New Release: Special Costello’s Cold Light

Halifax’s Special Costello just released a 2-track album of glammy devotional synth pop that immediately struck a chord with me. Jeremy Costello has released quite a few singles worth savouring (including a few on Craft Singles) but I was immediately charmed by this one because of its sensitive subject matter.

As someone who was diagnosed with anxiety (& bonus issues) when I was a pretty young kid, I respect and support Jeremy 100% for releasing these tracks to help self-heal and recover from this bad patch. Mental illness is like a really terrible compound fracture. After you break your bones into a million different places, you can always tell when it’s going to rain and you ache all over again when it does.

The lyrics Losing Ground are particularly poignant and I would recommend reading them here if you feel like passing along some psychic love to another human being.

“This is a document of my struggle with depression. In an attempt to come to terms with this invisible handicap I’ve taken to openly talking about it to make sure people know that it’s a part of my life. It’s hard to understand for people without it, and there’s nothing to be done even if it’s understood. Therefore depressives live in a constant internal struggle, trying to keep ahead of their limited motivation. This song comes from a defeated moment, where everything seems unattainable, or too difficult to achieve. For me these moments are rare and therefore I am lucky. I want to live my life, handicap or not. My art is a way I can deal with depression productively. Dig it or don’t, I’ve gotten what I want out of it already.”

To anyone who feels like they need extra love, guidance, a listening ear, or help in finding out where to go – Toronto Crisis Help Line. You are not alone, friend.

Happy Birthday To Me (MBF® Canadian music Treatzzza Pizza)



I’m 26 years old today. AM I MATURE YET??????**




My mom gave birth to me when she was 27. That’s one year from now. To put it in perspective, the other night, I ate an entire box of pizza and washed it down with a Stiegl Grapefruit Radler (the perfect grapefruit draught for summer). The only thing I am close to becoming pregnant with is most of a red velvet birthday cake decorated to look like my boyfriend’s face. Yes, I will upload a picture of us eating him. Yes, The Edible Woman is one of my favourite books.

Here are some cool tunes by Canadian bands to celebrate my b-day.


Love Solo – Heaven For Real (Halifax) – Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter


Ash Mound – Each Other (Montreal) – Bandcamp | Facebook


Rough Palms – Faux Fur (Calgary) – Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter


Wasteland – Hooded Fang (Toronto) – Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


Don’t Remind Me – Jay Arner (Vancouver) – Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter


THERE IS MIST IN THE VALLEY – Zacht Automaat (Toronto) – Soundcloud | Facebook


Leap Years – Sunny Pompeii (Vancouver) – Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter


Landform II (Shield)Herons Wake (Ottawa) – Bandcamp | Facebook


Dead Things PT II – Skye Wallace (Vancouver) – Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


Cannons – Little Scream (Montreal) – Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter









Poncho Records Compilation Vol. 1


Do you often find yourself thinking, “Wow, I wish I had an extremely tasty compilation filled with the best Nova Scotian psych/garage/pop being produced right now!”

Do you find yourself living in a world of regret?

Search no further.

Poncho Records is a Halifax label that aims to please the cassette-minded crowd who happen to have a discerning ear for psychedelia. Of the 19 artists featured on the comp, 12 hail from Halifax, which ensures that you won’t be neglecting the East Coast when you inform your snobby Vice-reading American cousins that stuff is actually happening up here.

Check out Poncho on Facebook & impress your friends with this cool + cost-sensitive cassette! It’s being released tomorrow, but you can listen to it today. Fun friend tip: you could also slip it into the pocket of the casual drug user in your life. They would like it!


Remain Unknown – Psyche Tongues (Toronto) – Bandcamp | Twitter | Facebook
“zzzzz dopamine drone zzzzzzzzz” – the band


Save My Soul – Walrus (Halifax) – Bandcamp | Twitter | Facebook
psych pop with a twist!


Toxins and Poisons – Scott Nicks (Halifax) – Bandcamp | Twitter | Facebook
slightly-warped pop delites for hungover mornings


Move Away – The Age (Halifax) – Bandcamp
a sloppy kiss


Participation – Painful Shivers (Montreal) – Bandcamp
teen angst distillery


Jeeps and Creeps – Organ Eyes (Ottawa) – Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter
fuzz cut


Ok, bye! Go support Canadian music, drink maple syrup, and make a good life for yourself!

Each Other, The Taste & Michael Rault bring art pop to Smiling Buddha tonight @ 9pm


I’m crazy about Montreal’s Each Other, the ex-members of Halifax band Long Long Long who reformed to make discordant, angular experimental art pop. Come see them tonight at the Smiling Buddha at 9pm with Toronto’s The Taste and Edmonton’s Michael Rault. Yes, the original show poster says Gold Pony, but they had to drop off due to a family emerg and Michael Rault swooped in to save the day.

Tickets are $7, Facebook RSVP here. Here’s a lil’ samplin’ of what’s in store for tonight:

Each OtherBandcamp | Facebook

The TasteBandcamp

Michael RaultBandcamp | Facebook | Twitter

Hope you guys can make it out! If anyone happens to see me, I’ll be the one in the men’s XL t-shirt, red chucks & high ponytail.

Music Video: “Your Ceiling Is My Floor” by Montreal’s Each Other

Do you guys remember how much I loved Halifax’s Long Long Long right up until their tragic breakup? After they split up, two of the dudes moved to Montreal and formed Each Other and put out some very good records (see below for proof).

Today, they released the music video for Your Ceiling Is My Floor, the first single off Being Elastic, out March 4th via Lefse Records (pre-order here).

This video reminds me of something conjured up while drunk or stoned and longing for simpler, more pixelated dialed-up times. Of course, I adore it. Probably because my entire sense of humour was weaned on the Something Awful forums, Fred and Sharon, and Tim & Eric.

Video by Toronto’s own bizarre arts collective Tough Guy Mountain, who are putting on some excellent projection work at Wavelength 14 at this very moment. THIS VERY MOMENT AT SILVER DOLLAR ROOM (and here I am in my living room writing about it). I’m gonna go see their stuff at The Garrison on Sunday though at the Cousins show.

Each Other also made this awesome album called Heavily Spaced back in 2012, which is very, very good. You should probably be excited by Being Elastic now.

Make sure to check out Being Elastic when it comes out next month!

Each Other Facebook
Tough Guy Mountain Facebook | Twitter