100-Mile Music Diet: With Hidden Noise’s Married To The Sea

Grabbling elements of delicate high-hat tapping, echoey harmonics, and palm-muted guitars, Charlie Berger of Toronto’s light-and-airy shoegazey With Hidden Noise offers up a Canadian take on dreamy, homemade ambient-pop with Married To The Sea. Recorded in Berger’s apartment, Married To The Sea draws its inspiration from slowcore disciples Low and 50’s pop baroquists The Beach Boys and The Zombies.

Interspersed between the album’s dreamier tracks are a few acoustic guitar tracks with a conventional backbone. Unfortunately, drastically different tonalities between tracks serve to distract the listener from the attention-grabbing hooks of Salt Waltz and Don’t You Know. With Hidden Noise might have benefitted more by creating a condensed EP rather than a full album.

There are a few too many variegated musical ideas for solid album cohesion, but my interest has certainly been piqued. I’ll continue to follow With Hidden Noise‘s progress as Berger navigates his way through the tricky process of finding his niche.

Katie’s picks:

Download the rest of the album here.