TGIF Playlist: June 27, 2014

I know summer JUST started, but I’m already freaked that June is nearly over and it’s not the healthiest, but I just love the warm weather and not having to wear pants all the time… I’m also pretty happy to have a good musical soundtrack for summer to back up the season change, check out some of that music below:

  • I’m sad I missed the Alvvays show at NXNE because the more I listen the more I fall in love with their music. Archie, Marry Me is so sweet, and I also love their song Adult Diversion great local music.
  • CYMBALS lyrics in The Natural World kind of make me laugh: “I don’t know enough about you, to be kind to you”.  Something tells me this band isn’t a group of friend-makers, but they sure write a great summer song.
  • More TV Girl love, perfect for a sunny day lounging in a pool while laying out on a floaty.
  • Can you go wrong with Kevin Drew? Probably not, and more local music that I’m proud to say is Canadian.
  • Mac DeMarco has this really awesome psychedelic 70s thing going on with his music, I love it.
  • Surf rock from Ireland’s Laurie Shaw you can click through the Soundcloud track to their page and download the song for free too :)
  • Capping off this week’s list with a little Tokyo Police Club, loving the lyrics:”Living in the minds of girls who would never say shit to me now. As pretty as they were in high school, I wonder if I’ll ever see them around”.

That’s it friends! Hope you all have a great long weekend :)

New Music: Kevin Drew- Good Sex

Spirit If… holds some of my favorite Canadian music so when I saw that Kevin Drew plans to release a new album, I acted a little like this:

Take a listen to the single Good Sex above. The new album Darlings will be out March 18, which means I have another exciting thing to look forward to inbetween my wait for the new season of Game of Thrones.

Fun Fact: apparently they were looking for real Toronto couples back in December to act out “intimate scenarios” (aka make-out) for the music video, seems fitting for the title and tone of the song.  I’m still just so pumped he’s releasing something new. Enjoy!

Broken Social Scene

There is no doubt that Broken Social Scene is one of my favourite bands (if not favourite).  They’ve earned that title mostly because of the fact that they are so incredible to watch live. Their show almost exactly two Decembers ago at the Sound Academy ranks #1 on my favourite concerts of all time list. It had a surprise appearance by Isaac Brock (of Modest Mouse), who ended up playing a favourite of mine, Paper Thin Walls, and their performance of Good Time Are Killing Me was amazing to be part of when everyone sang together as it faded out.  And the balloon drop was really cool too — yeah, a balloon drop. Where balloons cascaded from the ceiling onto our heads, and the crowd bounced them around like it was someone’s Super Sweet 16.

Here is some nostalgia for those who witnessed this and some eye/ear candy for those who didn’t:

But to be more relevant, last night my concert compadre Erin and I went to the BSS show at the Sound Academy (this was our third time seeing BSS together). They have another one tonight and tickets are still available apparently for those interested.  Last night was no different from any other Toronto show I have seen of BSS.  I’ve never been to a show of theirs outside of Toronto, but something tells me we have the hometown advantage.

Broken Social Scene (Live) at Soundscapes – Superconnected
I guess the only way I could describe how much I enjoy seeing them live is that some concerts I’ve been to make me want to dance (Metric, Passion Pit), some put me in awe of musical ability (the member of The XX drum machine orchestrator- I hope you never get carpal tunnel) others make me a tad emotional (Matthew Good), but I’m always finding myself smiling after a BSS concert and never disappointed or bored and on top of that I also feel all those things mentioned above too.  When I see them, they look like they’re having a blast on stage, I love the songs, they’re incredible musicians, and they really enjoy giving the crowd a good show.

Last night Kevin Drew commented (before he gave the crowd a crowd surfing treat) on how they would play new and old stuff, but the motto for the night was just that they would play as much as they could for us.  And they did.  We heard a blend of new (Texico Bitches, All to All, World Sick, Sweetest Kill, etc.) and old (Guilty Cubicles, a Feist accompanied Almost Crimes, a preggers Amy Millan and Lisa Lobsinger Anthems of A Seventeen Year-Old Girl, and an It’s All Gonna Break encore).

You’ve got to have something special as a band to be able to play a repetitive song with no lyrics and still make it sound like magic…

MBF July 2010 Playlist

Happy Canada Day Weekend! Here is my FIRST full and DOWNLOAD-ABLE playlist for the site — perfect for the long weekend. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I have been.

Track Listing
01 Om Nashi Me - Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
02 Wires & Wool - The Envy Corps
03 Big Love - Kevin Drew
04 Lay it Down - Peter Bjorn & John
05 First Date Kit - Tokyo Police Club feat. Luke Lalonde
06 Almost Crimes (Acoustic) - Broken Social Scene
07 St. Peter's Day Festival - Ra Ra Riot
08 Hard Rain - Shout Out Louds
09 Osaka Loop Line - Discovery
10 Blessa - Toro Y Moi
11 FLowers and a Wreath - Still Life Still
12 Out of the Blue - Julian Casablancas
13 Diplomat's Son - Vampire Weekend
14 All I Want - LCD Soundsystem



Cary’s post about past and present summer songs made me want to post some of my favourite summery songs. Here are just a few:

The Drums single Let’s Go Surfing (notice how reading Cary’s posts also taught me how to properly reference songs).  There are a few versions in that player, the first is the original.  It’s off their Summertime! (how fitting) EP I think it came out in 2009, but it will be one of my summer 2010 jams.

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The Causers of This album by Toro y Moi has summer written all over it. The song I chose was Talamak because it has a funkier beat to it, plus I’m a sucker for cute lyrics: “Make another telephone call, think of you and me”.  If  I could write the back-stories to songs, Talamak would be about the boy counterpart  to Broken Social Scenes girl from Anthems for a Seventeen Year-Old Girl. The lyrics “Park that car, drop that phone, sleep on the floor, dream about me” just match up well with it.  It would make an adorable movie montage … barf

For the summer songs you want to dance to, go to Kid Cudi, or at least the people who remix his songs. The David Guetta remix of Memories and (my favourite) Steve Aoki’s remix to Pursuit of Happiness have been staples on any iTunes playlist I’ve made, why stop this summer…

Kevin Drew’s Summertime Dues— I would save this one for a rainy day, mainly because it is a slow, somber song, but also because at the end the drums sort of sound like thunder.  You may have to listen to your music reasonably loud/on earphones to appreciate this.  Either way, Enjoy!

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