Indie-licious Podcast – Romantic women and the men who love them

I was feeling really empowered when I picked out the tracks for this week’s podcast and decided to showcase a huge range of talented, obscure females musicians. Possibly the prettiest, most romantic radio show I’ve done thanks to the freak-folkiness of Cocorosie, the soft piano line in Martha Wainwright’s Edith Piaf cover, and the quietly crumbling intellectual musings of Angel Olsen.

Indie-licious – August 23rd 2011 by Katie Jensen.


1. ShelterCelebration
2. CoconutsCocorosie
3. Speed Of The Sound Of LonelinessVida Ray
4. Adieu Mon CoeurMartha Wainwright
5. creator, destroyerAngel Olsen
6. When I Was SinglePeggy Seeger
7. WilliamSibylle Baier
8. If It’s Alive It WillAngel Olsen
9. Blackcurrant JamGrizzly Bear
10. Denny’s (On Thursday)Language and Politics
11. I Saw YouYACHT
12. Cats and DogsThe Head and The Heart
13. Tune GriefStephen Malkmus and the Jicks
14. Verb NounThe Seedy Seeds
15. What Faces The SheetWoods
16. I Can See Through YouThe Horrors

Recorded For Japan & other charitable music compilations

North American news stations have a nasty habit of picking up a story about a devastating natural disaster, blasting the public with updates for about a week or two, then promptly dropping it to cover more important news. (What would I do without prompt updates on the whereabouts of Sarah Palin’s hairdresser or the fluxuations of Kim Kardashian’s ass size? Die, probably.)

However, back at the locations of tragedies, victims don’t just disappear when we flip to TLC to catch a rerun of Cake Boss. It’s really sad that our attention span for global tragedy is so shortsighted.

Remember the Japanese Tsunami on March 11th, 2011?
The earthquake in Haiti on January 12th, 2010?
The BP oil spill on April 20th, 2010?

Yeah, they’re still cleaning up after those.

So imagine my happiness to discover that a few of my favourite artists have pieced together a benefit cd called Recorded for Japan. It’s chock-filled with psychedelic guitar licks, silky keyboard pulses and funky drumbeats. Proceeds will go to the Japanese Red Cross. Keep your ear out for contributions by Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, Chairlift, Kurt Vile, and R. Stevie Moore (feat. members of MGMT) in the sampler below.

Various Artists – Recorded For Japan – Visual Player from RECORDED FOR JAPAN on Vimeo.

If you’re looking for another awesome cd that supports relief efforts in Japan, the Morning Benders put out an incredible benefit EP called Japan Echo this year. Click here to buy it; you won’t regret it.

Another amazing compilation that supports a worthy cause is 2009’s Dark Was The Night, released by the Red Hot Organization in support of HIV/AIDS awareness. Produced by Aaron and Bryce Dessner of The National, the compilation cd features amazing covers and collaborations by Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, Sufjan Stevens, Andrew Bird and over two dozen other indie heavyweights.

Two of my favourite tracks off Dark Was The Night are Knotty Pine and Deep Blue Sea by Dan Rossen of Grizzly Bear, which was recorded in Rossen’s own home.

Knotty PineDavid Byrne and The Dirty Projectors:

Listening to music helps people. So the next time your mom starts shouting at you to “…shut off your Goddamned boom box and come help with the groceries!“, tell her you’re helping to save the world, one track at a time.

Summer Nighttime Playlist 2010 (mp3s)

The sun pours golden honey all over the lawn.
MP3: Hoppípolla- Sigur Rós

The honeysuckle opens; the sky is lilac.
MP3: Fireweed – Patrick Watson

The moths come out and are bumping against the porch light.
MP3: The World Was Made for Men – The Ghost of a Saber-Toothed Tiger

I dip my feet in the pond and push aside lily pads and water striders.
MP3: I Wouldn’t Need You – Norah Jones

I get the regular ten o’clock creeps, right on schedule.
MP3: I Live With You – Grizzly Bear

I turn the bedcovers down. The candles are still warm and smoking.
MP3: Pitter Patter Goes My Heart – Broken Social Scene

And slumber comes easily, especially when everyone else is already asleep.
MP3: Motion Picture Soundtrack – Radiohead