TGIF Playlist: May 16, 2014

Here’s a bit of what I’ve been listening to this month so far:

  • I’m really digging SALES, their music sounds effortless and fun to me. This is their newest release, Vow. If you like it, I strongly suggest listening to the rest of their Soundcloud feed. Another band I’m waiting to play Toronto.
  • I love nothing more than when I read through our e-mails (doesn’t happen very often, Katie is our e-mail master) and see good music. Wet Leather just e-mailed us (thaaaanks guys) and I love this song, kind of has a Phoenix-vibe.
  • I’ve posted FYFE music before, it’s a little less upbeat then the rest of the tracks on this list, but I like his stuff.
  • Do you ever play a song for someone and they have no idea what the singer is saying… If that hasn’t happened to you yet, play this Mexican Summer song. My sister gives me a hard time about it, but I seem to have a thing for muffled/distorted vocals, this song is no exception.

That’s all I got! Enjoy and have a great May 2-4 weekend:)

Sasha’s Favourite Songs of 2013

Here are my top 15 songs of 2013! I don’t get a chance to listen to everything that comes out each year, so if you have any musical gems that I’ve left out to share, please leave them in the comment section below (our e-mail inbox overwhelms me sometimes). I’d love to take a listen.  I’m also looking forward to seeing Katie’s picks (since I won’t let myself forget that she posted about Tame Impala way before I took a I listen) for some more stuff to fill my music collection with.  Enjoy!

15. Wet – You’re the Best

14. FYFESolace

13. Washed OutIt All Feels Right

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Indie Christmas Tunes

It’s only a week until Christmas, and since I’ve neglected the blog a little bit lately I thought I would share a playlist I’m compiling with some not-as-traditional music for you to enjoy. I’ve been a bit of  slacker so we will see if I can kick myself into gear and post a top 2013 songs/albums for everyone :).   Happy Holidays!

ALSO, if you’re looking for more holiday playlists, Brian Gossett still makes my favourites, check them out here.