Must Purchase Album: Lorde’s Pure Heroine

I’ve played Lorde’s new album repeatedly since getting it.  You’d think the hype from her song Royals would have made me jump all over listening to her EP back when it was released, but I resisted (I hate when I do that).  At the beginning of September I purged on The Love Club and now I’m obsessing over Pure Heroine (I had to resist the urge to make a cheesy addictive joke…).


It’s an album that I love listening to all the way through, it sort of has the drum machine feel of the XX, with Lana Del Rey moments mixed with a little hip hop flare.  I just can’t believe she is 16, when I was that age the majority of my time was spent either watching Law & Order: SVU or playing Neopets, #perspective.

Here are some of my favourite songs off the album so far, in no particular order:

400 Lux

Love it when she sings “you buy me orange juice…”

White Teeth Teens

I think I begin to full body sway every time I hear this song, I can’t help it.


How old were you when you revelled without a care Lorde? 10? WHY DO I FEEL SO OLD??

Glory and Gore

Happy New Year!

2013 is just hours away and I’ve been trying to come up with a top album list for 2012* these past few days, but I gave up because I just haven’t given enough albums the time and devotion it takes to name them “best of” so INSTEAD, I went the song route, because that is a safer place for me.  SO, to christen the end of the year I’ve decided to bundle 12 of my favourites song and basically make myself a personal 2012 soundtrack that I hope you can enjoy as much as I have. Hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year!

* If I were to give you three albums that I enjoy every second of whenever I put them on I would go with: 1-Channel Orange (worth the hype– times a bajillion) 2-Happy to You and 3-Coexist.  


Track Listing

01 Reunion - The xx
02 Money Trees (feat. Jay Rock) - Kendrick Lamar
03 Velvet Elvis - Alex Winston
04 Rosie Oh - Animal Collective
05 Vase - Miike Snow
06 Radio - Lana Del Rey
07 Argonauts - Hospitality
08 Half Gate - Grizzly Bear
09 Disparate Youth - Santigold
10 Ugly Needs - Miniature Tigers
11 Undone - Luke Lalonde
12 Crack Rock - Frank Ocean


TGIF Mini-Weekend Playlist

So I haven’t had a bunch of time to post daily but I figured I would make a weekend playlist made up of all the music I’ve listened to this week. So TGIF everyone!

It’s Real – Real Estate

Cute lo-fi that’s filled with ooh’s and aah’s, what more could I want?

Put Me in a Movie – Lana Del Rey

Say what you will about Lana Del Rey, I still like the music she makes.

You Know What I Mean – Cults

This is a great album, I listen to it on the regular at work and dance, snap and look like a weirdo moving around in silence in my office as if people can’t see me, when really they can.  I’m preeetty popular.

DoYaThang – Gorillaz feat James Murphy, and Andre 3000 (Converse Compilation)

This song is better uninterrupted (and I’m not crazy about the video), I couldn’t find a good link sorry – but you can download it for free by clicking above if you want.

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3 Female Buzzbands I Don’t “Get”

Sometimes the greater music blogosphere and I have a difference of opinion.

As a writer of a music blog, I’ve often felt like there’s an unwritten expectation to pander to the tastes of the Pitchforks, the Stereogums, or Gorilla vs Bears of the world, instead of writing about what makes me feel good.

I want to be able to say “this is bad” without being concerned that the musician is going to sic their Twitter army on me.

I guess what I’m asking is this:

Why aren’t there more music CRITICS out there?

It’s like the entire music industry is asking bloggers to give them one big hand job.

And so, here are some female Buzzbands I Don’t “Get”.

Lana Del Rey Desperate Housewives meets desperate songwriting

"This is me smiling."

The Twitter-verse has already ripped into this poor puffy-lipped crooner for her weak performance on SNL last night, so I’ll go easy on her about that. Nobody sounds good on live television.

I also don’t have a problem with the fact that she created an alter-ego to sell her music. Tons of musicians have done it. The problem I have is with her inability to create anything that excites or moves me. That, and the fact that she likes to perpetuate the mystique of growing up in a trailer park – when in reality, her dad is a domain-name millionaire. I’ve seen the photos from when she was still Lizzie Grant, and they’re just as yawn-inducing, except with fewer insipid flower bouquets.

Sometimes her voice sounds pleasant, dipping down to caramel-toned low notes (Video Games) before swooping up to Kate Bush-heights (Blue Jeans). Other times, I wonder if I’m listening to songs that were written by someone heavily dosed with Ambien. When I hear a Lana Del Rey song, I don’t get the same “woah, bro, check it out, super chill, deep ‘n’ inspiring, stoned hottie, Florence and the Machine” vibe that everyone else does. I get bored out of my freaking mind.

The only reason that I keep an eye on her is because I’m convinced that one of her lip injections is going to explode one day. That, and her nails terrify the fuck out of me. At any moment, I have to be prepared for her to reach through my computer screen and scratch my eyes out.

Grimes – Canada’s Favourite Kelpie

"Okay, Grimes, you can do it. The power button on your synth is marked ON. All you have to do is press play."

I first heard about this Grimes character when she opened for Lykke Li’s 2011 North American Tour. I thought it was pretty cool that this young Montreal unknown was opening for a substantial Swedish export. And then I watched a performance.

Make no mistake, Grimes does fit the bill for those interested in post-internet “DIY bedroom recordings”. But her live performances are simply underwhelming. Ladies, (Lana Del Rey, take note) you cannot simply rely on your looks to get you through a song.

I actually don’t have that much to say about Grimes, because listening to her music bores me. I appreciate that she’s trying hard to be artsy with her choppy black bangs and music videos that don’t make any sense. I understand that she doesn’t know how to play any real instruments, so she plays up her looks. And yeah, I get that she was probably subjected to too many Donna Summers recordings while in utero. But I certainly don’t have to buy into the hype. I don’t think my ears could stomach it.

Tickets for Grimes’s next show at Horseshoe Tavern are only eight dollars, so in this case, you’re getting exactly what you pay for.

Dum Dum Girls – The Poor Man’s Best Coast

"We're so alt, we're the alternative to alternative."

There’s a fine line between appreciating music of the past.. and repackaging it, revamping its sex appeal, and rendering it sterile. Dum Dum Girls is the perfect example of an all-girl summer fun band that should have stayed in the dark of their garage, smoking cigarettes and complaining about men.

Maybe the charm of their music comes from the subtlety in their songwriting, as in “don’t all of these songs sound the same?”

Maybe some genius record exec thought: “Hey, hot chicks in skirts playing fuzzy, distorted rhythm guitars… we’re gonna turn the music industry on its head!”

The next time I need a garage band fix, I’ll listen to Shannon and the Clams or Smith Westerns instead.


Alright folks, I’m going to crawl back under my troll bridge and wait for the next passerby.

Favourite New Music: Lana Del Rey

Video GamesLana Del Rey

I was just introduced to Lana Del Rey (AKA Lizzy Grant) and I can’t stop listening. Her songs have been featured on Gossip Girl and The Ringer and she has received a lot of hype (some bad, some good) but with a voice like hers I am not surprised she is doing so well, even if it took her a while. She will be playing The Mod Club November 30th, and I’m always interested if really soulful voices like hers sound as haunting live so I can’t wait to see her perform.  Lana Del Rey’s Video Games single will be released October 10th with an album to be released sometime early 2012.  Enjoy.

YayoLana Del Rey