#TGIF Playlist: November 8, 2013

It’s been a while since I posted a #TGIF playlist, I wasn’t the most consistent with posting them to begin with, but here are a handful of songs that I’ll be using to jumpstart my weekend:

Note: You can find a these songs packaged together on our SoundCloud page. Katie and I are just LUH-VING that site right now, I put my November playlist on at work all the time and it brings me such joy.  This one goes out to you SoundCloud *pours hot tea on the floor*.

Solange Looks Good With Trouble feat. Kendrick Lamar

Volcano ChoirComrade (All Tiny Creatures Remix)  I permanently swoon for Justin Vernon’s voice.

Destroyer El Rito

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What I’m Listening to: Franz Ferdinand Covers Grimes’ Oblivion

I know I just posted about Franz Ferdinand‘s new album, but they popped up on my radar this morning for performing this Grimes cover of Oblivion while doing press and I like it so much I had to share.

I didn’t realize how little detail I paid to the lyrics of the original until I heard this acoustic version.  The original, which I love, is still awesome but far from acoustic so it’s neat to see this version preformed, and performed well.

Here is the cover:

…and here is the original for those who haven’t heard it.