Indie-licious Tues Mar 3rd 2015


1. There is Blood in My Body – LOOM*
2. Fall In – Young Magic
3. Could’ve It Been Me? – Renny Wilson*
4. Regazzi – Tredici Bacci
5. The End of August – Jacco Gardner
6. Str8 Sh00ter – Andy Sadoway
7. Again – Faith Healer*
8. Deserter – Siskiyou*
9. Pill – Ought*
10. Raising The Skate – Speedy Ortiz
11. The sun roars into view – Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufeld*
12. On A Path – Owen Pallett*
13. Rice & Bones – Disco Doom


Supercrawl: The Day After

Supercrawl 2012

From Left: Felt Ball Necklace (Citizen Kid), Colour Swatches (Hansen and Lubbers), Seed Paper (CBC Hamilton), Gold necklace by Sew a Song, Flower studs by primrose, leather clutch by Erin Templeton (all from White Elephant), In Fine Feather Postcard (HCA), The Ten Spot Coupon, CBC Hamilton Postcard, Downtown Bike Hounds, Works of Lesley Cordero, Print by Group of 7 Billion. AGH World Film Festival

As expected, Supercrawl was amazing. Here’s a breakdown of what I saw, did, and ate.

1. Owen PallettMP3: Lewis Takes Off His Shirt
2. Born Ruffians

3. Young Rival

4. Great Lake Swimmers

5. Turbo Street Funk (my personal favourite)

1. Homegrown Hamilton
2. My Thai
3. Willy Dog
4. Cake & Loaf (courtesy of CBC Hamilton)
5. Hamilton Farmer’s Market
6. The Ship

1. Walked until my calves resembled Jane Fonda’s
2. Promoted MBF and Indie-licious on the air w/ Jamie and Gunner, live broadcasting 93.3 CFMU out of Homegrown Hamilton
3. Admired art I can’t afford
4. Petted some kittens waiting for Forever Homes
5. Almost stepped in horse manure
6. Watched in awe as a man called “One-Eyed Ron” ran his fingers through another man’s thick ponytail while breathing heavily through a harmonica… until the cops took him back to the Portuguese Men’s Centre. Note: all of this took place three feet from Great Lake Swimmers street performance, and Ron liberally praised himself for doing such a great job of accompanying the band.
7. Shivered off about 10,000 kCal worth of street meat as the temperature plummeted down to 9 degrees Celsius.

Thanks for the lovely time Hamilton! I’ll be sure to come back again and again, because there’s nothing better than supporting a community that has put you through four years of education and left you with a smile on your face.

Who’s Playing in Your Concert Bucket List?

Let’s just get one thing cleared up – I don’t have any immediate plans to remove myself, nor am I suffering from a debilitating disease.

I’ve always been one for making silly little lists – my notebooks are filled with vacation packing, outfit sketches, lists of worst boyfriends in asscending order (pun). One of my ongoing lists is my Concert Bucket List.

In case you haven’t seen Jack Nicolson & Morgan Freeman’s geriatric comedy, The Bucket List, let me outline the concept:

Two terminally ill men escape from a cancer ward and head off on a road trip with a wish list of to-dos before they die.

Except replace ‘terminally ill men’ with TOTALLY RAD BABE, ‘cancer ward’ with TORONTO, and ‘to-dos’ with CONCERTS, and that’s my Concert Bucket List in a nutshell.

“Hey Katie, which bands do you want to see and why?” So kind of you to ask!

1. Animal Collective

Two words: booopg gaaarhj. Because that’s what my brain turns to when I listen to Animal Collective. When I put on Peacebone from Strawberry Jam (2007), my bones start to vibrate like a tuning fork. My heart melts into a pool of tribal honey from My Girls from Merriweather Post Pavilion (2009). I actually spent a month adapting a cover of Bluish for a female voice and guitar (and let me tell you, the lesbian overtones become that much more evident).

Although I’m usually a fairly normal person (false), I’d be that girl at the concert wearing an animal mask and candy necklaces arranged over my girlie bits. So please, Animal Collective. Come to a venue near me. I have high hopes that you will, ever since you released these two teaser tracks, Honeycomb and Gotham on your website Sunday night!

2. Radiohead

Call me teenaged, but Radiohead totally gets me, you guys! I’ve wanted to see them translate my liquid feelings into harmonic dischord ever since my first obligatory freshman break-up, when I spent many wintry evenings paralysed on my dorm room floor, dripping wet and staring into the snow-purpled sky. Now I get to see them at Downsview Park on June 16th with Caribou! Dreams do come true, you guys. DREAMS COME TRUE.

3. Owen Pallett

Ever since I discovered Final Fantasy – or rather, Final Fantasy discovered me – I have made every effort to see this perfect human being in every iteration. I’ve seen him in Hamilton at the Lincoln Alexander Centre (perfection), for his Heartland release party, and with Basia Bulat & the girls of Obijou raising money for the Newman Boys fundraiser last month.

In fact, I once broke up with someone shortly after he failed to get showered & dressed in time for us to pick up our Guest List tickets for Owen Pallett’s performance on CBC Radio’s Q. Unforgivable. Plus, he smelled better than me.

4. Passion Pit

If I could be called dark, untilled humus as a music listener in my early twenties, Passion Pit planted the seed of musical excitement in me.

And they just happen to be on the lineup for Osheaga 2012, along with The Shins, Black Lips, Justice, MGMT, Yeasayer, Bombay Bicycle Club, and about a dozen other boner-worthy artists. You betcha I got a ticket, and it’s totally hanging out with my other concert tickets for Beirut and Tallest Man On Earth, and tUnE-yArDs. Making sweet ticket love.

5. Phoenix

I’m the kind of Phoenix fan whose love runs so deep, I actually own copies of Alphabetical (2004) and It’s Never Been Like That (2007). I love them so much that I could be in the middle of trying on skinny khakis that give me a camel toe more appropriate for the sand dunes of Rub’ al Khali, but if Phoenix came on over those little aluminum speakers, I’d be shaking my junk so hard the cellulite would fall out.
    Unlike the others, I don’t have any upcoming plans to see Phoenix, mostly because I missed them when they came around in 2009, and they haven’t put out anything new since Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. I would still trade my left nut to see them. And by that I mean cashews, because they are worth their weight in gold and tickets.
      So share your Concert Bucket Lists with me guys! I’d love to know what bands turn your crank!

        Supercrawl: The 12-hour Music and Arts Festival in Hamilton’s Hippest Neighbourhood

        Image via Tourism Hamilton

        It may be news to you Toronto residents, but Hamilton has a pretty happenin’ art scene. Of course, by calling it “happenin”, I’ve probably decreased its coolness factor substantially.

        Let’s just say that Queen West doesn’t have a monopology on kitschy craft stores, Kensington’s not the only place to score vintage finds, and Trinity-Bellwoods isn’t the only place peppered with quirky, exotic restaurants.

        That’s right, Torontonians. Shift your eyes south this weekend to Hamilton’s SUPERCRAWL, a massive street festival on Saturday September 10th, 2011 from 1PM – 1AM on James St. North. The streets will be teeming with hipsters, artists, dancers, and musicians hell-bent on getting rid of Hamilton’s cultural-hellhole image.

        Did I mention it’s 100% free of charge? The festival offers free admission to every art exhibit, dance performance, and open-air street concert. The only thing you’ll need are a few bones to procure some food and drink (and maybe a reclaimed-object sculpture or hand-printed calendar).

        The music lineup features indie heavweights Broken Social Scene and local heroes Junior Boys. Jeremy Greenspan’s The Brain, hotbed of local kool kids, will host the Beehive Craft Collective, a group of incredibly talented printmakers, textile artists, and artisans.

        After a ridiculously virtuosic performance at the What Next? festival earlier this year, Basia Bulat is reuniting with the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchastra to play beautiful adaptations from her last album (as transcribed by Owen Pallett). Said The Whale and Young Rival will also be playing full sets earlier in the day.

        In case you’re curious, here’s where you can find me at SUPERCRAWL. But feel free to do your own thang and check out the full schedule here.

        1PM – 2PM: Haircut at Albert Snow to get the perfect hipster haircut – messy, with a side of indifference. Goes well with vintage doll dress, scuffed leather boots, or anything plaid (Cigarette and sneer not included).

        2PM – 3PM: Head to the intersection of James and Main to catch a free bus ride up James Street North courtesy of the HSR. Shuttles will be running all day and into the wee hours of the night.

        3PM – 4PM: Check out the art installations of the Beehive Craft Collective at The Brain.

        4PM – 5PM: Nod along to the nouveau-grunge of Young Rival at the York-Wilson Stage.

        5PM – 7PM: Grab dinner and drinks at Mulberry Cafe, a cafe that serves fair-trade and organic snacks, sandies, coffee, and beer in a too-cool-to-be-true setting that feels like you’re making your boho parents proud. Order the London Fog and a Vegetarian Panini, if they have any left. If not, a Savoury Southwest Muffin will suit my needs quite nicely.

        7PM – 8PM: Head back to the York-Wilson Stage for Basia Bulat and the HPO. Try not to cry tears of joy when she strums her first chord on the autoharp.

        8PM – 9PM: Join my pal Laurie to watch Said The Whale at the Colbourne Stage.

        9PM – 10PM: Head over to Baltimore House on King William Street for a DJ set filtering onto the street to build hype for the Victorian-inspired lounge’s grand opening in the upcoming months.

        10PM – 11PM: Shimmy to the Junior Boys at the Colbourne Stage. I’ll be keeping my ears open for Dull To Pause.

        11PM – 12AM: Fight bony hipster elbows for a decent view of Broken Social Scene.

        Throughout the day, I’ll be walking into the many art galleries on James St. North, hoping to pick up a few quirky prints for my bedroom wall. Maybe you’ll see me there! I’ll be the girl with the messy, indifferent hair.

        Get Stroked- Stereogum Pays Tribute to This is It with a Collection of Covers

        Stereogum has released an album of covers to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Is This It.  You can download the compilation here with covers from bands like Peter, Bjorn & John, Wise Blood, and The Morning Benders.  Is This It is an album that holds a lot of nostalgia for me.  I remember the first time I heard Hard to Explain and pressing record after the intro, not even caring that I was cutting into the mixed tape already in the boombox. Even though the covers don’t compare to my sentiment with the originals, this is still a fun listen for me.

        Track Listing

        01 Peter Bjorn And John – “Is This It”
        02 Chelsea Wolfe – “The Modern Age”
        03 Frankie Rose – “Soma”
        04 Real Estate – “Barely Legal”
        05 Wise Blood – “Someday”
        06 Austra – “Alone, Together”
        07 the morning benders – “Last Night”
        08 Owen Pallett – “Hard To Explain”
        09 Heems – “New York City Cops”
        10 Deradoorian – “Trying Your Luck”
        11 Computer Magic – “Take It Or Leave It”