every day is a gift card


It takes a lot to get out of bed. Lift the sheets, fold them back, expose the skin. Step into the shower, icy at first, then scalding. Slip a little on the residue of conditioner but catch yourself on the window ledge with the chipping paint. Put on clothes that are appropriate for the season. Brush your teeth without your finger. Emerge triumphant from you apartment. You have conquered another day. You are alive.

1. Kowboy – The Cosmic Range*
2. After – Trevor Turple*
3. Hemiptera – SP3CT3RS*
4. First Farewell – An Ant And An Atom & Phisting Ass*
5. Containment – Zachary Gray*
6. Tierra Santa Con Montaña Rusa – Nick Kuepfer*
7. La pluie – La Fête*
8. Design of Success – Freak Heat Waves*
9. A2. All Black Fax (Telecom Caviar) – Eccinaccea*


Interview with Jay Pollard of Invocation TO


I interviewed Jay Pollard of Invocation TO (previously of Man Finds Fire) after INVOCATION TO & WAVELENGTH present: MUSIQUE FRAGILE – a soiree of solo performances by Constellation artists.

In the background, you’ll hear some live recordings I took from the performances by SALTLAND (Rebecca Foon) Nick Kuepfer, and Khôra (Matthew Ramolo).

Recorded at Huntclub on February 5th, 2015
709 College St
Toronto ON, Canada
M6G 1C2

Check out Invocation TO on Facebook: www.facebook.com/invocationto

Should I post the bootleg recordings I took? :) Y/N

Indie-licious Tues Jan 6th 2015

1. 367 Equalizer – Guerilla Toss
2. Girl Seizure – Last Ex*
3. Spirit School – Slight*
4. Michael – Homeshake*
5. Acid Wash – Panda Bear
6. Earth II – Absolutely Free*
7. April 24, 1991 in Atlanta, Georgia – Hazy Montagne Mystique*
8. Liefdefjord – Nick Kuepfer*
9. Half Twain The Jesse – Jessica Pratt
10. Dolphin – Linda Perhacs
11. Certain Kind – Ruth Garbus
12. Unfucktheworld – Angel Olsen
13. Beat the Drum Slowly – Timber Timbre*
14. On Again, Off Again – The High Dials*
15. Put Your Number In My Phone – Ariel Pink


Indie-licious Tues Dec 16th 2014


1. Gelée de Vérole Extra – Mista Hope
2. Kaleidoscope (Kaytranada’s* Flip) – BADBADNOTGOOD*
3. Phonotaxis – Nick Kuepfer*
4. April 24, 1991 in Atlanta, Georgia – Hazy Montagne Mystique*
5. Ride Across the Moat Of Love – Great Valley
6. Nothing Means Nothing – Michael Rault*
7. Macaw – Horse Lords
8. Pink Elephant – Guerilla Toss
9. Diner Talk – Lee Paradise*
10. Beg Waves – Ponytail
11. Mother of Pearl – Pram