Instant Classics

Every single one of these songs is amazing, as are the artists who have written them. I cannot understate how awesome these songs are – you’ll just have to take my word for it.

What are you waiting for? You need more classic anthems for dancing around in a t-shirt and underwear. This playlist will change your life. Download it.

First Midnight City by M83 hits all the sweet spots of liquid nostalgia. Then, Body Language’s Falling Out slips into bed while a slick funk jam plays in the background. Milagres’s Here To Stay makes you wish you were a better man. Fleeced by Arms takes you back to the days of smoking cigarettes behind the portable. Generationals’s Ten-Twenty-Ten is your best friend dancing on a table, dragging you up there. Ice Cream by Battles is your goofy brother, throwing leaves in your face. Life Fantastic by Man Man is Movember all year long. Best Night by The War On Drugs is watching the windows fog in the backseat. Neat Little Rows by Elbow is wiping the blood off your nose after a back alley fight. The Dodos’s Black Night is the love song you wished he wrote about you. The Seagull by Hot Sugar is a lullaby trapped inside a broken television set. Deerhoof’s No One Asked To Dance is the ransom note for a princess trapped in a castilla. Sea Of Bees’s Marmalade is the cassette you stole from your older cousin’s car. And Little Red’s Rock It is nothing but classic.



1. Midnight City – M83
2. Falling Out – Body Language
3. Here To Stay – Milagres
4. Fleeced – Arms
5. Ten-Twenty-Ten – Generationals
6. Ice Cream – Battles
7. Life Fantastic – Man Man
8. Best Night – The War On Drugs
9. Neat Little Rows – Elbow
10. Black Night – The Dodos
11. The Seagull – Hot Sugar
12. No One Asked To Dance – Deerhoof
13. Marmalade – Sea of Bees
14. Rock It – Little Red

Tired of the same old tracks? Listen to Light Asylum, Hooray for Earth, Foster The People, and Little Red.

Once in a while, I’ll feel like a big dingus for not knowing about a band until after they’ve dropped a few significantly awesome albums. Example: I only started listening to TV On The Radio last year (shame, shame!)

Here are a few tracks from secretly rad bands that haven’t broken out yet. Feel free to show these to your friends so that they’ll think you’re the cool one to go to for new music.

You’re welcome.

Light Asylumfrom Brooklyn, NY
MP3: A Certain PersonLight Asylum

Hooray For Earthfrom NY, NY
MP3: No LoveHooray For Earth

Foster The Peoplefrom LA, California
MP3: Pumped Up Kicks (Chrome Canyon Remix)Foster The People

Little Redfrom Melbourne, Australia
MP3: Get A LifeLittle Red