Walter Martin – Sing To Me feat. Karen O


If you’re interested in a yodelling, Fraulein Maria version of the Moldy Peaches song from Juno, this Walter Martin (once member and co-writer in The Walkmen) song may fit the bill. The lyrics are the cutest and so is the artwork they released to go with the song (see above).  I feel like it’s an adult lullaby, I’m not sure if that’s a thing, but I’m rolling with it, hope you like it too.

Chipotle makes good ads (and burritos) and Fiona Apple makes a mean cover of Pure Imagination

I shared this Fiona Apple cover of Pure Imagination on our Facebook page when it was released, but it’s just such a beautiful version of the original, I had to give it it’s own post.

It comes from the new Chipotle ad ‘The Scarecrow’ which I think is awesome and well done if you’re into socially responsible messaging that brings you to the brink of tears??? (Me watching this commercial the first time)

And it’s not like I really needed another reason to love Chipotle, but they’ve done  a couple other cool collaborations like this in the past, one with Willie Nelson and another one with Karen O that I will go check out immediately after I take a break from repeatedly listening to this one… in a minimized internet tab…because I can’t spend my whole morning crying.

What do you think about these collaborations?  I mean if Beyonce can front Pepsi, can’t Chipotle get a little love too?



Go….and listen to this song… by Santigold and Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I like the idea of this pairing, and when I saw that they collaborated on this song my nerdy initial response was: ‘I wonder if they’re friends in real life?’ (because the inner geek in me hopes so).  I look forward to listening to new music from either or both of these ladies. Apparently Q-tip helped produce the song as well.  Click below to have a listen.

Also, fellow Canadians, don’t forget to go out and VOTE today