Indie-licious Tues Jan 5th 2016


Mostly Canadian, mostly women.


1. Quickdark – Mimico*
2. Hypnotic – Your 33 Black Angels
3. We Lay Our Broken World In Sorrow At Your Feet – Tenderness*
4. FAITHFUEL – Petra Glynt*
5. Dirt – ANAMAI*
6. Soft Feet – Tasseomancy*
7. Drunk And With Dreams – Angel Olsen
8. Always Lovers – Cindy Lee*
9. It is love – LOOM*
10. Back to Black – Snowblink*
11. Oh My Days – Bernice* & Silly Bed*
12. DIVORCE – Rollrgrrl*
13. Window Shades – U.S. Girls


Joel Plaskett & Best of the NXNE Line-up

Today, I have a few reasons to shake the dust off my two typing fingers.

First, Joel Plaskett is playing a free outdoor concert tonight that you should probably go to. I’ll be working at the merch table, so feel free to stop by and say hi!

Pheromone’s Beast and MapleMusic Recordings’ Joel Plaskett are opening The Luminato Festival with a free show on Friday June 10th (that’s tonight!) @ 8 PM.
The concert will take place in David Pecaut Square, conveniently located in the heart of the Entertainment District.

As a matter of fact, as I’m writing this, Joel Plaskett is saying “Hi!” to all of my co-workers. Yeah, he’s here in my office (if you will all care to remember, I work at MapleMusic) signing records to be later sold on our website.

Second, let’s talk about NXNE!

Here are a few of the concerts that I’ll be checking out at the upcoming Toronto NXNE Festival. Yet another job perk is that I get my NXNE wristband for frizzle. Check out the schedule yourself and make your own dream NXNE skedge! (that’s phonetic/abbreviation talk for schedule. But really, it sounds like something you’d find inside your underwear after a frightening experience).

    Thursday June 16th, 2011

    Snowblink @ The Music Gallery, 7pm
    The Dodos @ Phoenix Concert Theatre, 9pm
    Deerhoof @ Phoenix Concert Theatre, 10pm

    Friday June 17th, 2011

    Dirty Beaches @ Lee’s, 10pm
    Dum Dum Girls @ Lee’s, 10pm
    Cults @ Lee’s, 10pm

    Saturday June 18th, 2011

    Whale Tooth @ The Rivoli, 2pm
    Slow Hand Motem @ Wrong Bar, 9pm
    BRAIDS @ The Great Hall, 11pm
    Chad Vangaalen @ The Great Hall, 12am
    Grimes @ The Great Hall, 1am

Well, I’m off to go meet Joel Plaskett. Job perk!

Katie’s Favourite Albums of 2010

Merry Christmas!

It’s been a great year of albums; probably my favourite year ever. Just like Sasha, I’ll list my favourites in descending order.

#10Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic ZerosEdward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

#9Part II: The New DecemberFol Chen


#7This Is HappeningLCD Soundsystem

#6It’s Never Not HappeningFirst Rate People

#5Long LiveSnowblink

#4Odd BloodYeasayer

#3The OrchardRa Ra Riot

#2Say ItBorn Ruffians

#1HeartlandOwen Pallett

Take a listen and see what I mean…

Now it’s time to wax poetic. Right-click on the numbers to download the tracks.

#10Carries OnEdward Sharpe & The Magnetic ZerosI had never heard of Edward Sharpe before I started working at the Union Market again in May. Then, out of the blue, I started listening to them nonstop. This band has a really relaxed, folky sound that instantly draws you into a Volkswagen camper traveling the Nevada desert. They write songs that make you want to sing along (because there are already a billion people in the band anyway). My favourite tracks are Carries On, Janglin’, Home, and Up From Below.

#9In RuinsFol ChenOne day at CFMU, my friend Emma handed me a few new releases that had arrived in the mail. One of them was Cerulean by Baths and the other was Part II: The New December by Fol Chen. Both bands threw me for a loop with their dynamic, fresh sounds (don’t be mistaken by my wording; they also sound nothing alike!) Fol Chen is eclectic, soothing, and innovative; always managing to bring brand new ideas to a song. They’ve definitely improved loads since their first album Part I: John Shade, Your Fortune’s Made. I can’t wait until they come to Canada so that I can see them live! My favourite tracks are Adeline, C/U, The Holograms, and In Ruins.

#8KailiCaribouI really got into Caribou when I found out how much Sasha loves Dan Snaith; the man behind the magic. Our music taste is generally so well-matched that I tend to love anything that she digs, so I decided to listen to Caribou with a completely open mind. Oh man – I listened, I danced, and I instantly knew that I was in l.u.v. Since then, I’ve seen him twice (once with Sasha and once with Maria). At his last local concert, I almost met him backstage, but I was too shy to introduce myself, despite the fact that he kept making friendly eye contact. It just didn’t seem like the right time to be a fangirl. Anyways, my favourite tracks are Bowls, Hannibal, Leave House and Kaila.

#7HomeLCD Soundsystem
I have a special relationship with LCD Soundsystem. It mainly involves cranking up my car stereo until the bass is almost unbearable and twisting the knob on the Union Market speakers until they are almost overloading. When I saw my first picture of James Murphy, I couldn’t piece together how such a diminutive, scruffy man could make such infectious dance music. I still can’t figure it out. It must be in his genes. My favourite tracks are I Can Change, One Touch, Pow Pow, and All I Want.

#6Girls’ NightFirst Rate People
I didn’t miss the irony of placing This Is Happening right before It’s Never Not Happening. First Rate People is a Toronto band that makes me really proud to be from Southern Ontario. Their first album is the perfect length; not a single sound is wasted on their short-but-sweet seven track album. They’re still unsigned, but I definitely predict that a label with snap them up in 2011. My favourite tracks are Charlie Kaufman, Dress So Fine, American Life Part 1, and Girls’ Night.

Sweet, strong, and sonorous Snowblink opened for Owen Pallett when I saw him in February at the Lincoln Alexander Centre. After the concert – which was one of the most amazing, most spiritual events of my life – I met Daniela Gesundheit (her real name!) and she signed my copy of Long Live. I also met Owen Pallett and Thom Gill that night, and my face almost split into two from all of the grinning. My favourite tracks are Tired Bees, Rut & Nuzzle, Bulb, For Later, and Ambergris. The music video for Ambergris is nothing short of amazing.

#4Ambling AlpYeasayer
I have this record on vinyl and I really enjoy listening to it while I mark papers. It instantly makes anything I’m doing a lot more fun. When I gave this album a first listen, didn’t have high hopes after hearing its first track, The Children. But once you skip past that unfortunate track, the entire album is golden. I love listening straight through from Ambling Alp to ONE.

#3FoolishRa Ra Riot
This album only came out in early December, but its sweet string arrangements quickly won me over and it’s been a permanent fixture in my CD player ever since. I find myself singing at the top of my lungs for almost every song because every track is just so singable. My favourite tracks are Boy, Keep It Quiet, Do You Remember, and Foolish.

#2What To SayBorn Ruffians
My love for Born Ruffians knows no bounds. I saw first them in December of 2009 at Rok Bar, right before they released Say It. It was the first concert I ever saw with Sasha! The lit-up, rainbow dance floor was so memorable (So was the cluster of 19-year-old fratheads in graphic tees moshing desperately to our left). Born Ruffians even managed to sound perfect when I saw them in London, ON at LOLA, London’s free concert. I’m seeing a trend here; my favourite albums of 2010 have been the ones that I have the most fun singing along to. Say It is definitely one of them. My favourite tracks are What To Say, Nova Leigh, and Sole Brother. Especially Nova Leigh.

#1Lewis Takes Off His ShirtOwen Pallett
If I could live inside music, I would live inside the music of Owen Pallett. It’s well-known that he creates conceptual, almost fairy-tale-like album concepts, each song contributing a little piece to the album story arc. Heartland tells the tale of a young farmer named Lewis, an angry man who is controlled by an omnipotent narrator named Owen. All of the songs represent the dialogue between Lewis and Owen, exploring the relationship between common man and deity. I can listen to this album straight through, on repeat, for days. It would be safe to say that Heartland is not only my favourite album released in 2010 – it’s one of my favourite albums of all time. If I had to choose favourite tracks, I’d recommend Keep The Dog Quiet, Midnight Directives, Lewis Takes Action, and Lewis Takes Off His Shirt.

Indie-licious 93.3 FM Sampler

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m the host of a weekly radio show called Indie-licious on CFMU 93.3. As a special treat, and since I have absolutely nothing to do on this long bus ride home, I’ve decided to post the links to as many free mp3s from my show playlist as I can cram into this blog post! Think of it as my apology for neglecting SFLN of late.

Less Unless – Civil Civic
I couldn’t be happier to start my show off with this great track this week. It sounds like a less Ratatat-y version of Ratatat. Very stoked to check out more of this band, and I really liked where it got fuzzy, messy, and hectic in the middle. Wasn’t expecting that the first time I listened to it.
Download it!

On the beach, lookin' all badass

Friday Night in Butch Heaven – T H O M A S
T H O M A S sports a sweet mustache and even sweeter tunes. When I think of Butch Heaven, I definitely don’t think of funky guitar riffs and a crooning male voice. This track could be straight out of the playlist for a 70’s dentist’s waiting room, if that waiting room were TOTALLY AWESOME. Unfortunately, I can’t include any mp3s of Thomas for the blog, because he has yet to become widely known yet. However, if you like what you hear, and you know me, I will lovingly give you a digital copy.

Check out Thomas’s Myspace!


Ambergris – Snowblink
I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Daniela from Snowblink (she signed my cd!). Although I found that Snowblink were much better live (as in, put me in a trance live), this track is still really pretty. The cool thing about Snowblink is that during their live show, Daniela has a guitar with antlers, a headset, and gives the audience a long, frayed rope with dozens of bells. Huge bells, tiny bells, pretty ones, and creepy ones – all for the front-row audience to use at the right time. Some audience members were a bit too enthusiastic at some points, but overall, it was a fantastic use of audience participation that made me envious that I wasn’t sitting in the front row. This is one band that I would definitely see again live. Ambergris is delicate, breezy, and strong at the same time. CBC Radio 3 describes it as surf folk. Check out the CBC Radio 3 page for Snowblink and stream Ambergris!

Wouldn't it be nice to be in the mountains, fighting over a guitar?

Radar Detector – Darwin Deez
Darwin Deez is a Hipster. Darwin Deez makes great music. I’ve heard he can be off-key live, but this track is so fantastic that I just don’t give a damn. Kind of like an indie-electric version of Motion City Soundtrack without the alcohol addiction. Excited to get the rest of this album and dance away this dreadfully cold May weather.

Download it!

A Real-Life Hipster

I Wanna Be Like You – Morning Benders
It should be mandatory for every up-and-coming indie-band to cover Disney songs as part of breaking into the scene. Think about how awesome it would have been if MGMT covered Kiss the Girl? If Vampire Weekend covered Just Can’t Wait to Be King? If Animal Collective covered The Circle of Life? Genius.
Download it!

Collector – Here We Go Magic
This song might be my favourite of today’s show. It’s got a wonderful, strong, pulsing beat to it, really catchy vocals, and it’s perfect for driving around to. I really wanna get my paws on the Secretly Canadian Spring Sampler 2010 as soon as I can because it has a few bands I’ve been curious about, as well as some I’m already in love with.
Download it!

Baby Boomer – Monsters of Folk
Monsters of Folk is a SUPERGROUP! Conor Oberst and Mike Mogis of Bright Eyes, M. Ward, and Jim James from My Morning Jacket. This song has the exactly perfect combination of country-folk and rock which doesn’t sound twangy or tangy, just head bobbingly awesome.
Download it!

Told You Once – Apples in Stereo
I’ll always remember the Apples in Stereo as being the first band I had to HUNT for the cd for. This was before I had a credit card, so I wasn’t accustomed to purchasing online, and I was on a hunt in every HMV in the area code for New Magnetic Wonder. I finally found it in an HMV in Toronto and I’ve cherished it ever since. I’m very excited to see what else, other than Told You Once, is on their new album Travellers in Space and Time. Pitchfork gave it a 7.3, in case you’re curious.


DLZ – TV On The Radio
My first few encounters with TV On The Radio were not exactly positive. However, playing and listening to this song is my final attempt to make peace with this band. I think it’s JUST harsh enough for me to like, and was perfectly moody enough for the bad weather we had this afternoon.
Download it!

New Theory – Washed Out
I’ve played Washed Out on my show before, but now’s the time to continue checking them out, now that I’ve also discovered Toro Y Moi and gotten more into Neon Indian. Washed Out definitely falls into the category of spacey, hazy, somewhat drugged summer music that has been shockingly popular with the under-30 set recently.
Download it!

I love this photo. Her hair is sexy.

Intervales Theme – Javelin
Found this band from the music blog The Life Signs Project, which, much like our beloved SONGSFROMLASTNIGHT, is a warm-and-fuzzy collaborative music blog between friends separated by their residence in far-flung cities. Now, going back to Javelin – I can’t get enough of this band, especially the NSFW-song STD Fury.
Intervales Theme is much safer for PG13 ears – it’s sweet – a groove that reminds me of an old-school cop chase scene.

Download it!

Just Impolite – Plushgun
Another song borrowed from The Life Signs Project. I did end up cutting it off with a minute and a half left, because it’s just TOO poppy to go on for so long. I think this was the sugariest I’ve ever gotten in a radio show before. I’m not sure I’ll reveal that much of my secret (embarrassing) taste again any time soon.
Download it!

Moonsoon – Delorean
I found this band while on iTunes one day. It was one of those winding “See What Others Have Bought” times when you just keep clicking on related artists until you find one that really piques your interest. I personally think that Delorean really sounds like Passion Pit (in a great way). My friend Maria did remark that they did sound a bit too technoey in some over their other tracks, which I am inclined to agree with. So as far as their album Subiza goes, I think it’s rather hit and miss.

WELL. That’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed this post!