Goodbye Summer! A playlist by indie-licious and Music Between Friends

What a perfect way to celebrate the end of summer – by listening to great music. My friends have been at me to put together a playlist, so finally I buckled down and slapped together a few of my favourite tracks from the summer of 2011.

In this one, you’ll find brand new releases from Neon Indian, Ducktails, and Extra Happy Ghost, noisy tracks from Wise Blood, Nikkiya and Tobacco, soothing jams from Digits and Beirut and “Hey, I heard that in Urban Outfitters” tracks from Bombay Bicycle Club, Lykke Li, and Black Lips.

Grab it before it’s gone :)

Track Listing
01 Changes - Digits
02 2 All The Girls Who Have Trusted Me - Wise Blood
03 Teenage Girls - Bad Sports
04 Mercy, Mercy - Extra Happy Ghost
05 When I Was High - Nikkiya
06 Six Royal Vipers - Tobacco
07 Kelly - When Saints Go Machine
08 Love Out Of Lust - Lykke Li
09 East Harlem - Beirut
10 Art Vandelay - Ducktails
11 What Would I Want? Sky - Animal Collective
12 Modern Art - Black Lips
13 I Wanna Do It - Sonny and the Sunsets
14 Polish Girl - Neon Indian
15 Shuffle - Bombay Bicycle Club
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Tulips Rule

I’m so excited to start this blog!

Since I have a weekly radio show on 93.3 CFMU, I’m going to post set-lists of my shows with mp3 links so that you guys can download or stream the mp3s. This is an ambitious adventure in coding for me, as I can barely type my own name. Today’s post is going to be selected songs from Tuesday March 30th 2010’s show: his blue guitar.

Beatbox (Hey Champ Remix) – The Sounds
Two words. Dance plz.

Too Young to Burn – Sonny and the Sunsets
San Fran-based Sonny and the Sunsets are a throwback to early seventies rock. Hey, it’s only fitting, based on where they came from. I can picture everyone in the band wearing fringed leather vests and driving beat up vans across beach grass while singing this song.


More of This (Neighbors Remix) – Vetiver

Ring Ring – Sleigh Bells
My roommate Laurie and I have been sharing music for the last two years – every few days one of us will come into the other’s room proffering a usb key and wearing an imploring look and a furtive file exchange will subsequently take place. Two weeks ago, she came in with this sweet little number by the Brooklyn band Sleigh Bells, fronted by singer Alexis Krauss and guitarist/productionist Derek Miller, this band has been hella-hyped of late for good reason – “Ring Ring” oozes with the heat haze of mid-July. When I hear it, I transform into Summertime Me, the person who’s drinking a blue slushie like it’s liquid gold and repeatedly kicking the hot curb with the heel of my cheap running shoes.