Five tracks for a dreamy, wet Sunday afternoon

Source: Deletes

I haven’t been posting a lot lately. Instead, I’ve been greedily accumulating tracks on Soundcloud since Sasha had the brilliant idea of creating monthly playlists. Here’s mine and hers, in case you’re partial to excellent music curated by delectable babes. We’ll definitely be making these forever*

*a while

But it’s December first – the start of a frosty new chapter in Toronto – a crisp month that makes me feel pathetically grateful for the warmth of stale, recycled streetcar heating. Originally, I was going to take a walk in High Park this afternoon, but the rain has made me double back in favour of Rare Beef Pho from the Vietnamese takeout around the corner. I thought it would be nice to clean my apartment, make a steaming pot of tea from David’s Tea (one of many reasons why I’m poor, plus shelling out $700 bones on new snowboarding gear this week) and listen to music all afternoon.

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