Turn out the lights and listen to this Earth Hour playlist


I am bored waiting for my chicken to cook, so I made a playlist for Earth Hour, which is in an hour. Here’s a series of tracks which may or may not describe exactly what I’ll be doing tonight.





#TGIF Playlist: November 8, 2013

It’s been a while since I posted a #TGIF playlist, I wasn’t the most consistent with posting them to begin with, but here are a handful of songs that I’ll be using to jumpstart my weekend:

Note: You can find a these songs packaged together on our SoundCloud page. Katie and I are just LUH-VING that site right now, I put my November playlist on at work all the time and it brings me such joy.  This one goes out to you SoundCloud *pours hot tea on the floor*.

Solange Looks Good With Trouble feat. Kendrick Lamar

Volcano ChoirComrade (All Tiny Creatures Remix)  I permanently swoon for Justin Vernon’s voice.

Destroyer El Rito

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Music Between Friends Halloween Playlist: Sasha’s Picks

Happy Halloween!!  Along with Katie, I’ve compiled some songs to play tonight to celebrate a day where people dress up and be who/whatever they want, terrifying or fabulous, or terrifyingly fabulous and eat chocolate, yum. Here’s what’s on my list:

Arctic MonkeysPerhaps Vampires is a bit Strong but…

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Buried Alive (feat. Dr. Octagon). The album artwork  for Mosquito could give children nightmares all on its own.

alt-JBreezeblocks.  The music video is what makes me feel like this song is meant for a horror film.

Radiohead – Bodysnatchers.  Apparently this song was recorded in a “dilapidated mansion” (creepy) plus any excuse I can use to get a Radiohead song on the playlist…

Franz Ferdinand Evil Eye.

LordeGlory and Guts

Akron/FamilyMany Ghosts

Kanye West– I am a God. The screaming is what makes this feel like Halloween — the type of song that would play during a movie scene where the main character is running for their life. *My reaction* But seriously, get the guy his croissant so he can calm down.

Ending my playlist is a funny song because I’m the kind of person who needs to chase something scary with something funny or cute or else I can’t sleep at night, so Werewolf Bar Mitzvah… it is! “Boys becoming men, men becoming wolves…” typical Halloween.

Mopey Teenage Valentine


Are you sad and lonely? Heating up leftover Alphaghetti inside a plastic container and washing them down with a glass of salinized tears? Halfway to the convenience store for cheap candy, cigarettes, and mixers when you suddenly realize you didn’t even put on pants today? Or underwear?

Never fear. You can click through this playlist all night long. It will never leave you, unless the tracks are pulled down from the internet. The rhythms are more predictable than your last five relationships. And since they’re mostly love songs, they’ll bring out your inner teenage poet, so you can grab that Hilroy notebook from under your bed and scrabble away all of your deepest, darkest lonely-person thoughts.

Misery – TV Girl (via Inkiostro)

Je Me Perds de Vue – Melody’s Echo Chamber (via Soundcloud)

Duet – Everything Everything (via Soundcloud)

Beta Love (RAC Remix) – Ra Ra Riot (via Soundcloud)

The Mother We Share – CHVRCHES (via Soundowl)

Falling – HAIM (via Soundcloud)

Endless Calm – Steezy Ray Vibes (via Soundcloud)

Mute – Youth Lagoon (via Soundcloud)

Mini-Valentine’s Day Mix

If Michael Jordan says it, then it must be true?

I decided to share some of the lovey-dovey tunes that will be on my Valentine’s Day playlist.  Whether you are spoken for or not, hopefully you can enjoy the mix, or at the very least, you can find this Michael Jordan picture as hilarious as I did. Enjoy!

Amy WinehouseCupid

This girl may have had a rough go in life, but man could she sing a song.

The KnifeHeartbeats
[vimeo 10377992]
The Knife is a Swedish electronic band that reminds me of Tegan and Sara meets LCD Soundsystem on this song.

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