The World Cup Begins this Weekend…

Why is this relevant to the blog?

1) I was inspired after watching the Last Week Tonight with John Oliver video that talks about how corrupt FIFA is… which (me right now) is really disappointing and annoying, but John Oliver manages to make it kind of (really) funny, check that out here (when the older gentleman falls, I just can’t handle it…I feel like a terrible person)

2) I’m Portuguese, and

3) I found a really good mix by Los Angeles band, Poolside with some Brazilian music on it, and since the cup will be hosted in Brazil, I though it was appropriate. If anyone knows the song at the very beginning (2:23 to be exact), let a sister-friend know because it may be my favourite. Enjoy :)!

Happy 4th Birthday MBF! Katie’s favourite tracks from the last 4 years

I wanted to do something special to commemorate our fourth birthday here at Music Between Friends. From our humble beginnings in a dark, messy apartment, Music Between Friends has become more than just a music blog to me – it’s become one of the most wonderful long-term/long-distant relationships of my life.

In April 2010, Sasha had just graduated from the university we both were attending, but I still had a year to go thanks to my professor’s perfectly timed Japanese sabbatical during my thesis formation. We decided to start a music blog with two dudes who quickly made themselves scarce (hi Cary! we know you have a real life and you are a real adult now). It was pretty clear that we had no idea what we were doing based on the content of our first few posts.

I mean, come on – we were two biology undergrads who developed our writing skills on biodiversity lab reports and field notes, which doesn’t exactly translate into Pitchfork material.  But we both liked indie music and wanted a way to stay in touch. I still cringe when I think about my first post, which was pretty thin in terms of credible music journalism. I was twenty-one and not much of a writer. I can barely form sentences even now.

Lately, I’ve been using the blog as a platform to showcase my favourite undiscovered musicians and explore the Canadian music landscape (Each Other, Michael Rault, Mac Demarco, Jay Arner, Faux Fur, Women, BRAIDS, Chad VanGaalenPhèdre, Young Rival, The Dirty Nil, Richard Catwrangleur, Sheepman, and Hooded Fang are the first that come to mind)

It was wonderful to be acknowledged by HypeMachine as a Canadian blog last month and I hope to continue featuring fresh content to be aggregated there on a weekly basis. Sometimes this hobby can get a bit overwhelming (the number of emails we receive on a daily basis could make this into a part time job) and I feel bad turning down free concert tickets and interviews when we’re just too strapped for time.

There’s a niche for every blog and we may never evolve to anything more than just two girls sharing music. I’m happy to be here four years later. Here are my favourite tracks posted about in each calendar year of Music Between Friends.

2010 – The Anthem – Onra (originally posted November 2010)

2011 – STRT SRNS – Wise Blood (originally posted Feb 2011)

2011 – Lament for Morning – Raleigh Moncrief (originally posted Nov 2011)

2012 – What To SayBorn Ruffians (originally posted Sept 2012)

2013 – Harvest Moon (Neil Young Cover) – Poolside (originally posted March 2013)

2013 – Waiting – Alice Boman (originally posted June 2013)

2013 – Backpack – Petite Meller (originally posted September 2013)

2014 – Passing Out Pieces – Mac DeMarco (originally posted January 2014)


Anyways, that’s all I have to say for now. Here’s to the last four years, and here’s hoping that there’s four more in our future.

As always, thanks for reading! We love you very much.

– Katie


Indie-licious Tues June 11th 2013

1. Flashed Junk Mind – Milky Chance
2. Jubel – Klingande
3. Painful Like – Austra
4. Cherry – Chromatics
5. Beautiful Object – Glass Candy
6. New Lows – Doe Paoro
7. Sail Into The Sun (RAC Remix) – Gentlemen Hall
8. If We Make It – Poolside
9. Holy Fool – O Emperor
10. Pearl – The Blank Tapes
11. Gold Chain – Black Light Dinner Party
12. Goldmine – Fitness Club Fiasco
13. Forget Me – Summer Twins
14. Ode to Subterrania – Hooded Fang
15. Freedom for a Policeman – Chad VanGaalen


New apartment

So here’s what’s been happening lately. My new apartment is adorable but absolutely filthy. I found a fossilized cockroach in the cutlery drawer and the toilet smells like old poo. Please note that this is not a personal attribute which I have bestowed on the apartment – I poop rainbows and fairy dust in the sunlit barn where Taylor Swift was foaled. Obviously. Sometimes I see her clomping around singing into a currycomb while feathering her forelocks.

Since moving in last weekend, I have been up to my eyeballs in a medley of  grime and unsavouries, scraping dirty grout, bleaching sinks, sweeping mouse turdlettes into dustbins, and slopping cracked and mouldy cupboards with a thick layer of paint. Actual sweat has been trickling from my armpits. I am a lady (ladies perspire!!) so this is a new phenomenon for me. Of course, I sweat when I run, but it feels strange to drip like a faucet while simultaneously mopping the floor.

I guess you’ll want to see pictures at this point, so here we go:




The best thing about moving is the feeling that things are about to happen. A fresh slate. A clean break. Here favourite new releases to celebrate a brand new start in the heart of Parkdale. Cheers.

Perfect pair: “Paris” by Magic Man and “Harvest Moon” by Poolside

There are those weeks where you want to pull your hair out, except you’d rather not disturb the deep conditioning masque you just applied. Because you’re a smart, reasonably attractive professional-type who is far too capable to stage a breakdown at such a crucial period in the fiscal calendar.

My corporate alter-ego has taken over my body and my soul this week, so there’s nothing better than sinking back into a deep pool of chill beats to remember who I am. On Saturday, I’ll be seeing Animal Collective with Dan Deacon, which has been a girlish dream since 2007 – Was it cool to like Animal Collective in 2007? – One day I’ll get ombre tips and wear coral pants and crucifix rings and be KEWT like the rest of the hipster girls. Until then, please enjoy my corporate whining and disco-pop fixations.

If you listen to my radio show, and it’s totally cool if you don’t, you may have heard these two tracks played back-to-back today. They’re delicious. They’re shivery. They’re quenching my thirst for summertime sweaty pilsners under haloed white lights choking the wooden latticework like glowing snakes.

I heard this track described as “nostalgic” and I think I get it. But maybe I just get the feeling of wishing something is nostalgic, so that it feels more meaningful and emphatic. Mostly, I just like the way it makes me feel calm, like everything is going to work out just damn fine without my interference.

ParisMagic Man from Boston

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I listened to the original on repeat in a shoebox apartment in Bastille last May. Somehow, this encapsulates exactly how I feel about that vacation now, looking backwards.

Harvest MoonPoolside from Los Angeles

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