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1. Electric to Me Turn – Bruce Haack
2. Fly Like an Eagle – The Space Lady
3. The Feeling When You Walk Away – Yves Tumor
4. Black Venom – The Budos Band
5. Sweet Salvation – The Stepkids
6. River People (Live) – Weather Report
7. The Other Song – Spirit
8. Madagascar – Lake
9. This Strange Effect – The Shacks
10. Hold On – John Lennon
11. Admitting the Endorphin Addiction – Open Mike Eagle, Paul White
12. Satan – D.D Dumbo
13. High Pressure Days – The Units
14. Cable Dazed – Invisible Conga People
15. Father Stretch My Hands – Pastor T.L. Barrett
16. Inspiration Information – Shuggie Otis


Happy Earth Day

I hope everyone is enjoying their afternoon, and that you are trying to do something this Earth Day to benefit our incredible planet. This song may not exactly scream “song about the environment” but whenever I listen to it I get a little inspired.

Look at me – John Lennon

One more video (Chris Jordan’s take on consumption) and I will get off my soapbox.