Three Stooges – A Spring Playlist by indie-licious and

My summer family at The Union Market. “This guy” is my friend John. I can tell just based on how tight his pants are. I will find out tomorrow if I have been hired as the Manager for 2011/2012. Exciting!

These songs are all supremely feel-good and springy. For two weeks, I was tricked into thinking it was spring. How wrong I was. I’m still watching for signs of frostbite from yesterday’s flippant March blizzard.

So DOWNLOAD this playlist, turn on your space heater, put on your short shorts, and shimmy down until the weather gets nicer.

– Katie

Track Listing
01 Hummingbird - Vermillion Club
02 Puzzle Pieces - Saint Motel
03 California Girls - The Smiles
04 Taters - VACATION DAD
05 Mickey Mouse - Wavves
06 Once And For All - Clock Opera
07 What a Drag - Bear Hands
08 Sister Wife - Alex Winston
09 Go Outside - Cults
10 N.A.S.A. - Futurecop!
11 You Can't Get It Back - Gentleman Reg
12 When I Come Home - The Drums
Download playlist.

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