Katie’s NXNE Picks – Thursday June 18th


If you didn’t catch my picks for NXNE for Wed June 17th, I posted them yesterday.


6pm – Moss Lime (Montreal) – minimalist, postpunk

Love this three-piece so very much. Their short EP July First contains a cover of what I previously believed to be the most obnoxious sports anthem, morphed into something I really enjoy. Somehow, I’ve missed every other chance to see them over the last few months. They release music under Fixture Records, one of my favourite labels in Canada, so big ups.

They’re playing at The Garrison, and if you show up at 12pm for the NXNE Print & Comics Fair, there’s also a FREE PIZZA PARTY at 3pm, so just make a day of it, jeez.

Later on at the Garrison, come back for Jacco Gardner (11pm) + US GIRLS (Toronto,12am). Meg Remy’s new single, released under 4AD, is a pressure cooker of emotion, positioning herself as a grieving war widow crying out against the sociopolitical impacts of war. Also, dat hair.

7pm – Jessica Pratt (LA) – lovesick, folk

If you missed Jessica Pratt’s show on Wednesday, check her out at Berkeley Church on the Pitchfork stage. Her set is a bit of an outlier on the bill, so you should really try to catch her on Wednesday.

7pm – The WAYO (Toronto) – slow key soul / 8pm – Glory Glory (Halifax) – pop / 9pm – Walrus (Halifax) – psych pop

Go to Handlebar for Halifax Pop Explosion, stay for that really squishy couch in the front.

9pm – Sexy Merlin (Toronto) – experimental, grooves / 10pm – ZONES (Toronto) – dreamsurf / 11pm – Man Made Hill (Toronto) – experimental, disco / 12am – Tenderness (Toronto) – scattered, electrionic

Sexy Merlin ushers in psychotropic beats to Smiling Buddha to start off a very rewarding evening. ZONES is the delicious looped guitar-and-synth project of Derek McKeon, and it’s low-key and lovely. Constant Touching by Man Made Hill will get stuck in your head, no problem. Tenderness is blissfully weird, piecing together sound collages and eyebrow-quirking samples into innards-stirring rhythms.

12am – Grounders (Toronto) – indie pop

Unabashed pop fourpiece, get pierced by their hooks. Come see them at Sneeky Dees.

1am – Lucius (Brooklyn) / 2am – TEEN (Brooklyn) – indie pop

TEEN is comprised of four extremely talented musicians (who happen to be female) with excellent drumming, dance moves and vocals. Kind of early St. Vincent vibes. Catch them at Adelaide Hall after Lucius plays at 1am.

10pm – Nancy Pants (Montreal) – garage pop / 2am – Noni Wo (Montreal) –  avante, electronic, fusion

Nancy Pants makes really pleasure-driven, optimistic lo-fi pop music made for smiling and swinging your arms around. They’re playing Silver Dollar with Noni Wo. Noni Wo‘s U S B E P is very good. A mixture of jazzy guitar-driven jams and synth-driven melodies.

Pretty excited about next Thursday’s NXNE offerings. If you’re looking for something to occupy you this week, I’m running a show tonight at Ratio with Insect ArkSarah Davachi, Beard Closet and CHRISTOPHER WILLES’ MATERIAL NATURE. Doors are 8pm and it’ll be an early show, so feel free to swing by! (Facebook RSVP)

Thursday Grab Bag

I just want to sit in someone’s backyard (preferably my parents’, because there’s free food) listening to mediocre dad-rock. I want to dip my fingers and toes in a cool body of water while a thin film of sweat forms on the back of my neck.

Here’s some stuff that’s been nestled in our inbox for the last few weeks.

Singer-songwriter Greyce recently put out a new album called The Piano Series on June 21st. Frankly, this track is beautiful. Sometimes a good piano ballad is all you need to get through a bad week. It’s soothing, relaxing, and mellow without being cloying.

Dare To Dream – Greyce Facebook | TwitterSoundcloud


French-born, Toronto based Ayla Millepied makes interesting, prismatic, warm electronic music. I like to pretend I’m spinning around on a warm, vaguely Moroccan beach when listening to this.

Libre – ∆yla – Facebook | Twitter


Flag is a broken-hearted ballad, plain and simple. “I can’t spend enough time around her.” Comprised of three brothers, Canto is a fairly young band, with few of the members at legal drinking age. Kind of reminds me of Tokyo Police Club, but I’ll get Sasha’s verification on that one.

Flag – Canto – Facebook | Twitter | Website


Despite the vaguely British vocals, post-punk/psych trio The Vaporettos hails from Vancouver. This is my favourite track off their first self-titled EP.

Mrs Starkey The Vaporettos FacebookTwitterSoundcloud


This song makes me melt down into nothing. Such a good disco beat.

Real Slow (Happy Accidents Remix)Miami Horror – Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud – Happy AccidentsSoundcloud


This Tears For Fears cover by Lucius is echoey, sweet, and gooey. They mixed up the tempo of the lyrics, so it sounds pretty fresh. Nothing can beat the original, but this is still a nice summer track.

Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Tears For Fears cover) – Lucius – Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


This track from Waterloo’s shagabond features vocal samples from Drake’s Say Something & Chris Brown’s Yo (Excuse Me Miss). I like the way that “Need you” becomes warped into “niju.” This is a good song for lying flat during heat waves (plenty of those to choose from this week).

Niju shagabond – Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


I listened to this track with my boyfriend’s roommate while we were waiting for him to bike home. We were really eager to get pool hopping, and had been listening to droney psych and Talking Heads all evening, so I wasn’t in the right mindset to listen to this vicious, slow-moving burner. I listened again today, and I’m so glad that I did. So soulful!

Worry – Jack Garratt Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook


Tom Misch’s Memory is a weird and wonderful fusion of steel pan, violins, piano ballad, and beats – somehow, it works. We began this Grab Bag with a ballad, and we end in an inverted one.

Memory – Tom Misch – Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


Indie-licious Tues April 8th 2014

Art by Gwion Christmas

Art by Gwion Christmas

1. Street Bloom (Dustan Gallas Remix) – Céu
2. Clouds – Daedelus
3. Zebra – Oneohtrix Point Never
4. I Was Walking Through A Dream – Jay Malinowski & The Deadcoast
5. True To You ft. Gruff Rhys – Tomas Barfod
6. Come Inside – Magic Trick
7. Hey, Doreen – Lucius
8. Buried Plans – Minor Alps
9. Still Knocking At The Door – Papercuts
10. Hidden Shelters – Lovelier Other
11. Genevieve – Lucius
12. She Shot It – Dirt Farmer
13. Elevator – Young Rival
14. Aphrodite – Phèdre