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1. Illuminated – Arto Lindsay
2. Summer’s Cauldron – XTC
3. Flamingo – Fruit Bats
4. If I’ve Died On You – Karl Blau
5. You You You You You – The 6ths and Katharine Whalen
6. Pense à moi – France Gall
7. Geschichten aus erster Hand – Klaus Johann Grobe
8. Outer Space – John Grant
9. Flakes – Vesuvio Solo
10. Synthesize Me – The Space Lady
11. Creator, Destroyer – Angel Olsen
12. I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts – X
13. 100 – Dean Blunt
14. Only a Shadow – The Cleaners From Venus
15. No Side to Fall In – The Raincoats
16. Bills – Ultimate Painting
17. Fist Heart Mighty Dawn Dart – Ty Segall
18. Cycles of Existential Rhyme – Chicano Batman
19. Sunday Morning – Margo Guryan



Sunday Surf Rock from SALES, Best Friends & Diamond Mind

I’ve done a round up of some surf rock because there’s nothing I like listening to more when I’m desperate for summer. So if you’re looking for music that takes you on a mental vacation somewhere hot, with a beach until you can do the real thing, take a listen:

SALES (Orlando) –  Bandcamp | Facebook | TwitterSoundcloud

  • This is the type of music I dream of finding at the moment: sweet, romantic, surf rock. I haven’t listened to a song of theirs I didn’t immediately enjoy so I had to post a few tracks. I could have saved them for a full post, but didn’t want to wait any longer to share. Definitely a favourite of mine at the moment.

Best Friends (Sheffield, UK) – Bandcamp |Tumblr | Facebook | Twitter |

  • Surf rock with a bit more of a punky, garage band vibe.

Diamond Mind (Edmonton) – Bandcamp |  Facebook

  • I don’t instantly think of Edmonton, Alberta when I think of surf rock, but Diamond Mind does it well. The vocal dips give me a retro feeling too, I like it take a listen to their Bandcamp for more.


Sasha’s Favourite Songs of 2013

Here are my top 15 songs of 2013! I don’t get a chance to listen to everything that comes out each year, so if you have any musical gems that I’ve left out to share, please leave them in the comment section below (our e-mail inbox overwhelms me sometimes). I’d love to take a listen.  I’m also looking forward to seeing Katie’s picks (since I won’t let myself forget that she posted about Tame Impala way before I took a I listen) for some more stuff to fill my music collection with.  Enjoy!

15. Wet – You’re the Best

14. FYFESolace

13. Washed OutIt All Feels Right

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Indie Christmas Tunes

It’s only a week until Christmas, and since I’ve neglected the blog a little bit lately I thought I would share a playlist I’m compiling with some not-as-traditional music for you to enjoy. I’ve been a bit of  slacker so we will see if I can kick myself into gear and post a top 2013 songs/albums for everyone :).   Happy Holidays!

ALSO, if you’re looking for more holiday playlists, Brian Gossett still makes my favourites, check them out here.

The difference between North American and UK Indie Music

Jason Rule, DJ extraordinaire and host of Astral Traveling shared a great video with me this morning. It’s a six minute clip of Beardyman, an amazing musical improvisor, giving a seminar/impromptu mini-concert at The Udderbelly. Beardyman’s specialty is dubstep, but he has a keen awareness of other genres.

In the video below, he completely slaughters the indie music genre by improvising a typical UK indie song using nothing but his mic, loop pedals, and voice modulators. Admittedly, it sounds better than the majority of music that comes out of the independent music scene in Canada. But it got me thinking – is it really fair to generalize that all indie music is bad?

When you think about it, indie is really an umbrella term that can be used to describe a wide variety of musical styles. In fact, I find that the term is generally applied to products, brands, and music that cater to a certain individual – the “indie”-vidual if you will.

Understandably, the kind of person that gravitates towards indie music will vary considerably depending on cultural background. Beardyman makes a great point about the predictability of formulaic songwriting, but it seems to me UK indie music is actually closer to North American pop-punk. Then again, the US and UK have similar but different definitions of what constitutes a Mars bar, so I’m not that surprised that their definitions of the indie genre would also vary.

Watch the video and decide for yourself.

Read more about Beardyman’s full show, Unshaved.