Music Video Monday – Mora Minn by The Dying Seconds

It’s clear from the first listen of The Dying Seconds’s newest single Mora Minn that they’re romantics at heart. How else can you have a pulsing, hypnotic piano line like that without being the guardian of an emotional wellspring?

Check out the ever-so-slightly creepy video for Mora Minn and if you like the track, be sure to check out the rest of the album, which came out on Friday August 12th.

One of my favourite tracks comes from the band’s EP Some Grand Romantic Gesture (2009). My Best Behaviour is full of creamy glitches, wheezy organs, and a playful male-female dynamic. They’re basically a slightly mopey, electronic-infused, Irish version of Arcade Fire.

My Best BehaviourThe Dying Seconds