TGIF Playlist: June 27, 2014

I know summer JUST started, but I’m already freaked that June is nearly over and it’s not the healthiest, but I just love the warm weather and not having to wear pants all the time… I’m also pretty happy to have a good musical soundtrack for summer to back up the season change, check out some of that music below:

  • I’m sad I missed the Alvvays show at NXNE because the more I listen the more I fall in love with their music. Archie, Marry Me is so sweet, and I also love their song Adult Diversion great local music.
  • CYMBALS lyrics in The Natural World kind of make me laugh: “I don’t know enough about you, to be kind to you”.  Something tells me this band isn’t a group of friend-makers, but they sure write a great summer song.
  • More TV Girl love, perfect for a sunny day lounging in a pool while laying out on a floaty.
  • Can you go wrong with Kevin Drew? Probably not, and more local music that I’m proud to say is Canadian.
  • Mac DeMarco has this really awesome psychedelic 70s thing going on with his music, I love it.
  • Surf rock from Ireland’s Laurie Shaw you can click through the Soundcloud track to their page and download the song for free too :)
  • Capping off this week’s list with a little Tokyo Police Club, loving the lyrics:”Living in the minds of girls who would never say shit to me now. As pretty as they were in high school, I wonder if I’ll ever see them around”.

That’s it friends! Hope you all have a great long weekend :)

Indie-licious Tues June 24th 2014

1. Happy With Me – HOLYCHILD
2. In My Arms – Musique Le Pop
3. A Parting Gift – BL_NK_SP_C_S
4. Never Closer – Firestations
5. Have I Fooled You? – Omhouse
6. I Won’t Leave You – Laurie Shaw
7. Holiday – Keath Mead
8.Upside Down, Inside Out – Born Joy Dead
9. House – Thunderhank
10. When Yesterday’s Gone – Hungry Kids of Hungary
11.Take My Time – Glory Glory
12. Saturday Night Blues – Natural Child
13. deep sea diver – Wild Ivy
14. Feral – The Delphines
15. Say Yes To Ewans – Oliver Wilde