Favourite Canadian songs of 2015


A lot happened this year. I booked my first show. I started a new job. I made 33 episodes of Indie-licious. I wrote 24 pieces for Weird Canada.

No one really asked for this list, but then I got carried away and now here we are. Songs are roughly sorted into clusters that sound nice together. Support your local community!

Michael Ondaatje’s World – Germaphobes


Fit For Her – Blonde Elvis 


(but) i need you – Kurt Inder


Rights of Spring – Rebecca’s Room


Full Moon – Pee Wee


Shy Boy – Nakedchillen


Tact of Animals & I Don’t See It – Quaker Parents




More Like You – Novel


Mechanical Rhythm – Painted Fruits


Textiles On Mainstreet – Slim Twig


Sailin’ On (Bad Brains cover) – Haolin Munk


See The Lord, He’s A Dog, In A Cage – Razor Midnight


Jasz – New Fries


Senators – No Spectrum


tiergarten – Sarah Davachi


 2 – Jonathan Scherk


Désorganism – French Pretzel


mar mar mar – Guidewire


The Trouble – Fantasy Blondes


jxpg – The Passenger


Buschbabies – JOYFULTALK


NakuPlacid – TELOZKOPE

Bed Bath and Beyond – Fresh Flesh


Haagen Baadz – Bile Sister


Damn That Valley – U.S. Girls


TIVOLI – Phèdre 


HELL Demo A – Lee Paradise


HOTFOOT – Doldrums


Night of the Assassins (Les Rallizes Dénudés) – Zacht Automaat


Don’t Fuck A Gift Horse In The Mouth (feat. Damian Abraham) – Fresh Snow


In Silence – The Acorn


LOSING GROUND – Special Costello


A Better Deal – Merival


Again – Faith Healer


Tooth Hound Sand (AIA) – Sivani


won’t – boyhood


Attention Seeker – Etiquette


Thailand – Hush Pup


SOFTEN / SOFTER – Prison Hair


Test of Faith – JFM


every fucking day – Shaun Weadick


Threnody – Myriam Gendron


guardian force – Brandon DeVries


Waist of the Sea – Blunt Chunks


Human Garbage – Vulva Culture








Indie-licious Tues June 16th 2015


All the bands in today’s show are going to be performing for NXNE (June 17th-21st)


1. White Fire – Angel Olsen
2. Night Faces – Jessica Pratt
3. Into The Fields – Foxes In Fiction*
4. Cheap Suit – Noni Wo*
5. Apocalypso – DOOMSQUAD*
6. HOTFOOT – Doldrums*
7. Cannabis – Slim Twig*
8. Too Bad So Sad – Michael Rault*
9. Drawing Space – Grounders*
10. Fit For Her – Blonde Elvis*
11. Roswell – Moon King*
12. Tied Up Tied Down – TEEN


Katie’s NXNE Picks – Saturday June 20th

If you missed them, here are my NXNE favourites for Wed June 17thThursday June 18th, and Friday June 19th.


1:45pm – Old and Weird / 2:30pm – King Creep / 6:15pm – Bile Sister / 9pm – Michael Rault / 11pm – Jennifer Castle / 12am – Darlene Shrugg / 2am – DOOMSQUAD

Gonna be a megafun day at The Garrison. I’ll be running the Weird Canada table for the Sonic Boom Record Fair (12-7pm) with my buddy Kevin, so come say hi.

At 1pm, Halifax clashing pop trio Old and Weird will play their second NXNE show. Afterwards, Toronto’s bratty garage punk King Creep will usher in some insouciance. Then, Bile Sister drips freak beats all over the stage. Psych pop Michael Rault fishes with hooks. Beware. Jennifer Castle’s observational songwriting is sure to stir. Darlene Shrugg is a tasty combo of Meg Remy, Slim Twig, Carlyn Bezic and Amanda Crist. And obviously, the experimental dance tremors of DOOMSQUAD are worth buckling in for.

(The above track is by Bile Sister, released on Healing Power)

NXNE Sonic Boom Record Fair:

Underground Operations
Arts & Crafts
Dine Alone Records
Hand Drawn Dracula
Optical Sounds
Buzz Records
Pirates Blend Records
Out of Sound
Reel Cod Records
Schizophrenic Records
Heretical Objects
Ugly Pop Records
Idée Fixe Records
Daps Records
Pleasence Records
Not Unlike
Weird Canada
Royal Mountain Records

10pm – Slim Twig

Luckily, The Garrison is not too far from Horseshoe Tavern, because Max has a show two hours before he goes on stage with Darlene Shrugg at The Garrison.

9pm – Angel Olsen (St. Louis, Missouri) – cinematic Americana folk with a twist

Angel Olsen sings on a thread that resonates with my heartstrings. Her voice is a throaty throwback to 50s country sirens, and she could literally sing me an instruction manual and I would still cry. She’s amazing live, and this will honestly be the highlight of your NXNE experience. She’s playing an early set at Mod Club at 9pm, but don’t come late, because it’s already nearly sold out and you’ll want to get close.

See you guys at NXNE!

Indie-licious Tues Feb 18th 2014


1. Experimental Fiction – The Danks
2. Followay – Record/Start
3. Turn Around – Howlin’ Hoffman
4. You Know – Canto
5. Energy – Grand Splendid
6. Rosy – Invasions
7. Aurora (ft. Esta) – Elaquent
8. Breathing Lessons – edapollo
9. Miasma Sky – Baths
10. Bonne Voyage – Harley Alexander
11. Blowout Beach – Jettison Tape
12. Will You Space Tonight – Jargon Party
13. Talk – The Backhomes
14. Mature Themes – Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
15. There’s A Secret To Your Pleasure – Slim Twig


If it ain’t baroque, don’t fix it: Jacco Gardner

Photo by Nick Helderman

Photo by Nick Helderman

Sasha’s been digging Tame Impala recently, and I’m not surprised. There’s something irresistible about unpredictable, drug-induced rock that has clearly been penned during a state of rare lucidity between trips. Ladies love it.

I’ve been keeping an ear to the ground for anything dripping with psychedelic undertones and came across Dutch cutie Jacco Gardner while searching for new releases. He’s basically a 60’s dreamboat born in the wrong time, a quiet baroque-pop prince, lovely harpsichordist, and coquettish charmer. His music is like warm honey, sticking in all the right places. Of course, it’s his inventive chord changes that really tickle my fancy. And oh, how my fancy was tickled listening to his critically-acclaimed first album Cabinet of Curiosities (2013). I don’t think I’ve been this satisfied since the strawberry milkshake I guzzled last Sunday.

He’ll be performing at The Garrison with Slim Twig on Tuesday October 22nd, and as soon as I found out, I cycled to Rotate This as fast as my little gams could take me. Tickets are online here & I got mine for $8.50 – a bargoon for how much happiness I’ll be taking home.

I can’t overstate enough how excited I am for everyone to check out his first album. It’s one of those gems you find out about long after its release-date. If anyone wants to come see him with me, I promise I’ll keep my fangirling to a minimum if you buy me a button.

MP3: The Riddle – Jacco Gardner

Check out his brand new single The End Of August from the upcoming 7″ (Sept 24th, Trouble In Mind).