Sasha’s Favourite Songs of 2013

Here are my top 15 songs of 2013! I don’t get a chance to listen to everything that comes out each year, so if you have any musical gems that I’ve left out to share, please leave them in the comment section below (our e-mail inbox overwhelms me sometimes). I’d love to take a listen.  I’m also looking forward to seeing Katie’s picks (since I won’t let myself forget that she posted about Tame Impala way before I took a I listen) for some more stuff to fill my music collection with.  Enjoy!

15. Wet – You’re the Best

14. FYFESolace

13. Washed OutIt All Feels Right

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Music Between Friends Halloween Playlist: Sasha’s Picks

Happy Halloween!!  Along with Katie, I’ve compiled some songs to play tonight to celebrate a day where people dress up and be who/whatever they want, terrifying or fabulous, or terrifyingly fabulous and eat chocolate, yum. Here’s what’s on my list:

Arctic MonkeysPerhaps Vampires is a bit Strong but…

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Buried Alive (feat. Dr. Octagon). The album artwork  for Mosquito could give children nightmares all on its own.

alt-JBreezeblocks.  The music video is what makes me feel like this song is meant for a horror film.

Radiohead – Bodysnatchers.  Apparently this song was recorded in a “dilapidated mansion” (creepy) plus any excuse I can use to get a Radiohead song on the playlist…

Franz Ferdinand Evil Eye.

LordeGlory and Guts

Akron/FamilyMany Ghosts

Kanye West– I am a God. The screaming is what makes this feel like Halloween — the type of song that would play during a movie scene where the main character is running for their life. *My reaction* But seriously, get the guy his croissant so he can calm down.

Ending my playlist is a funny song because I’m the kind of person who needs to chase something scary with something funny or cute or else I can’t sleep at night, so Werewolf Bar Mitzvah… it is! “Boys becoming men, men becoming wolves…” typical Halloween.

Song of the Day: Stand on the Horizon by Franz Ferdinand

More Franz Ferdinand love, they’re just so great live, I still think back to their performance of Lucid Dreams at V-Fest whenever I hear a song of theirs because it was just so awesome.

Side note: It would make me so happy to have Virgin Festival back in the city, there’s Veld and OVO fest, this would just round it out and save the transportation and hotel costs of Osheaga.  Here is an accurate representation of me begging for it back…  If someone knows of a petition to bring it back or wants to start one I’ll sign that thing.

I’ve included two versions of Stand on the Horizon, which is turning out to be one of my favourite songs on the album at the moment, it’s one of those upbeat songs that is actually kinda sad when you pay attention to the lyrics. The first link is a live version from a Letterman taping back in the summer, and the second is the album track.

Indie-licious Tues Oct 8th 2013


1. Sighs – The Feather
2. Fresh – Summer Camp
3. Cast Away – Strange Talk
4. Dust In The Gold Sack – Dreamin’
5. Life’s a Beach – Django Django
6. Ain’t That The Way – Divine Fits
7. Right Thoughts – Franz Ferdinand
8. Double Vision – Jacuzzi Boys
9. Stoner Pop – Dune Rats
10. Street Of Dreams – Frankie Rose
11. Is This How You Feel – The Preachers
12. I Can Hardly Make You Mine – Cults
13. At Night In Dreams – White Denim
14. Hide – Little May
15. Destroyer – Panama


What I’m Listening to: Franz Ferdinand Covers Grimes’ Oblivion

I know I just posted about Franz Ferdinand‘s new album, but they popped up on my radar this morning for performing this Grimes cover of Oblivion while doing press and I like it so much I had to share.

I didn’t realize how little detail I paid to the lyrics of the original until I heard this acoustic version.  The original, which I love, is still awesome but far from acoustic so it’s neat to see this version preformed, and performed well.

Here is the cover:

…and here is the original for those who haven’t heard it.