Indie-licious Tues Sept 2nd 2014

1. I HATE MY BIRTHDAY – Silver Dapple
2. Pass the Pain – Only Real
3. Magic Mountain – The Drums
4. Birthday – Beach Fossils
5. Planet Birthday – Beverly
6. Story To Tell – Galkin
7. Empty Lines – Old Smile
8. Slow Down – Chips Calipso
9. Traneberg – Old Amica
10. Strangers – James Canty
11. I’ll Be Your – The Tallest Tree
12. Happiness Forgets – Meenk
13. Birthday Song – Frankie Cosmos
14. Birthday Card – Kate Sikora
15. More Than I Ask For – TEEN
16. Curious of You – Pillar Point
17. Oblivion – Aimee deBeer


Indie-licious Tues July 15th, 2014

a day at the beach by cameos

a day at the beach by cameos

1. Memory – Tom Misch
2. (im so) tired – Pinner
3. Flag – Canto
4. Dance Community – Shaani Cage
5. Our Fore-Chamber By The Dock – swimming pools in heaven
6. 19 – Meenk
7. Mrs. Starkey – The Vaporettos
8.Real Slow ft. Sarah Chernoff (Happy Accidents Remix) – Miami Horror
9. me + the bee – nomen novum
10. Lost It To Trying – Son Lux
11.Unknown Ends – Dream Curtain
12. down with the crown – red sea
13. I Know, (I Know) – Jon McKiel
14. Ash Mound – Each Other
15. Love Solo – Heaven For Real


Current favourite track: “19” by Meenk


Providence/Texan musician Meenk (aka May Rio) does lo-fi slacker rock extremely well. Her four-track EP Scamu Scau (June 25th, self-released) draws immediate comparisons to Palehound – no surprise since Palehound’s guitarist, Ben Scherer, helped to record it. May just graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design specializing in alternative menswear, and her final thesis was a capsule collection inspired by Jughead (!!!!) This girl is rad.

I drink half a beer and I’m only 19. I’m sorry for putting you all in such danger. Those cops, they’re just helping us out, they’re not mean. 

These lyrics take me back to before I had crows feet and body dysmorphic disorder.

19 – Meenk – Bandcamp | Facebook


I also dig Happiness Forgets. You can really hear the comparisons to Ellen Kempner in this one. Meenk is going to blow up big time, you just wait.