Songs to add to your Weekend Playlist.

It’s the weekend and I have internet access back. Let’s celebrate.  These are just a few of the songs that are currently on my weekend playlist:

Pnau – With You Forever
If you’re going through some MGMT withdrawal this song would be a good  temporary fix.

Royal Bangs – Grass Helmet
The thing I like most about this song–the drums, so it’s no surprise this band was signed by Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney.

Beastie Boys – Lee Majors Come Again
If you can’t appreciate the Beastie Boys for how catchy and clever their lyrics are, at least try to remember that they make some of the most awesomely ridiculous music videos of all time (my personal favourite).

Lykke Li – I Don’t Mind (Jump on it)
Lykke Li
may be the master of bringing listeners to tears with her sappy lyrics and pretty voice, but I like her best when she does these fun dance songs.

That’s all I’ve got for now.  Hope everyone has a good weekend!