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Yasuhiro Kagami (1984)

1. Mary Poppins’ Pockets – New Fries*
2. Oh That Felix – Beat Detectives
3. Sate Padang – CFCF*
4. im having a rave in a room all by myself – memo boy
5. Lifeworld (Side A) – Moon B
6. Someone Lost – Bone Marrow*
7. Excavator – Phern*
8. Break 1 V2 – Arthur Shea
9. blood head – RUGS
10. embassy – oddyknocky
11. Reprogram Ourselves – Jerry Paper
12. I Wanna Touch You – She-Devils*
13. Divine – bbbrendan
14. Soft Stuff – imzzz
15. Forgot Again – LOVING*
16. Oness – CLEAR SPOT*
17. Morning, Ontario – The Cosmic Range*



Favourite Canadian songs of 2015


A lot happened this year. I booked my first show. I started a new job. I made 33 episodes of Indie-licious. I wrote 24 pieces for Weird Canada.

No one really asked for this list, but then I got carried away and now here we are. Songs are roughly sorted into clusters that sound nice together. Support your local community!

Michael Ondaatje’s World – Germaphobes


Fit For Her – Blonde Elvis 


(but) i need you – Kurt Inder


Rights of Spring – Rebecca’s Room


Full Moon – Pee Wee


Shy Boy – Nakedchillen


Tact of Animals & I Don’t See It – Quaker Parents




More Like You – Novel


Mechanical Rhythm – Painted Fruits


Textiles On Mainstreet – Slim Twig


Sailin’ On (Bad Brains cover) – Haolin Munk


See The Lord, He’s A Dog, In A Cage – Razor Midnight


Jasz – New Fries


Senators – No Spectrum


tiergarten – Sarah Davachi


 2 – Jonathan Scherk


Désorganism – French Pretzel


mar mar mar – Guidewire


The Trouble – Fantasy Blondes


jxpg – The Passenger


Buschbabies – JOYFULTALK


NakuPlacid – TELOZKOPE

Bed Bath and Beyond – Fresh Flesh


Haagen Baadz – Bile Sister


Damn That Valley – U.S. Girls


TIVOLI – Phèdre 


HELL Demo A – Lee Paradise


HOTFOOT – Doldrums


Night of the Assassins (Les Rallizes Dénudés) – Zacht Automaat


Don’t Fuck A Gift Horse In The Mouth (feat. Damian Abraham) – Fresh Snow


In Silence – The Acorn


LOSING GROUND – Special Costello


A Better Deal – Merival


Again – Faith Healer


Tooth Hound Sand (AIA) – Sivani


won’t – boyhood


Attention Seeker – Etiquette


Thailand – Hush Pup


SOFTEN / SOFTER – Prison Hair


Test of Faith – JFM


every fucking day – Shaun Weadick


Threnody – Myriam Gendron


guardian force – Brandon DeVries


Waist of the Sea – Blunt Chunks


Human Garbage – Vulva Culture








TONIGHT: New Fries // BB Guns // Nancy Pants // Bile Sister // Nikki Fierce @ Silver Dollar

There’s a lot happening this weekend! The last two nights, I’ve been at The Gladstone and The Silver Dollar Room seeing Wolfcow (noisy experimental), Castle If (dark kraut synth), Matrox (gleeful robot synth), Tasseomancy (windswept Kate Bush), Michael Rault (boisturous jangle pop), and Slim Twig (unhinged psychedelic).

Tonight at the Silver Dollar, some of the best experimental, fun-loving ladies are colliding to feed the hungry masses for Dan Burke’s Class of 2015. Some of these bands also have dudes in them (respect all genders!) but it’s really nice to see such a female-dominated bill.

Doors at 9pm, cover $8.

Set times:

9:30 – Nikki Fierce
10:30 – BB Guns
11:20 – Nancy Pants
12:10 – New Fries
1:00 – Bile Sister

Facebook Event

Nikki Fierce (Toronto, ON) Female-fronted jams from the garage

BB Guns (Toronto, ON) Garage pop surfing the cool waves of Lake Ontario

Nancy Pants (Montreal, QC) Lo-fi ponytail pop smacking you in the eye

New Fries (Toronto, ON) No wave, no problem

Bile Sister (Toronto, ON) Cheeky avant-pop

Need an alternative to TURF this weekend? We’ve got you covered.

For those of you outside Toronto, TURF is a small music festival tailored to those whose idea of experimental rock is Broken Social Scene. Just kidding, there are some good indie bands playing. That being said, if you want to avoid the festival scene, here are some great options for those of us living free ‘n’ cheap.



If you guys are looking for something to do tonight, come check out the Girls Art League Fundraiser @ The Garrison, which will benefit Girls Art League, a Toronto-based non-profit benefitting women looking to make art in a welcoming, safe, and supportive social environment. GAL encourages art technique education as well as community-based events.

Here’s who’s on the bill for tonight:

Army Girls (Toronto)- Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter


Dilly Dally (Toronto) – Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter


New Fries (Toronto) – Bandcamp


Also featuring DJ Mary Mack. Cover is $10, doors are at 9 pm. Girls Art League on Facebook.



Feeling American? Wanna cram a hot dawg down your gullet and wash it down with a sudsy Budsy? Celebrate the Fourth of July without renewing your dumb passport (something that I went through the process of today – hot tip, paint your face so you don’t look like the colour of an old sock in your 10-year passport photo).

Darlene Shrugg is playing Double Double Land with DJ Gaven Dianda.  Cool? Facebook deets here. $10 equals ticket plus hot dawg + brewski. Visuals are clips from Roseanne.


What is Darlene Shrugg? Slim Twig, Ice Cream, and U.S. Girls playing together as a mini-Toronto-supergroup. They used to play as Tropics, but now that isn’t a thing. To give you an idea, here’s an old Tropics tune:



Tomorrow night, Burn Down The Capital’s Feast In The East features dancey electro-pop, as well as a tasty dinner + cool visual arts by Eunice Luk.

Silkken LaumannSoundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


No BreakupFacebook | Soundcloud


Most People – Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter


Memorex – Bandcamp


Have a great weekend, folks!