Indie-licious Tues Sept 2nd 2014

1. I HATE MY BIRTHDAY – Silver Dapple
2. Pass the Pain – Only Real
3. Magic Mountain – The Drums
4. Birthday – Beach Fossils
5. Planet Birthday – Beverly
6. Story To Tell – Galkin
7. Empty Lines – Old Smile
8. Slow Down – Chips Calipso
9. Traneberg – Old Amica
10. Strangers – James Canty
11. I’ll Be Your – The Tallest Tree
12. Happiness Forgets – Meenk
13. Birthday Song – Frankie Cosmos
14. Birthday Card – Kate Sikora
15. More Than I Ask For – TEEN
16. Curious of You – Pillar Point
17. Oblivion – Aimee deBeer


Indie-licious Tues Mar 4th 2014

1. Fill My Gums With Blood – Gengahr
2. Where Are You – Chad VanGaalen
3. The Bells – Lowell
4. Time In The World – Colleen Green
5. Next Stop – Bleached
6. Love That’s Gone – La Sera
7. Do You Wanna Live? – Los Porcos
8. Meta y Dinero – Los Blenders
9. Vegas Nights – Chela
10. Don’t Feed Me After Midnight – Hawaiian Gremlins
11. Best Friend – The Drums
12. Beachfire – Totoake
13. Drugs In My Pocket – The New Royales
14. Presser – Broads
15. Snow. – Baffin Nunavut


The Drums Announce New Album and Release New Music Video For Their Single Money

Being the impatient person that I am, hearing news about a new album, and then finding out that the release is only around a month away makes me very happy. So all you musically ADD people like myself can rejoice in the fact that The Drums are releasing a full album on September 12th in the UK, with more news about a release date in North America to come.

Last summer, their Summertime EP was on repeat on my iTunes, so I am really looking forward to what the Brooklyn band has to offer with their new album Portamento. Below, you can find the track listing for the album, the song that got me hooked on this lo-fi, surf rock band, as well as the music video for their single Money.  Give it a listen if you’re into New Order/Joy Division/Morrissey/Smiths because it definitely gives off that 80s alternative rock vibe (which I love).

Track Listing for Portamento:

01 Book of Revelation
02 Days
03 What You Were
04 Money
05 Hard to Love
06 I Don’t Know How to Love
07 Searching for Heaven
08 Please Don’t Leave
09 If He Likes It Let Him Do It
10 I Need a Doctor
11 In the Cold
12 How It Ended

The Drums – Let’s Go Surfing

The Drums Money

Also, I’ll be headed to the OVO Fest tomorrow so check for updates on twitter of my attempt at being a hip hop princess…

Travel Time – The July Playlist

It isn’t July just yet, but I wanted to get a head start since I will be out of the country come Canada Day (how ironic).  I am going on an exciting adventure to Italy and Greece for the whole month and may not get a chance to post as much.  So, I figured a nostalgic/loosely themed playlist could be a second-rate consolation prize.

I tried to fit all my recent favourites on this playlist  (Foster the People, Wild Nothing etc.) as well as some consistent favourites.  So on that note, here is my parting gift for the month if I don’t get an opportunity to post what I’m listening to.

 Track Listing
01 Send Me On My Way - Rusted Roots
 02 Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win - Beastie Boys ft. Santogold
 03 Home - LCD Soundsystems
 04 Call It What You Want - Foster the People
 05 Gamme Ray - Beck
 06 Churches Under The Stairs - BSS presents...Brendan Canning
 07 Summer Holiday - Wild Nothing
 08 Abducted - Cults
 09 Set 'em Free pt.1 - Akron/Family
 10 Speaking In Tongues - Arcade Fire ft. David Byrne
 11 Like I Needed - Rogue Wave
 12 Minnesota, WI - Bon Iver
 13 When I Come Home - The Drums
 14 Wrapped Up In Books - Belle & Sebastian


Three Stooges – A Spring Playlist by indie-licious and

My summer family at The Union Market. “This guy” is my friend John. I can tell just based on how tight his pants are. I will find out tomorrow if I have been hired as the Manager for 2011/2012. Exciting!

These songs are all supremely feel-good and springy. For two weeks, I was tricked into thinking it was spring. How wrong I was. I’m still watching for signs of frostbite from yesterday’s flippant March blizzard.

So DOWNLOAD this playlist, turn on your space heater, put on your short shorts, and shimmy down until the weather gets nicer.

– Katie

Track Listing
01 Hummingbird - Vermillion Club
02 Puzzle Pieces - Saint Motel
03 California Girls - The Smiles
04 Taters - VACATION DAD
05 Mickey Mouse - Wavves
06 Once And For All - Clock Opera
07 What a Drag - Bear Hands
08 Sister Wife - Alex Winston
09 Go Outside - Cults
10 N.A.S.A. - Futurecop!
11 You Can't Get It Back - Gentleman Reg
12 When I Come Home - The Drums
Download playlist.

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