I could die happy listening to Raleigh Moncrief

Mary Virginia Carmack-Rilke

If you haven’t heard the delicious tunes of Sacramento weirdo Raleigh Moncrief yet, you haven’t truly lived. Think Animal Collective played backwards. Or making love for first time in a ball of flame. Or penetrating every single colour of the rainbow.

Lament for Morning is a song without resolution. It is semi-human, quixotically android – a vocal line that bounces around like a flock of ping-pong balls. The TR-808 hi-hat is a jaunty nod to 80’s hip hop beats. With this song, I can take on the world and win.

MP3: Lament for MorningRaleigh Moncrief

I can see the girl walking two feet ahead of me, keeping time with her headphones. I can walk up to her, place my hand on her shoulder, feel her warm skin under white cotton. But she doesn’t stop walking.

MP3: I Just SawRaleigh Moncrief