Wednesday Grab Bag


I have swindled the universe into granting me a three-day work week, which, at the time of this publication, will be 50% complete.

What am I listening to this week? Three tracks signifying the death of summer, because I’m nothing if not a huge buzzkill.

First, my friends in NASA Valley, Matt Aldred, Michael Rault, and Jay Anderson, released a two-track album last week called Prosopagnosia. Dribbling with garage psych-pop goodness, both tracks are equally fantastic, so I will post both of them to tickle your ear hairs. Catch them at Handlebar with MARS and GITAR on August 21st (Facebook RSVP).


Indian Summer and Waves Happy Dagger (Portland) Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

I love how thick Indian Summer sounds – it almost feels like I can wrap my arms around it. The synth hits in the middle really puncture the density of the guitars. Waves is a total lush dreamscape.


Summer’s Gone – Silver Ships (Austin) Twitter

Austin’s Silver Ships (aka Chazz Bessette) will be releasing his debut EP Songs From A Room That Never Moves on September 30th. The organ in this track reminds me a bit of a goofy serial soap opera.


Crux Of Cool – SMLH (North Carolina) Soundcloud | Facebook | Bandcamp

SMLH (aka Sam Higgins, a 17-year old with buckets of talent) recently released some “fake” songs with a 4-track while his reel-to-reel is resting in peace (for now). I really like the weird drumbeat in this song, which kind of sounds like dragging a tub across the road.


Sleeps Well On Knives – Eyelid Kid (Nowhereville, United States) Soundcloud

Who is this band? Where are they from? Research indicates Southern California, but they don’t have any social media presence and they’ve only released two tracks – this one, and Time Travel, three months ago. The band makes self-described existential psych-pop, but I think it’s a bit too polished to be classified as psych. To creep further, check out their interview with Stereogum’s James Rettig on July 31st.


Riverstone and Summer End– Nienvox (Yekaterinburg) SoundcloudFacebook

Sleek and lo-fi warm nu jazz dreams mixed with a little bit of psych flute (of course, how can I resist?). Russian musician Nienvox (aka Alexander Efimov) just released his new EP The Airwalker via Fuselab on August 4th.


I am a Man – The Parrots (Madrid) Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

The Parrots are a garage-surf trio from Madrid with just enough jangle to guarantee a good time. This one comes from their new 7″ Loving you is Hard via Bachelor Records on August 8th (fellow labelmates include Black Lips and Smith Westerns).


Icarus – Silver Firs (Bern) Facebook | Bandcamp | Label Homepage

Summer vibes! This one comes from their EP #2 out August 8th. This one should be certain to please any fans of Pompeii by Bastille who are physically sick of that song from hearing it played too many times while walking by an Aldo shoe store.


Out Of Touch – HANAH (Brooklyn) Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Liquid vocals over a quietly twitching guitar and dreamy clav dropping notes like candies. Her first single, and I’m looking forward to more.


Oblivion Aimee deBeer (New York) Soundcloud | Facebook

Speaking of electronic minimalism, New York’s Aimee deBeer is a charming newcomer. She’ll be releasing her debut EP  Strange Fiction this fall, featuring Oblivion.


Crowns – TAPES (Knoxville)

Another mysterious one! Electronic producer TAPES originally started releasing his music anonymously to avoid spamming his friends’ Facebook walls. According to this Okayfuture interview with Lily Vanilli, his favourite Dragonball Z character is Vegeta because “he’s hard”. Check out his new album Finding, full stream via Okayfuture.


That’s all for now, folks. Here’s hoping we have some sweltering weather to enjoy dripping ice cream, sticky jelly sandals, stained rompers, rolled-up short sleeves, and missed connections.

– Katie


Quick Friday Grab Bag

BoatThe Tallest Tree (Dundas) – Soundcloud | Website | Facebook

I love how playful this track is! Reminds me of Daniel Lee (of Hooded Fang)’s vocals.


Growing Old – Southern Boutique (Austin) – Soundcloud | Bandcamp

Southern Boutique is the side project of James Marshall from Austin’s Tiger Waves (who we also love here at Music Between Friends), Tyler Wharen, and Joshua Kerl. They just dropped their new ST two days ago and it’s nice and relaxed, perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Favourite tracks so far are Joanna and Growing Old.


Choose Yr Own Adventure – Sun Daes (Santa Barbara) – Bandcamp | Facebook

Speaking of sun-licked weekends, this California band makes gently frothy indie surf rock. According to guitarist Gabe, “We’re all students at UCSB and we spent the better part of our freshman year writing songs in the basement of our dorm, mostly pissing off people who were studying (???). we’ve come a long way (1 year) since then and we’re really excited to share those songs to people who aren’t currently studying.” There’s nothing I love more than a coupla loveable scamps making a mess of their dorm basement.


Into The Night  – Malka (London) – Soundcloud | Twitter

Tamara Schlesinger is the woman behind Malka, as well as the director of Tantrum Records, making her a real life #BOSSLADY.


Find Y.O.U. – TAPES () – Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

The bells in this track are dreamy!

Free download via XLR8R 


Alright folks! Have a wonderful Friday afternoon! I’m off to go drink lemonade in Trinity Bellwoods and eat 5-cent candy until I develop minor ulcers.

Thursday Grab Bag

I just want to sit in someone’s backyard (preferably my parents’, because there’s free food) listening to mediocre dad-rock. I want to dip my fingers and toes in a cool body of water while a thin film of sweat forms on the back of my neck.

Here’s some stuff that’s been nestled in our inbox for the last few weeks.

Singer-songwriter Greyce recently put out a new album called The Piano Series on June 21st. Frankly, this track is beautiful. Sometimes a good piano ballad is all you need to get through a bad week. It’s soothing, relaxing, and mellow without being cloying.

Dare To Dream – Greyce Facebook | TwitterSoundcloud


French-born, Toronto based Ayla Millepied makes interesting, prismatic, warm electronic music. I like to pretend I’m spinning around on a warm, vaguely Moroccan beach when listening to this.

Libre – ∆yla – Facebook | Twitter


Flag is a broken-hearted ballad, plain and simple. “I can’t spend enough time around her.” Comprised of three brothers, Canto is a fairly young band, with few of the members at legal drinking age. Kind of reminds me of Tokyo Police Club, but I’ll get Sasha’s verification on that one.

Flag – Canto – Facebook | Twitter | Website


Despite the vaguely British vocals, post-punk/psych trio The Vaporettos hails from Vancouver. This is my favourite track off their first self-titled EP.

Mrs Starkey The Vaporettos FacebookTwitterSoundcloud


This song makes me melt down into nothing. Such a good disco beat.

Real Slow (Happy Accidents Remix)Miami Horror – Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud – Happy AccidentsSoundcloud


This Tears For Fears cover by Lucius is echoey, sweet, and gooey. They mixed up the tempo of the lyrics, so it sounds pretty fresh. Nothing can beat the original, but this is still a nice summer track.

Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Tears For Fears cover) – Lucius – Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


This track from Waterloo’s shagabond features vocal samples from Drake’s Say Something & Chris Brown’s Yo (Excuse Me Miss). I like the way that “Need you” becomes warped into “niju.” This is a good song for lying flat during heat waves (plenty of those to choose from this week).

Niju shagabond – Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


I listened to this track with my boyfriend’s roommate while we were waiting for him to bike home. We were really eager to get pool hopping, and had been listening to droney psych and Talking Heads all evening, so I wasn’t in the right mindset to listen to this vicious, slow-moving burner. I listened again today, and I’m so glad that I did. So soulful!

Worry – Jack Garratt Soundcloud | Twitter | Facebook


Tom Misch’s Memory is a weird and wonderful fusion of steel pan, violins, piano ballad, and beats – somehow, it works. We began this Grab Bag with a ballad, and we end in an inverted one.

Memory – Tom Misch – Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


Thursday Grab Bag (indie pop, dreampop, synthpop & R&B)

Two grab bags in one week? Am I finally becoming a consistent writer? (false hopes)

It’s because I need to clean out the MBF inbox before NXNE. I pitched coverage in exchange for a media pass, which is significantly less illegitimate than haggling with doormen and trying to look interesting/cool.

Today’s Grab Bag has a decidedly poppier slant than usual, but I guess I needed the pick-me-up this afternoon.

Upside Down, Inside Out Born Joy Dead (Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter)

Fun handclaps, spunky and playful guitar, soothing vocals layered in different octaves. RIYL: Devendra Banhart


House – Thunderhank (Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter)

I’m pretty smitten with Los Angeles brother-duo Thunderhank. This single comes from their Thunderhank EP, which came out on April 29th. I really like the percussion in this track, it sounds suspenseful and purposeful. RIYL: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.


Take My Time – Glory Glory (Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter)

Relaxing Halifax dreampop. These guys are playing two NXNE shows: The first at the Drake Underground on Wed June 18th at 9pm (Halifax Pop Explosion showcase) and the second at Rancho Relaxo on Fri June 20th at 9pm (TWM showcase). RIYL: Youth Lagoon


Tongues (feat. KOPPS) – Joywave (Soundcloud | FacebookTwitter)

Joywave just released their new EP How Do You Feel via Cultco Music and are touring the US with Body Language, RAC, and Vacationer in support of it.  They’re playing Osheaga on Sun Aug 3rd and a Gap in-store for NXNE on Sat June 21st (lololol). RIYL: Phèdre



In My Arms – Musique Le Pop (Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter)

Norwegian electropop band Musique Le Pop just released a new EP l’été on June 5th via Café Superstar Recordings.


SEVEN – Evan Mellows (Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter)

A little dark R&B never hurt anyone :)


A Parting Gift BL_NK SP_C_S (Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter)

London synthpop one-man project BL_NK SP_C_S(aka Daniel Gallagher) just released his debut album Memory Man via You Records on June 2nd.


Never Closer – Firestations (Website | Twitter)

From the same guy (Mike!) who produced Skydive by Astronauts. (which I wrote about on Tuesday) comes a brand new single by London dreampop band Firestations out June 16th via Waltz Time Records. There’s never a better way to end a playlist than with upbeat dreampop!


Alright, I feel like a better person now.

Tuesday Grab Bag

First of all, let’s kick things off with a brand new track from Seattle’s Belgian Fog (aka Robert Dale). He knocked my socks off with Loveless Way back in February (I’ve been addicted to that track ever since). His new one Before You Ever Talked is a narrative of misplaced expectations and placing someone on a pedestal (something I’m guilty of doing!) Robert has a stellar voice.

Before You Ever Talked – Belgian Fog (Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter)


I am in love with this Sculpture remix by Karen Gwyer. Hackle Scam Populator originally appears on the London band’s May 13th release, Membrane Pop (out via Software).

Hackle Scam Populator (Karen Gwyer Remix)Sculpture (Bandcamp | Soundcloud)


Now that I’m talking about Karen Gwyer, this track of hers is rad as hell. She makes such great kaleidoscopic, bizarre electronic songs.

Free Food / One Men Striper – Karen Gwyer (Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter)


Toronto’s BADBADNOTGOOD are three dearly-loved and critically acclaimed boyz named Matthew Tavares, Chester Hansen, and Alexander Sowinski. Listening to Hedron is like getting a milky spell cast on my eyelids.

Hedron – BADBADNOTGOOD (Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter)


Downtown by High Ends is the new side project from Kelowna band Yukon Blonde’s Jeffrey Innes. Beautifully simple yet it packs a punch. I read somewhere that he went to go make this record with friends, but nobody was available so he just did it himself. YOU GO, JEFFREY!


Doesn’t Neon Visions by North Carolina’s SMLH sound like the last slow dance at a high school dance, when the balloons are slowly deflating, the streamers are getting stuck to everyone’s feet, and the punch is warm and placid? It might be because SMLH is a real live seventeen year old.

Neon Visions – SMLH (Soundcloud | Bandcamp (free download!))


Skydive by London’s Astronauts. (aka Dan Carney) utilizes the perfect amount of ukelele without sounding twee. A rare feat! Reminds me a bit of Tunng in the most wonderful way.


Going to end this playlist on a really high, fun note with Strange (Mr. Bird remix) by Derbyshire’s Patawawa.

Strange (Mr. Bird Remix) – Patawawa (Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter)


Alright, that’s it for today’s Grab Bag! Catch you guys later on Indie-licious.