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1. Electric to Me Turn – Bruce Haack
2. Fly Like an Eagle – The Space Lady
3. The Feeling When You Walk Away – Yves Tumor
4. Black Venom – The Budos Band
5. Sweet Salvation – The Stepkids
6. River People (Live) – Weather Report
7. The Other Song – Spirit
8. Madagascar – Lake
9. This Strange Effect – The Shacks
10. Hold On – John Lennon
11. Admitting the Endorphin Addiction – Open Mike Eagle, Paul White
12. Satan – D.D Dumbo
13. High Pressure Days – The Units
14. Cable Dazed – Invisible Conga People
15. Father Stretch My Hands – Pastor T.L. Barrett
16. Inspiration Information – Shuggie Otis


Happy Earth Day

I hope everyone is enjoying their afternoon, and that you are trying to do something this Earth Day┬áto benefit our incredible planet. This song may not exactly scream “song about the environment” but whenever I listen to it I get a little inspired.

Look at me – John Lennon

One more video (Chris Jordan’s take on consumption) and I will get off my soapbox.