Tuesday Grab Bag

Sasha’s on vacation getting tan and eating brie & nectarine sandwiches. Meanwhile, I’m here in Canada crying into a hunk of Treselle mozzarella cheese from No Frills.

Related: why the heck is it so cold right now? Autumn, you’re acting like that one friend who shows up early to the party while I’m still in my underwear making onion dip. Go to the convenience store or something!!

Anyways, since it’s just me and my tears, here’s a Grab Bag. The first song is about shivering in the freezing cold. SASHA COME BACK 2 ME.

Warm On A Cold Night – HONNE (London) Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


Time Machine – Palace Winter (Copenhagen / Melbourne) Soundcloud | Facebook

Palace Winter is a collaboration between Caspar Hesselager of My Heart The Brave/Rumour Said Fire and Carl Coleman of Sink Ships. They met when Carl opened for Caspar’s band during a tour in Denmark in 2013. I love how warm and welcoming this track feels, building momentum through layers.


Houses – Fantastic Fantastic () Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

This track reminds me a little of Kangaroo Court by Capital Cities (which is also hella catchy and in the same key signature). Fantastic Fantastic is a UK summer pop duo.


Actually, while we’re at it, can we just take a moment to listen to Kangaroo Court? I love that song so much.


Kangaroo Court – Capital Cities (Los Angeles) Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

I love putting this song on my running playlists (LOL “running”; haven’t done that in a few weeks) because it’s got a really good tempo for warmups and cooldowns.


Garden GraysWildcat! Wildcat! (Los Angeles) Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

This song has a great clav entry, and reminds me of Sasha because it’s so upbeat and positive, with a great surprising key signature change.


Let’s slow it down for a second with a new track from Broads from their latest EP, Care & Handling, which came out on July 25th.

Sloe Foresting – Broads (Norwich) Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter

Nothing lovelier than ambient folk music to slow down your heartbeat.


Tattoo – Raindeer (Baltimore) Soundcloud | Facebook  | Twitter

Reminds me a bit of Little Fang by Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks or perhaps early MGMT.


Statement – Dissolve (San Francisco) Soundcloud | Facebook

A bit of shoegaze from San Fran with sweet female vocals!


Take Me Back – Paperwhite (Brooklyn) Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Paperwhite reminds me a lot of Chairlift, another great synthpop male-female duo from Brooklyn. Comprised of Katie and Ben Marshall, Paperwhite should appeal to fans of girl-fronted romantic dreampop.


Just Once – Shura (London) Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

This girl can write a love ballad with lyrics like Lykke Li. This track has been my jam all week, mostly because I’ve been in a grumpy mood and taking it out on my poor lil’ Love Interest. He’s such a sweetheart and I’m an evil hag. SORRY BB.


That’s all for now! If you or a friend wants to submit music to Music Between Friends, drop us a line at musicbtwfriends [at] gmail.com

Songs to add to your Weekend Playlist.

It’s the weekend and I have internet access back. Let’s celebrate.  These are just a few of the songs that are currently on my weekend playlist:

Pnau – With You Forever
If you’re going through some MGMT withdrawal this song would be a good  temporary fix.

Royal Bangs – Grass Helmet
The thing I like most about this song–the drums, so it’s no surprise this band was signed by Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney.

Beastie Boys – Lee Majors Come Again
If you can’t appreciate the Beastie Boys for how catchy and clever their lyrics are, at least try to remember that they make some of the most awesomely ridiculous music videos of all time (my personal favourite).

Lykke Li – I Don’t Mind (Jump on it)
Lykke Li
may be the master of bringing listeners to tears with her sappy lyrics and pretty voice, but I like her best when she does these fun dance songs.

That’s all I’ve got for now.  Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Recorded For Japan & other charitable music compilations

North American news stations have a nasty habit of picking up a story about a devastating natural disaster, blasting the public with updates for about a week or two, then promptly dropping it to cover more important news. (What would I do without prompt updates on the whereabouts of Sarah Palin’s hairdresser or the fluxuations of Kim Kardashian’s ass size? Die, probably.)

However, back at the locations of tragedies, victims don’t just disappear when we flip to TLC to catch a rerun of Cake Boss. It’s really sad that our attention span for global tragedy is so shortsighted.

Remember the Japanese Tsunami on March 11th, 2011?
The earthquake in Haiti on January 12th, 2010?
The BP oil spill on April 20th, 2010?

Yeah, they’re still cleaning up after those.

So imagine my happiness to discover that a few of my favourite artists have pieced together a benefit cd called Recorded for Japan. It’s chock-filled with psychedelic guitar licks, silky keyboard pulses and funky drumbeats. Proceeds will go to the Japanese Red Cross. Keep your ear out for contributions by Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Chairlift, Kurt Vile, and R. Stevie Moore (feat. members of MGMT) in the sampler below.

Various Artists – Recorded For Japan – Visual Player from RECORDED FOR JAPAN on Vimeo.

If you’re looking for another awesome cd that supports relief efforts in Japan, the Morning Benders put out an incredible benefit EP called Japan Echo this year. Click here to buy it; you won’t regret it.

Another amazing compilation that supports a worthy cause is 2009’s Dark Was The Night, released by the Red Hot Organization in support of HIV/AIDS awareness. Produced by Aaron and Bryce Dessner of The National, the compilation cd features amazing covers and collaborations by Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens, Andrew Bird and over two dozen other indie heavyweights.

Two of my favourite tracks off Dark Was The Night are Knotty Pine and Deep Blue Sea by Dan Rossen of Grizzly Bear, which was recorded in Rossen’s own home.

Knotty PineDavid Byrne and The Dirty Projectors:

Listening to music helps people. So the next time your mom starts shouting at you to “…shut off your Goddamned boom box and come help with the groceries!“, tell her you’re helping to save the world, one track at a time.

I’m ready for summer

With all the weird weather we’ve been having, this new wave of sunshine is exactly what I was waiting for.  Here is a playlist to kick start the summer, reveal the new blog design, and celebrate MUSIC BETWEEN FRIENDS being added as an Off The Grid blog for Toronto’s new mega-website THE GRID.

Katie and I have been contributing to the blog for over a year now and what started as a venue for us to share songs/bands that we were listening to among friends, is now looking like a real music blog.  Kind of?  Anyways, this playlist has some personal classics as well as new songs from bands I’m loving right now like Cults and Sleigh Bells.

01 The Shins - Sleeping Lessons
02 Gorillaz - Pirate Jet
03 Timber Timbre - Until the Night is Over
04 Sleigh Bells - Kids
05 The Kills - Future Starts Slow
06 The Strokes - Two Kinds of Happiness
07 The Beatles - Happiness is a Warm Gun
08 Mark Ronson and the Business Int'l - Somebody to Love Me
09 Vampire Weekend - I'm Going Down
10 Discovery - So Insane
11 Morrissey- I Don't Mind if you Forget Me
12 Wye Oak - The Altar
13 Cults - Most Wanted
14 TV Girl (DirtyGold cover) - OverBoard
15 MGMT - Pieces of What


My wise blood tells me secrets


Who are Pittsburgian band Wise Blood? Discuss.

1. Animal Collective, the awkward freshmen, spilling Cheetos on the dance floor of the neighborhood cool kid’s summer party?
2. MGMT twirling in circles and spewing cassette tape?
3. Coconut Records smiling through demented, bloody teeth after doing a half-pipe in the drained pool?

Answer: Maybe they’re all of these things. Maybe they’re just plain amazing.

(Katie, Please see me after class)

It doesn’t matter that I can’t understand a word that Christopher Laufman is saying. Somehow, that makes it even better, because then I can fill in whatever words I want. This song is an acid-green slushie spilled on the sidewalk, it’s smushed pink bubblegum on a summer school desk, it’s a broken plastic scooter, it’s a Carnie ride paid for with a three dollar pink ticket. It’s whatever I want it to be, and it’s mine.

MP3: Rot My Brain AwayWise Blood
I’m a strange tiger in a stranger jungle.

File this one under Catchy Glitch Drugjams, Penelope.