blue).

The Moon is Shining Our Way – Kestrels Facebook


Toronto’s Foxes in Fiction sound a bit like taking a Beach House album and playing it quietly on mono on a lonely deserted subway platform. Shadow’s Song is the first single off their upcoming 7-track 12″ Ontario Gothic out Sept 22nd via Orchid Tapes (his own label). Warren Hildebrand writes:

Ontario Gothic is an album comprised of seven songs dealing with individual instances of loss, grief and the process of healing over the five years following my younger brother’s death in 2008 and how I navigated life in the wake of that tragedy. It was recorded in Toronto and New York between fall 2011 and spring 2014.

The track features Owen Pallett on violin, and Hildebrand will be opening for Pallett on his fall US tour. The limited edition (500 copy) pre-order features 250 translucent coke-bottle green / opaque doublemint green vinyl pressed together and 250 translucent sea blue / opaque cyan blue vinyl pressed together. Lovely!

Shadow’s Song – Foxes in Fiction – Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook


Soft vocals, folksy guitar, quiet drums. Birmingham’s Dead Crow Pirates reminds me a lot of Tunng.

Without Her – Dead Crow Pirates – Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


Paris’s MOODOÏD make fantastic psych-pop akin to Foxygen. I really like the music video for Je suis la montagne, originally released on their self-titled EP on Sept 1st 2013, and will be included on their upcoming album Le monde MÖO (August 1st via Entreprise).

Je suis la montagne – MOODOÏD – SoundcloudFacebook | Twitter


Simple pop songs can be effective! San Diego’s Inspired & the Sleep just released a new track on June 25th.

Pool Guard – Inspired & the Sleep – Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


I love this Tom Misch and Carmody duet off their new collaborative EP, coming out sometime in July. Did I mention that Tom Misch is only 18?

Release You – Tom Misch and Carmody 

Carmody Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Tom Misch – Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


I’m predisposed to enjoy anything produced by the weird art-pop scene from Halifax since I am forever in love with Each Other and Long Long Long. This track comes from the Sled Island compilation album, which is 100% solid. I’ll be playing a lot of the tracks off the comp for my next episode of Indie-licious.  It also appears on their 2014 Tour Cassette, found here on Bandcamp.

Protégé – Heaven For Real – Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Thursday Grab Bag

I just want to sit in someone’s backyard (preferably my parents’, because there’s free food) listening to mediocre dad-rock. I want to dip my fingers and toes in a cool body of water while a thin film of sweat forms on the back of my neck.

Here’s some stuff that’s been nestled in our inbox for the last few weeks.

Singer-songwriter Greyce recently put out a new album called The Piano Series on June 21st. Frankly, this track is beautiful. Sometimes a good piano ballad is all you need to get through a bad week. It’s soothing, relaxing, and mellow without being cloying.

Dare To Dream – Greyce Facebook | TwitterSoundcloud


French-born, Toronto based Ayla Millepied makes interesting, prismatic, warm electronic music. I like to pretend I’m spinning around on a warm, vaguely Moroccan beach when listening to this.

Libre – ∆yla – Facebook | Twitter


Flag is a broken-hearted ballad, plain and simple. “I can’t spend enough time around her.” Comprised of three brothers, Canto is a fairly young band, with few of the members at legal drinking age. Kind of reminds me of Tokyo Police Club, but I’ll get Sasha’s verification on that one.

Flag – Canto – Facebook | Twitter | Website


Despite the vaguely British vocals, post-punk/psych trio The Vaporettos hails from Vancouver. This is my favourite track off their first self-titled EP.

Mrs Starkey The Vaporettos FacebookTwitterSoundcloud


This song makes me melt down into nothing. Such a good disco beat.

Real Slow (Happy Accidents Remix)Miami Horror – Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud – Happy AccidentsSoundcloud


This Tears For Fears cover by Lucius is echoey, sweet, and gooey. They mixed up the tempo of the lyrics, so it sounds pretty fresh. Nothing can beat the original, but this is still a nice summer track.

Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Tears For Fears cover) – Lucius – Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


This track from Waterloo’s shagabond features vocal samples from Drake’s Say Something & Chris Brown’s Yo (Excuse Me Miss). I like the way that “Need you” becomes warped into “niju.” This is a good song for lying flat during heat waves (plenty of those to choose from this week).

Niju shagabond – Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


I listened to this track with my boyfriend’s roommate while we were waiting for him to bike home. We were really eager to get pool hopping, and had been listening to droney psych and Talking Heads all evening, so I wasn’t in the right mindset to listen to this vicious, slow-moving burner. I listened again today, and I’m so glad that I did. So soulful!

Worry – Jack Garratt Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook


Tom Misch’s Memory is a weird and wonderful fusion of steel pan, violins, piano ballad, and beats – somehow, it works. We began this Grab Bag with a ballad, and we end in an inverted one.

Memory – Tom Misch – Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


TGIF Playlist: Friday March 7, 2014

Here’s a selection of songs I’ve been listening to this month so far. Hope you all enjoy and have a great weekend!

Thanks to JDove for commenting about this band, really enjoying this Open Assembly Edit.

Can’t deny that I love this remix a million times more than the original.

I’m obsessed with YouTube… I recently started watching the Fun For Louis travel vlogs and a video featured this song, I’m loving it.

I have Katie to thank for these next two songs. I’m such a sucker for good covers, and I’m happy BASECAMP covered this Ace of Base classic so well.

This song has a total zoned out 70s vibe, love it.