The Best Music You’ll Hear All Week

I’m just going to be flat out honest about this; these songs are great. Not just “Oh yeah, I don’t want to throw up that much when I hear that bass.”

I’m talking pure musical boners. Sprouting everywhere. From everyone.

MP3: Fuck With Mo’ Money (Ma$e x Diddy x Biggie x Penguin Prison) – The Hood Internet
Why It’s Awesome: Feeling nostalgic for your childhood in the nineties? Don’t have access to a boom box and dozens of your well-worn adolescent cassette tapes? Listen to this seamless blend of hip hop superstars. Now, if only someone could toss in some Aaliyah, Toni Braxton, Brandy and Monica, my R&B fix would be complete.

MP3: Hide and Seek – Mirrors (via Everybody Taste)
Why It’s Awesome: Have you been craving 80’s Britpop soundalikes? Well boy, do I have a treat for you. Hide and Seek off 2010’s Broken By Silence is ludicrously head-boppy, with frizzy synths and backing voices that blend like mellow flautists. Each layer progressively compounds until the song swells symphonically and collapses into rebound.

MP3: Let Me Clear My Throat – Stay Calm (Listen + Download via Into The Woods)
Why It’s Awesome: Echoed out voices, a super strong drumbeat, accelerated tambourine, and glitch-perfect guitars give this an instant alt-beach fibe. Prepare to see them at Coachella 2013, probably. Did I mention this involves Zac Pennington of the Parenthetical Girls?

MP3: Coastline – Matthew DeLoach
Why It’s Awesome Strings, plus that weird combination of instruments that you only hear in Grizzly Bear songs.