Indie-licious Tues Sept 2nd 2014

1. I HATE MY BIRTHDAY – Silver Dapple
2. Pass the Pain – Only Real
3. Magic Mountain – The Drums
4. Birthday – Beach Fossils
5. Planet Birthday – Beverly
6. Story To Tell – Galkin
7. Empty Lines – Old Smile
8. Slow Down – Chips Calipso
9. Traneberg – Old Amica
10. Strangers – James Canty
11. I’ll Be Your – The Tallest Tree
12. Happiness Forgets – Meenk
13. Birthday Song – Frankie Cosmos
14. Birthday Card – Kate Sikora
15. More Than I Ask For – TEEN
16. Curious of You – Pillar Point
17. Oblivion – Aimee deBeer


Thursday Roundup – 7 relaxed indie/shoegaze/pop tracks

Denmark’s Slaughter Beach just released a new video for Spinning Globe last week. No offense to Real Estate, but I think Slaughter Beach makes catchier nostalgia-rock. This track gives a whole new meaning to expansion – the notes gradually open up into an incredibly warm, bright, and engaging progression.

Spinning Globe – Slaughter Beach Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud


This next track was my introduction to Slaughter Beach – I stumbled upon it randomly and was extremely smitten – so much that it’s earned a place on my Most Played in iTunes.


While we’re listening to happy music, here’s Rejoice by Grand Courriers, self-released on Soundcloud last month and recorded at home and at Roosevelt Recordings by two best friends from Minneapolis, Brady Lundy and Donald Christiaan Lawson IV (you have such a regal name, dude).

Rejoice – Grand Courriers – Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud


PILES is a postpunk band from Milwaukee who just released their first self-titled 7-track album in February. Nice music to drift in and out to.

Liquid IcePilesBandcamp


Oh summer, how I miss you. Divino Niño is a Chicago psych-pop band whose wilting tropical guitar rifts wouldn’t be out of place coming from a boombox resting on the ledge of a beach cabana. Their debut LP is about to drop on The Native Sound, and pre-orders are available here.

Initials LV – Divino Niño – Soundcloud | Twitter | Website


Old Amica are two Swedish dudes in a long distance musical relationship, much like Sasha and I. They make slowed-down lo-fi dreampop. Mirage from their new album Fabula (released March 26th) is a little more folky and reflective than the rest of the album.

Mirage – Old Amica Soundcloud | Twitter | Website


I must be in a shoegazy mood, because I’m quite enjoying If I Go by Viscous Liquid off his new EP Songs For Jealous Lovers.

If I Go – Viscous Liquid Bandcamp | Soundcloud


That’s all for now! I think I’ve hit my quota of blog posts today (three!!) and deserve some sort of treat, like a shower or an ice cream cone before the Each Other show tonight. The MBF inbox is a little lighter, which always feels great.