Indie-licious Tues Jan 12th 2016



1. Hollywood – DADRAS
2. No Mans Land – Panda Bear
3. OF THIS LAND – Petra Glynt*
4. Alone (Instrumental Version) – James Pants
5. Cite d’or – Last Ex*
6. MORE DOWN THAN OUT – Zacht Automaat*
7. Spectral Ascension – Byron Westbrook
8. Horns of Nimon – Cyclopean Wall*
9. Red – Mold Grows On Baby*
10. Mystic Beauty – Reggie Andrews and the Fellowship


Indie-licious Tues Feb 3rd 2015


1. I Want To Hold Your Hand – Boys Age
2. The Way You Move – Brady Allard*
3. Parade – Kevin Morby
4. Midnight Order – Ando Laj*
5. Tree Well – Arbutus*
6. Hotel Blues – Last Ex*
7. Borderline – Nancy Pants*
8. Out of reach – Brave Radar*
9. Demon’s Hand – HOLY
10. Most Ghouls Agree – TRUTHERS
11. Everybody Wants Somebody – Joel Jerome
12. Trouble – The Memories
13. Glen Echo – Pisces
14. Bells – Andrew Oliver*
15. 4 Real – Body Language


New favourite: Last Ex (Simon Trottier and Olivier Fairfield of Timber Timbre)

Thanks to my friend Rachel from Debaser for sharing Last Ex‘s animated music video for Girl Seizure with me, which appears on their debut self-titled LP (October 14th 2014 via Constellation Records). Last Ex is the project of Simon Trottier and Olivier Fairfield of Timber Timbre, who create suspenseful, eerie and vaguely sinister orchestral music.

Listening to Last Ex is a bit like stumbling through a homemade haunted house; plywood structures fluttering with white bedsheets, sticking your hands into boxes filled with squirming pale noodles and peeled grapes. You’re not really sure who’s leading you around or what’ll happen next.

Last Ex was birthed from the offcuts of an abandoned horror movie score from 2012, which gives it textural dark ambience. The animation for Girl Seizure uses about 2000 drawings that were later compiled in After Effects CC, all done by Gabe Mangold, a freelance animator from Portland.

Hotel Blues is one of the best songs on the LP.

Last Ex are playing the Wavelength Music Festival (Facebook details here) at Polish Combatants’ Hall (SPK) on Saturday February 14. Treat yourself & your main squeeze – the bill also features Lowell, The Acorn, Del Bel, and ginla. The amazing DJ Garbage Body (Julie Reich of Bile Sister) will be spinning, visuals by General Chaos Visuals, doors 8pm, tickets $15 advance, all ages.

Indie-licious Tues Jan 6th 2015

1. 367 Equalizer – Guerilla Toss
2. Girl Seizure – Last Ex*
3. Spirit School – Slight*
4. Michael – Homeshake*
5. Acid Wash – Panda Bear
6. Earth II – Absolutely Free*
7. April 24, 1991 in Atlanta, Georgia – Hazy Montagne Mystique*
8. Liefdefjord – Nick Kuepfer*
9. Half Twain The Jesse – Jessica Pratt
10. Dolphin – Linda Perhacs
11. Certain Kind – Ruth Garbus
12. Unfucktheworld – Angel Olsen
13. Beat the Drum Slowly – Timber Timbre*
14. On Again, Off Again – The High Dials*
15. Put Your Number In My Phone – Ariel Pink