Mini-Valentine’s Day Mix

If Michael Jordan says it, then it must be true?

I decided to share some of the lovey-dovey tunes that will be on my Valentine’s Day playlist.  Whether you are spoken for or not, hopefully you can enjoy the mix, or at the very least, you can find this Michael Jordan picture as hilarious as I did. Enjoy!

Amy WinehouseCupid

This girl may have had a rough go in life, but man could she sing a song.

The KnifeHeartbeats
[vimeo 10377992]
The Knife is a Swedish electronic band that reminds me of Tegan and Sara meets LCD Soundsystem on this song.

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If Animal Collective had a girl singer…

On my first listen of this song, I immediately though, wow, this is exactly what Animal Collective would sound like with female vocals. Fever Ray is the solo project of Karin Dreijer Andersson, lead singer of Swede electro duo The Knife. To me, it sounds incredibly creepy and awesome.

MP3: Here Before – Fever Ray

Therefore, in true Animal Collective style: