TGIF Playlist: August 22, 2014 – Birthday Edition

This is a celebratory TGIF Playlist, because it’s my birthday this weekend NBD or anything…

Katie made the coolest birthday themed post already, with the funniest gifs (check that out here). It warmed my little heart because I’ve got the best blog partner–which is like a life partner, but you don’t live together or share half your money and belongings with one another (I don’t know what a life partner is…).

So my post is made up of songs I’ll be adding to my “b-day play-list’ (the real name of my playlist on iTunes).  Hope you like it and have a great weekend!

LCD SoundsystemAll My Friends

  • I’m going to sound like a hippie, but this song has energy. No matter what you are doing, if you are playing All My Friends in the background, it’s suddenly more epic. To watch the last magical live performance of this song in New York City, click here, if you stick it out to the 4:50 mark you get the ‘do-do-do’ sing along :), love it.

LenSteal my Sunshine

  • As far as I’m concerned this a Canadian classic and it wouldn’t be a Sasha playlist without some throwbacks from the 90s.

Mac DeMarcoBye Bye Bye

  • Here’s to saying a goodbye to being 26, and a hello to 27 :|

Gorillaz – Crystallized (xx cover)

  • I guess this would be the slow jam section of the playlist, I just found out about this song so its getting a lot of love.

Majid JordanA Place Like This

  • Newly released, but sounds a lot like 90’s R&B, #swoon.

Andy BullTalk Too Much

  • This one is for all those people who sometimes wish they were the strong, silent type, but just end up being the goofy, over sharers at the party.

The Isley BrothersShout

  • Bringing the tempo back up with a little Isley Brothers, because it isn’t a party until all your guests dance in unison while singing “and a little bit louder now!”.

Arcade FireAfterlife

  • My favourite song of 2013 for a reason, I’ll probably be doing weird arm dances/thrusts when this song comes on and I genuinely can’t wait to see them live next week- think something along the lines of this level of excitement.

Indie-licious Tues May 6th 2014


1. Borrowed Time – How To Be Topp
2. Ride That Cyclone – Larkim Grimm
3. Me At The Museum, You At The Wintergardens – Tiny Ruins
4. Electric Minds – Record/Start
5. It Takes Over – Dream Curtain
6. Father Sister Berzerker – TOBACCO
7. Pour Another – Nick Hakim
8. New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down – LCD Soundsystem
9. Begging Me To Come Back – COMPNY
10. Afraid Of The Dark – Ejecta
11. Gray Lodge Wisdom ft. The Weather Station – Will Stratton
12. My Home Is Nowhere Without You – Herman Dune
13. Icecubes – ICEWATER
14. Descendant Of – Blackstone Rangers


Katie’s Favourite Albums of 2010

Merry Christmas!

It’s been a great year of albums; probably my favourite year ever. Just like Sasha, I’ll list my favourites in descending order.

#10Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic ZerosEdward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

#9Part II: The New DecemberFol Chen


#7This Is HappeningLCD Soundsystem

#6It’s Never Not HappeningFirst Rate People

#5Long LiveSnowblink

#4Odd BloodYeasayer

#3The OrchardRa Ra Riot

#2Say ItBorn Ruffians

#1HeartlandOwen Pallett

Take a listen and see what I mean…

Now it’s time to wax poetic. Right-click on the numbers to download the tracks.

#10Carries OnEdward Sharpe & The Magnetic ZerosI had never heard of Edward Sharpe before I started working at the Union Market again in May. Then, out of the blue, I started listening to them nonstop. This band has a really relaxed, folky sound that instantly draws you into a Volkswagen camper traveling the Nevada desert. They write songs that make you want to sing along (because there are already a billion people in the band anyway). My favourite tracks are Carries On, Janglin’, Home, and Up From Below.

#9In RuinsFol ChenOne day at CFMU, my friend Emma handed me a few new releases that had arrived in the mail. One of them was Cerulean by Baths and the other was Part II: The New December by Fol Chen. Both bands threw me for a loop with their dynamic, fresh sounds (don’t be mistaken by my wording; they also sound nothing alike!) Fol Chen is eclectic, soothing, and innovative; always managing to bring brand new ideas to a song. They’ve definitely improved loads since their first album Part I: John Shade, Your Fortune’s Made. I can’t wait until they come to Canada so that I can see them live! My favourite tracks are Adeline, C/U, The Holograms, and In Ruins.

#8KailiCaribouI really got into Caribou when I found out how much Sasha loves Dan Snaith; the man behind the magic. Our music taste is generally so well-matched that I tend to love anything that she digs, so I decided to listen to Caribou with a completely open mind. Oh man – I listened, I danced, and I instantly knew that I was in l.u.v. Since then, I’ve seen him twice (once with Sasha and once with Maria). At his last local concert, I almost met him backstage, but I was too shy to introduce myself, despite the fact that he kept making friendly eye contact. It just didn’t seem like the right time to be a fangirl. Anyways, my favourite tracks are Bowls, Hannibal, Leave House and Kaila.

#7HomeLCD Soundsystem
I have a special relationship with LCD Soundsystem. It mainly involves cranking up my car stereo until the bass is almost unbearable and twisting the knob on the Union Market speakers until they are almost overloading. When I saw my first picture of James Murphy, I couldn’t piece together how such a diminutive, scruffy man could make such infectious dance music. I still can’t figure it out. It must be in his genes. My favourite tracks are I Can Change, One Touch, Pow Pow, and All I Want.

#6Girls’ NightFirst Rate People
I didn’t miss the irony of placing This Is Happening right before It’s Never Not Happening. First Rate People is a Toronto band that makes me really proud to be from Southern Ontario. Their first album is the perfect length; not a single sound is wasted on their short-but-sweet seven track album. They’re still unsigned, but I definitely predict that a label with snap them up in 2011. My favourite tracks are Charlie Kaufman, Dress So Fine, American Life Part 1, and Girls’ Night.

Sweet, strong, and sonorous Snowblink opened for Owen Pallett when I saw him in February at the Lincoln Alexander Centre. After the concert – which was one of the most amazing, most spiritual events of my life – I met Daniela Gesundheit (her real name!) and she signed my copy of Long Live. I also met Owen Pallett and Thom Gill that night, and my face almost split into two from all of the grinning. My favourite tracks are Tired Bees, Rut & Nuzzle, Bulb, For Later, and Ambergris. The music video for Ambergris is nothing short of amazing.

#4Ambling AlpYeasayer
I have this record on vinyl and I really enjoy listening to it while I mark papers. It instantly makes anything I’m doing a lot more fun. When I gave this album a first listen, didn’t have high hopes after hearing its first track, The Children. But once you skip past that unfortunate track, the entire album is golden. I love listening straight through from Ambling Alp to ONE.

#3FoolishRa Ra Riot
This album only came out in early December, but its sweet string arrangements quickly won me over and it’s been a permanent fixture in my CD player ever since. I find myself singing at the top of my lungs for almost every song because every track is just so singable. My favourite tracks are Boy, Keep It Quiet, Do You Remember, and Foolish.

#2What To SayBorn Ruffians
My love for Born Ruffians knows no bounds. I saw first them in December of 2009 at Rok Bar, right before they released Say It. It was the first concert I ever saw with Sasha! The lit-up, rainbow dance floor was so memorable (So was the cluster of 19-year-old fratheads in graphic tees moshing desperately to our left). Born Ruffians even managed to sound perfect when I saw them in London, ON at LOLA, London’s free concert. I’m seeing a trend here; my favourite albums of 2010 have been the ones that I have the most fun singing along to. Say It is definitely one of them. My favourite tracks are What To Say, Nova Leigh, and Sole Brother. Especially Nova Leigh.

#1Lewis Takes Off His ShirtOwen Pallett
If I could live inside music, I would live inside the music of Owen Pallett. It’s well-known that he creates conceptual, almost fairy-tale-like album concepts, each song contributing a little piece to the album story arc. Heartland tells the tale of a young farmer named Lewis, an angry man who is controlled by an omnipotent narrator named Owen. All of the songs represent the dialogue between Lewis and Owen, exploring the relationship between common man and deity. I can listen to this album straight through, on repeat, for days. It would be safe to say that Heartland is not only my favourite album released in 2010 – it’s one of my favourite albums of all time. If I had to choose favourite tracks, I’d recommend Keep The Dog Quiet, Midnight Directives, Lewis Takes Action, and Lewis Takes Off His Shirt.

All I Want – LCD Soundsystem [mp3]

I bet it's Earl Grey. He's just classy like that.

So I’ve been having a crappy week. I wish I could have a cup of tea with James Murphy.

I’m homeless again. WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN?

Just when I found a place to live for the rest of the summer, this creepy guy moves back into the apartment I’m subletting in. I decided to move out, but it’s hard to find a place with a lease that starts in August.

In the midst of all that shit, the lovely album This is Happening by LCD Soundsystem is making me feel a ton better. This album has become my official album of summer 2010.

I have fallen in love with all of the tracks. There were definitely ones that charmed me instantly: Drunk Girls, I Can Change, and Dance Yrself Clean. The one that has really helped me blow off steam today is All I Want.

Here’s to life improvements.
MP3: All I Want – LCD Soundsystem

Lost at Sea Playlist (mp3s)

Hey guys!
It’s been a while since I’ve done a playlist for the blog, so here’s a brand new one called Lost at Sea featuring brand new tracks from Basia Bulat, The New Pornographers, and Stars. Download it!

– Katie