Sunday jamz + I got an apartment in Toronto

Guess where I’ve been? Scoring the sweetest little apartment in Toronto. Boom. My apartment is so cute, I could die. It’s on the third floor of a gorgeous Victorian in Parkdale with the cutest high, sloped ceilings, sunny hardwood floors, sprawling Western-facing roof, and a teensy galley kitchen. I almost want to create a new blog just to talk about all the cool things I’m going to get up to… Brunch at Grand Electric. Buying antique furniture in Roncesvalles. Sneering at people who don’t live in Toronto. Wearing maxi skirts and Frye boots and wool hats with erect little ptarmigan feathers. Juicing.

For the last three years, Sasha and I have been blogging from the GTA. But our dastardly scamming goes no further. Now we’re legitimately a Toronto-based music blog, not a slutty Oakville/Hamilton blog masquerading as such. (I <3 Hamilton)

So why the sudden move? Well, like the lyrics of Please Slow Down by The Green Apple Sea, It’s about time for a change. It feels so much better to be on your own…

It took me about 4 weeks to find an apartment, because I was looking for:

– no bedbugs, cockroaches, rats, crabs, or unsavoury houseguests
– no basements, because that’s my current sitch, so why tunnel underground further?
– a bike-friendly neighbourhood with art/culture/foodstuffs
– not a gajillion dollars a month in rent

After 4 weeks of constantly checking Padmapper, Craiglist, Kijiji, and Mapliv, I was at the end of my rope. As a last-ditched attempt at cognitive psychology, I decided to put together a super obsessive rental application package for a listing that had garnered over 1200 hits. I even colour-coordinated my plastic folder to the electric yellow of my leather Topshop satchel so the landlord would be subliminally convinced that I am a HAPPY SUNNY RENTER WHO ALWAYS PAYS CHEQUES ON TIME.

I was also the first one at the open house and spent my time walking around the apartment making encouraging remarks in an old-timey stage voice, such as: “WHAT A CHARMINGLY LOW BATHROOM MIRROR! I CAN ALWAYS APPLY MY MAKEUP ON MY KNEES. THIS IS AN ADORABLE HAT STAND! PERFECT FOR HATS AND OTHER SARTORIAL QUANDARIES. I AM PARTICULARLY TAKEN BY THIS HOT PLATE. IT WILL COOK MANY THINGS.” And it worked! He actually mentioned the yellow folder and enthusiastic desperation when he called to say I had been chosen for the apartment!

Now that I can relax, I’ve been gardening and packing and not eating gluten, because I’m convinced if you make one big life change, you should do all the other shit you’ve been procrastinating about too. Just because. So, I spent all afternoon in the garden, getting dirt stuffed into my nail beds, tucking soil into tiny carrot seedlings, poking holes for wrinkled peas and jagged lettuce seeds, and transplanting a cherry tomato shrub with tiny green tomatoes dangling like little chandelier earrings. All for my little rooftop garden paradise.

And what kind of music does a girl listen to while gardening? Thug music. Wurd.

Southern HospitalitySpace Camp Death Squad (via Side One Track One)

And because I’m still addicted to this song, after all these weeks…



T-R-¡-☾-K-S // T-R-E-▲-✞-S Halloween mixtape

Hey there friends, it’s H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N

I’m sure you’ll agree that THIS IS THE SPOOKIEST SONG IN THE WORLD!!!!!!

But in case you’re feeling greedy, here’s a grab bag of thirteen treats, from soft folk to glitchy electronic to brassy experimental to sloppy punk. All stuffed into a jack-o’-lantern to pick over the next few weeks until even the licorice track has a few plays. My personal faves of this mix are Deerhoof, Timber Timbre, St. Vincent, and Devendra Banhart.

DOWNLOAD T-R-¡-☾-K-S // T-R-E-▲-✞-S

1. Full Moon – Efterklang
2. Pumpkin Seeds – Devendra Banhart
3. Surgeon – St. Vincent
4. Lonely Owl – Gold Panda
5. Full Moon In My Soul – Robyn Hitchcock
6. Kill Your Co-Workers – Flying Lotus
7. There’s That Grin – Deerhoof
8. Priscilla – Slim Twig
9. Friendly Ghost – Harlem
10. Pumpkin – Male Bonding
11. That Old Black Hole – Dr. Dog
12. You Lookin’ Twice – Nurses
13. Magic Arrow – Timber Timbre

Indie-licious Podcast! July 19th 2011

For those of you who may have forgotten, I do a weekly radio show on CFMU on Tuesdays from 5-6pm called Indie-licious. I finished tomorrow’s show early, so check it out! I was in a bit of a goofy mood, as you will see when you listen to me speak… in a variety of character voices…

Indie-licious – July 19th 2011


1. Menopause ManAriel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
2. You Will Always Bring Me FlowersShannon and the Clams
3. I’m Gonna TryShimmering Stars
4. In Tall GrassTara Jane O’Neil
5. Fog EmotionVetiver
6. Family TreeBlack Lips
7. MarriageGold Panda
8. Oh, Ivory!Light Pollution
9. Ah!Oval
10. Some WrittenMetronomy
11. Hands In The SkyHere We Go Magic
12. Midnight RunnerCut Copy
13. All Die YoungSmith Westerns
14. Flashy StormCandy Claws
15. BelongWashed Out

spring jamz (sufjan, gold panda, wax stag, neverever)

This perfectly breezy spring weather has completely convinced me to abandon all pretense of work. It didn’t even have to put together a well-formulated argument, it just went “Katie, I’m here! And I brought Vitamin D!” (‘My Favourite! How did you know?‘)

It’s nice outside. And I mean nice.

Here are four super-smooth jams (smooth as peanut butta) that’ll help you blow away winter and usher in spring.

It's his favourite season.

Impossible (D.V.S. Remix) – Sufjan Stevens

I Suppose I Should Say Thanks Or Some ShitGold Panda

Folk Rock (Bibio Remix)- Wax Stag

Blue GenesNeverever

What has two thumbs and listens to Gold Panda?


THIS GUY. And by this guy, I mean me.

So I didn’t end up winning anything I actually bid for on eBay. Probably for the best, since I would have ended up looking like a sunblind Communist anyway. To cheer myself up, I put on some Gold Panda, a really awesome UK electronic music producer who makes the perfect music for slamming my white ass around the dance floor. I was re-acquainted with Gold Panda last night when the slow, high-pitched glitchiness of You crept onto the playlist of a party I was at.

So, in the spirit of winding down on a Sunday night, let’s browse through a few of my favourite Gold Panda songs, shall we? The rest of the beer-drinking world is out watching the Superbowl, but not me!

MP3: Same Dream China – Gold Panda Glistening, sticky beads of water running down the glass walls of a butterfly conservatory. A minute into the song, the butterflies start a rave, mid-flight. They unfurl their yellow tongues to lap at the nectar of spoiled fruit.

MP3: Vanilla Minus – Gold Panda
Knocking on your door. I left my textbook in your room again. You’re sleeping too soundly for me to wake you. I start kicking, but it doesn’t do any good. You’re passed out for the long-term. I might as well wait it out.

MP3: You – Gold Panda
Baby, I made you a mixtape. Please take me back.