Indie-licious Tues Feb 16th 2016

1. Time Machine – Mick Softley
2. You Can’t Blame Me – Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr
3. My Only Son – Duncan Browne
4. Needle of Death – Bert Jansch
5. Fly Off With The Wind – Kathy Smith
6. Blind Willie – Sonny Sharrock
7. Quantum Summer – Almonds, Cohen*
8. Mudma – Birch Barks*
9. reaction – anthéne*
10. thunderbird – SB*
11. Oh Rats – Hand Cream*
12. I Always Get What I Want – Moss Lime*
13. Infrared Ice Cubes – Secrets
14. The Piedmont Elegy – Gil Mellé
15. In the Gardens of Pharao – Popol Vuh


Indie-licious Tues Feb 2nd 2016



1. blooming skyportals – low leaf
2. Under The Net – Almonds, Cohen*
3.Yo-Yo – Twa Toots
4. Unique New York – Cupcake Ductape*
5. End of Haze – Moon Hag*
6. Program (Silver Apples) – Hand Cream*
7. Bottom Feeder – Moss Lime*
8. Sunshowers – Eveready*
9. Shy Boy – Naked Chillen*
10. Time – Alex Calder*
11. august – kurt*
12. I just want to make it new with you – soko
13. always passing – SB*
14. Social Engineering – anthéne*
15. Nuno Canaverro: #9 – Maxime Guitton
16. ( Rough Cut ) پاستورال – French Pretzel*
17. Ascension – Steven R. Smith
18. Skullsplitter – Eric Chenaux*


Indie-licious Tues Dec 15th 21015

All Canadian women.

1. Cool Water – Ice Cream
2. Murder – Petra Glynt
3. Mute Flames – ANAMAI
4. Waist of the Sea – Blunt Chunks
5. Burn My Bones – Cosy Father
6. Statue of David – Charlotte Crow
7. Climbing – Dorothea Paas
8. Musings Of A Cigarette Smoking Man – Hand Cream
9. Your String – Joanne Pollock
10. Clearing Coming – New Chance
11. The Axe Is Ready At The Tree – Tenderness
12. FUN – UN
14. Ultra – Magnétisme (w/ Loto Retina) – YlangYlang
15. DECEIT – Rollrgrrl
16. Singapore Sling – French Pretzel


Favourite tracks from Plastic Factory Records freshly-released compilation


Montreal label Plastic Factory just released their first compilation album today and it’s awesome.

My favourite tracks upon first listen are Nightmare by Andy Boay, Those Who Wait by Sheer Agony, OK OK OK by Hand Cream and Shopping by Special Noise.

Nightmare – Andy Boay (New York) Bandcamp |  Facebook | Twitter

I knew the compilation would be a winner the instant this track came on. It reminds me a lot of DADA by PEELERS SELLERS, the project of Belgian composer and arranger Olivier Désir. I love that wheezing echo flitting between left and right speakers combined with that triple-layered harmony separated by thirds and sixths.



Those Who Wait – Sheer Agony (Montreal) Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter

Montreal guitar-pop trio Sheer Agony have been recording since 2010 and caught my eye in 2012 with She’s An Artist off their first label release, a ST 7″ on Fixture Records. “Her mother, her father, they help her out but they probably shouldn’t bother.


Their selection for the compilation reveals how much their sound has evolved – a lot more depth/texture and dipping into psychedelic territory. The vocals in Those Who Wait almost remind me of A.C. Newman’s.


OK OK OK – Hand Cream (Montreal) Bandcamp | Facebook

This interview by Jesse Locke for Noisey should give you a primer on what this Montreal-based, Halifax-bred band is all about. Drummer Christian Simmons also plays with Each Other and Sheer Agony, which accounts for some overlap in musicality. All of the best music is coming out of Montreal & Halifax right now, thanks to how closely these two communities are entwined.


Shopping –  Special Noise (Montreal) Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter

From the beginning of this track, which starts with a gross growl, and the lite shrieks of “Ready!” The swishy drums (is that a triangle?!), resolved chords, and fiercely sung vocals make this a truly endearing track.


You can buy the 2-LP vinyl for only $25 bucks here, which is a total steal for how amazing this comp is. If you’re living in the digital age, you can stream and/or purchase the album on Bandcamp.