Highasakite cover Bon Iver’s Heavenly Father

Bon Iver songs are so soulful, there’s a good chance of fudging Justin Vernon’s heartbreaking vocals, but Highasakite does Heavenly Father all sorts of justice. It’s also really neat to hear a song’s vocals do a gender swap.

Check out the Norwegian band bust out the flugabone (it’s a musical instrument…) and make beautiful music:

#TGIF Playlist: November 8, 2013

It’s been a while since I posted a #TGIF playlist, I wasn’t the most consistent with posting them to begin with, but here are a handful of songs that I’ll be using to jumpstart my weekend:

Note: You can find a these songs packaged together on our SoundCloud page. Katie and I are just LUH-VING that site right now, I put my November playlist on at work all the time and it brings me such joy.  This one goes out to you SoundCloud *pours hot tea on the floor*.

Solange Looks Good With Trouble feat. Kendrick Lamar

Volcano ChoirComrade (All Tiny Creatures Remix)  I permanently swoon for Justin Vernon’s voice.

Destroyer El Rito

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Sasha’s Favourite Albums of 2011 Countdown: #3

#3 – Bon Iver – Bon Iver, Bon Iver 

Finally hit the top 3! The albums that got the most plays over the past year, and naturally became my ultimate favourites. I have been fortunate enough to have travelled a lot over 2011, and this is the album that would help me relax/fall asleep on any plane/bus/boat ride I took.  You’d think that would be a bad thing, but to me Justin Vernon’s voice and music is really beautiful (in a manly, scruffy bearded way) and it’s hard to not to zone out listening to it.  Whether he is backing Kanye West or making his own stuff, I just think Bon Iver/Justin Vernon is one of those musicians/band I don’t see myself ever getting tired of listening to.

Bon IverCalgary

Bon IverWash.

Lykke Li Tonight at the Phoenix


I am very excited to see Lykke Li tonight at the Phoenix, so I wanted to share one of my favourite videos of the Swedish songstress with bearded cutie Justin Vernon.  This video just makes me happy, and at 2:30, if you’re not shaking what your momma gave you…then you’re not human.  I even forget that she is weirdly slashing the ground with a chain at the beginning (doesn’t she know that she could take out someone’s eye?).  Anyways, I really like the pairing of these two voices and I will try to post some video/photos of the show for those who aren’t able to attend.

Dance, Dance, DanceLykke Li feat. Bon Iver