Poncho Records Compilation Vol. 1


Do you often find yourself thinking, “Wow, I wish I had an extremely tasty compilation filled with the best Nova Scotian psych/garage/pop being produced right now!”

Do you find yourself living in a world of regret?

Search no further.

Poncho Records is a Halifax label that aims to please the cassette-minded crowd who happen to have a discerning ear for psychedelia. Of the 19 artists featured on the comp, 12 hail from Halifax, which ensures that you won’t be neglecting the East Coast when you inform your snobby Vice-reading American cousins that stuff is actually happening up here.

Check out Poncho on Facebook & impress your friends with this cool + cost-sensitive cassette! It’s being released tomorrow, but you can listen to it today. Fun friend tip: you could also slip it into the pocket of the casual drug user in your life. They would like it!


Remain Unknown – Psyche Tongues (Toronto) – Bandcamp | Twitter | Facebook
“zzzzz dopamine drone zzzzzzzzz” – the band


Save My Soul – Walrus (Halifax) – Bandcamp | Twitter | Facebook
psych pop with a twist!


Toxins and Poisons – Scott Nicks (Halifax) – Bandcamp | Twitter | Facebook
slightly-warped pop delites for hungover mornings


Move Away – The Age (Halifax) – Bandcamp
a sloppy kiss


Participation – Painful Shivers (Montreal) – Bandcamp
teen angst distillery


Jeeps and Creeps – Organ Eyes (Ottawa) – Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter
fuzz cut


Ok, bye! Go support Canadian music, drink maple syrup, and make a good life for yourself!