Favourite Canadian songs of 2015


A lot happened this year. I booked my first show. I started a new job. I made 33 episodes of Indie-licious. I wrote 24 pieces for Weird Canada.

No one really asked for this list, but then I got carried away and now here we are. Songs are roughly sorted into clusters that sound nice together. Support your local community!

Michael Ondaatje’s World – Germaphobes


Fit For Her – Blonde Elvis 


(but) i need you – Kurt Inder


Rights of Spring – Rebecca’s Room


Full Moon – Pee Wee


Shy Boy – Nakedchillen


Tact of Animals & I Don’t See It – Quaker Parents




More Like You – Novel


Mechanical Rhythm – Painted Fruits


Textiles On Mainstreet – Slim Twig


Sailin’ On (Bad Brains cover) – Haolin Munk


See The Lord, He’s A Dog, In A Cage – Razor Midnight


Jasz – New Fries


Senators – No Spectrum


tiergarten – Sarah Davachi


 2 – Jonathan Scherk


Désorganism – French Pretzel


mar mar mar – Guidewire


The Trouble – Fantasy Blondes


jxpg – The Passenger


Buschbabies – JOYFULTALK


NakuPlacid – TELOZKOPE

Bed Bath and Beyond – Fresh Flesh


Haagen Baadz – Bile Sister


Damn That Valley – U.S. Girls


TIVOLI – Phèdre 


HELL Demo A – Lee Paradise


HOTFOOT – Doldrums


Night of the Assassins (Les Rallizes Dénudés) – Zacht Automaat


Don’t Fuck A Gift Horse In The Mouth (feat. Damian Abraham) – Fresh Snow


In Silence – The Acorn


LOSING GROUND – Special Costello


A Better Deal – Merival


Again – Faith Healer


Tooth Hound Sand (AIA) – Sivani


won’t – boyhood


Attention Seeker – Etiquette


Thailand – Hush Pup


SOFTEN / SOFTER – Prison Hair


Test of Faith – JFM


every fucking day – Shaun Weadick


Threnody – Myriam Gendron


guardian force – Brandon DeVries


Waist of the Sea – Blunt Chunks


Human Garbage – Vulva Culture








Indie-licious Tues Jan 27th 2015


1. Sea Creatures – Soak
2. Yesterdays – Only Real
3. Pacify – Jackson Scott
4. Mas Sol – Public Health
5. Happy – Nancy Pants*
6. Feeler – Sigh Down One*
7. Days – Beach Youth
8. Late Risers – Surf Rock is Dead
9. Nettles – Romantic States
10. Beginning of the End – Astral Swans*
11. SAFE PASSAGE i. Jiabai Cluster ii. Luna Moth Dances Toward Flame iii. Spem Reduxit – Special Costello*
12. Losing Ground – Special Costello*
13. Some Alcohol – Joel Jerome
14. Better Man – Baby Blue
15. Being With You – Pisces


New Release: Special Costello’s Cold Light

Halifax’s Special Costello just released a 2-track album of glammy devotional synth pop that immediately struck a chord with me. Jeremy Costello has released quite a few singles worth savouring (including a few on Craft Singles) but I was immediately charmed by this one because of its sensitive subject matter.

As someone who was diagnosed with anxiety (& bonus issues) when I was a pretty young kid, I respect and support Jeremy 100% for releasing these tracks to help self-heal and recover from this bad patch. Mental illness is like a really terrible compound fracture. After you break your bones into a million different places, you can always tell when it’s going to rain and you ache all over again when it does.

The lyrics Losing Ground are particularly poignant and I would recommend reading them here if you feel like passing along some psychic love to another human being.

“This is a document of my struggle with depression. In an attempt to come to terms with this invisible handicap I’ve taken to openly talking about it to make sure people know that it’s a part of my life. It’s hard to understand for people without it, and there’s nothing to be done even if it’s understood. Therefore depressives live in a constant internal struggle, trying to keep ahead of their limited motivation. This song comes from a defeated moment, where everything seems unattainable, or too difficult to achieve. For me these moments are rare and therefore I am lucky. I want to live my life, handicap or not. My art is a way I can deal with depression productively. Dig it or don’t, I’ve gotten what I want out of it already.”

To anyone who feels like they need extra love, guidance, a listening ear, or help in finding out where to go – Toronto Crisis Help Line. You are not alone, friend.

Katie’s Daily NXNE 2014 Picks (this is a huge post)


Check out this handy Google map I created for all the venues in my concert picks.



FUTURE ISLANDS (Baltimore emotionally-charged 80s synth) – VICE ISLAND – 830pm


HORSE LORDS (Baltimore experimental kraut) – Adelaide Hall – 9pm


JOYWAVE (Rochester experimental beats) – Drake Underground – 9pm


TOBACCO (Pittsburg Gary Glitter on acid) – Massey Hall – 9pm


TUNE-YARDS (New York Haitian playful experimental) – Massey Hall – 10pm


SYLVAN ESSO (Durham electronic pop) – Drake Underground – 10pm


HOLYCHILD (Los Angeles brat pop) – Tattoo Rock Parlour – 11pm

Can’t catch them at NXNE? They’re coming back to Toronto on July 6th at Danforth Music Hall.

YOU’LL NEVER GET TO HEAVEN (London, ON pop dreamscapes) – Silver Dollar – 11pm


MIMICO (Toronto proggy psych) – Baltic Ave – 12am


SHANNON & THE CLAMS (Oakland garage surf) – Lee’s Palace – 12am


MADE IN HEIGHTS (New York filth pop) – Hoxton – 1am

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