TGIF Playlist: June 6, 2014

I moved last weekend, so even though I put the bones of this post together a week ago, I disconnected the internet too soon and didn’t get a chance to finish, or make it live. (so many excuses…) Aaaaaanyways, here is some music that I was listening to as I packed up all my junk, then lugged it from one spot to another, as well as some new stuff for this weekend.

  • I love this band, I’m not as in love with this Tokyo Police Club album as I was with Elephant Shell or Champ, but this song is cute, upon cute, upon cute. “When you smile, you smile with all your teeth at once”… I mean most people smile with all their teeth, but I think the lyrics are adorable and for a band that usually caps their songs around 2.5/3 minutes (even though I wish they’d go longer), I’m happy to see a song that almost hits the 9 minute mark.
  • Phoenix has been releasing some great remixes, SOS In Bel Air is still my favourite, but this one by Gopher & Devin is starting to rack up the plays in my itunes. Fun fact: both bands are French.
  •  There are no lyrics in this PEELERS SELLERS song, just straight up “computer sounds” as my parents call them that make me feel like I should be doing something cool by the ocean.
  • Excited for some new Caribou, Can’t Do Without You takes a moment (around a minute and a half) for the beat to drop, kinda couldn’t help but think of this, but it’s a great song, now I only have to wait until October 7, to get the album.
  • Electro-Soul from Brooklyn band Denitia and Sene, not sure it gets more hip that that, another good song of theirs is Divided.
  • CATHEDRALS made an appearance on one of my favourite TGIF playlist back in March. They just released Want My Love and it reminds me of a smooth 90s R&B slowjam, another winning track from the band.

  • I saw Foster the People at Massey Hall and Are you What You Want to Be? stuck out, it is one of those songs that you listen to again because it’s really upbeat/catchy, but then you slowly pay attention to the lyrics, and they’re deep and interesting.
  • More Sylvan Esso love to cap off this list, this time it’s a remix

Thanks for checking out the playlist, hope you have a great weekend!

The Grove Music Fest at Fort York


Lest we lead you poor readers on (I know some of you might still be under the impression that The Grove Music Festival is still happening in Niagara-on-the-Lake) I just wanted to do this quick little post to remind you that The Grove has been relocated to Fort York Garrison Common. Presumably, this was done to accommodate Toronto residents who actually believe the world drops off past Grenadier Pond in High Park.

I’m really looking forward to seeing Phoenix, although I wasn’t too crazy about their latest album Bankrupt! and I’m a huge fan of 2006’s It’s Never Been Like That, and of course, 2009’s Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (who isn’t?). Hot Chip and Girl Talk should also be a blast. As a reminder, tickets are available here for $73.25 (fees incl).

Niagara-On-The-Lake gets its very own music festival! And the lineup doesn’t suck!

Grove Music Festival 2013

Every Torontonian knows what Niagara-On-The-Lake is good for:
1) Day drinking while “touring” an “ice wine facility”
2) Eating fistfuls of artisanal cheese until your breath resembles a Goodwill shoebox
3) Getting lost on your way to Niagara Falls

When I heard that promoter Goldenvoice was hooking up with Arts & Crafts to create the Grove Music Festival, I thought “Hey, now I have an excuse to drink dank beer under a flapping linen tent and judge people who are standing too close to the stage!”

The lineup’s solid: Phoenix, Hot Chip, Girl Talk, Gaslight Anthem, Earl Sweatshirt, Wavves, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Bob Mould, Pretty Lights, Palma Violets, Young Empires, Icona Pop and Nightbox. You’ll probably have a good time, even if it won’t ease the pain of missing Osheaga, which goes down on the same weekend.

The true question is – does Macklemore have more than one song?

Tickets are $84.75 incl. fees (Earlybird) until March 7th 10am, when the hype collapses and they increase by roughly ten dollars. For its first year, it’s not a bad lineup, and with Phoenix and Hot Chip as heavylifters, it should be a good day (doors at 11am).

Who’s Playing in Your Concert Bucket List?

Let’s just get one thing cleared up – I don’t have any immediate plans to remove myself, nor am I suffering from a debilitating disease.

I’ve always been one for making silly little lists – my notebooks are filled with vacation packing, outfit sketches, lists of worst boyfriends in asscending order (pun). One of my ongoing lists is my Concert Bucket List.

In case you haven’t seen Jack Nicolson & Morgan Freeman’s geriatric comedy, The Bucket List, let me outline the concept:

Two terminally ill men escape from a cancer ward and head off on a road trip with a wish list of to-dos before they die.

Except replace ‘terminally ill men’ with TOTALLY RAD BABE, ‘cancer ward’ with TORONTO, and ‘to-dos’ with CONCERTS, and that’s my Concert Bucket List in a nutshell.

“Hey Katie, which bands do you want to see and why?” So kind of you to ask!

1. Animal Collective

Two words: booopg gaaarhj. Because that’s what my brain turns to when I listen to Animal Collective. When I put on Peacebone from Strawberry Jam (2007), my bones start to vibrate like a tuning fork. My heart melts into a pool of tribal honey from My Girls from Merriweather Post Pavilion (2009). I actually spent a month adapting a cover of Bluish for a female voice and guitar (and let me tell you, the lesbian overtones become that much more evident).

Although I’m usually a fairly normal person (false), I’d be that girl at the concert wearing an animal mask and candy necklaces arranged over my girlie bits. So please, Animal Collective. Come to a venue near me. I have high hopes that you will, ever since you released these two teaser tracks, Honeycomb and Gotham on your website Sunday night!

2. Radiohead

Call me teenaged, but Radiohead totally gets me, you guys! I’ve wanted to see them translate my liquid feelings into harmonic dischord ever since my first obligatory freshman break-up, when I spent many wintry evenings paralysed on my dorm room floor, dripping wet and staring into the snow-purpled sky. Now I get to see them at Downsview Park on June 16th with Caribou! Dreams do come true, you guys. DREAMS COME TRUE.

3. Owen Pallett

Ever since I discovered Final Fantasy – or rather, Final Fantasy discovered me – I have made every effort to see this perfect human being in every iteration. I’ve seen him in Hamilton at the Lincoln Alexander Centre (perfection), for his Heartland release party, and with Basia Bulat & the girls of Obijou raising money for the Newman Boys fundraiser last month.

In fact, I once broke up with someone shortly after he failed to get showered & dressed in time for us to pick up our Guest List tickets for Owen Pallett’s performance on CBC Radio’s Q. Unforgivable. Plus, he smelled better than me.

4. Passion Pit

If I could be called dark, untilled humus as a music listener in my early twenties, Passion Pit planted the seed of musical excitement in me.

And they just happen to be on the lineup for Osheaga 2012, along with The Shins, Black Lips, Justice, MGMT, Yeasayer, Bombay Bicycle Club, and about a dozen other boner-worthy artists. You betcha I got a ticket, and it’s totally hanging out with my other concert tickets for Beirut and Tallest Man On Earth, and tUnE-yArDs. Making sweet ticket love.

5. Phoenix

I’m the kind of Phoenix fan whose love runs so deep, I actually own copies of Alphabetical (2004) and It’s Never Been Like That (2007). I love them so much that I could be in the middle of trying on skinny khakis that give me a camel toe more appropriate for the sand dunes of Rub’ al Khali, but if Phoenix came on over those little aluminum speakers, I’d be shaking my junk so hard the cellulite would fall out.
    Unlike the others, I don’t have any upcoming plans to see Phoenix, mostly because I missed them when they came around in 2009, and they haven’t put out anything new since Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. I would still trade my left nut to see them. And by that I mean cashews, because they are worth their weight in gold and tickets.
      So share your Concert Bucket Lists with me guys! I’d love to know what bands turn your crank!

        What about Phoenix before Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix?

        We all like Phoenix. And what’s not to like?

        1901 is rhythmic and catchy, Lisztomania makes you wanna dance, and Love Like a Sunset Part 2 is dreamy and soft.

        The band’s 4th studio album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (2009) was showered with awards when it came out (Time listed it as a Top 10 albums of 2009, Pitchfork listed it as a Top 50 albums of 2009, Rolling Stone listed it as a Top 25 Albums of 2009). The band is so confident in their own success that they’ve started giving away their album for free to encourage fans to make their own remixes.

        But what about Phoenix before Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix?

        The band released 3 studio albums between 2000-2009: United (2000), Alphabetical (2004), and It’s Never Been Like That (2006). In their early days, they sounded not unlike a blah boy band; the kind featured in the credits of a 90’s rom-com. Thankfully, they’ve undergone a complete evolution. To explore this, here are my picks from each album:

        United (2000)
        MP3: Party Time – Phoenix Although there’s a really hilarious saxophone solo in Definitive Breaks, I chose Party Time, because it’s one of the few songs on the album that I can actually tolerate.

        Alphabetical (2004)
        MP3: If It’s Not With You – Phoenix My favourite part is the little cough sound effect. I listen to this song when I’m feeling particularly romantic.

        It’s Never Been Like That (2006)
        MP3: Long Distance Call – Phoenix This song has the foundations of Phoenix’s sound as it is known today.

        Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (2009)
        MP3: Big Sun (Ivan Beck Remix) – Phoenix
        Check out what is possibly the best unofficial music video ever for Lisztomania.