Indie-licious Tues Sept 2nd 2014

1. I HATE MY BIRTHDAY – Silver Dapple
2. Pass the Pain – Only Real
3. Magic Mountain – The Drums
4. Birthday – Beach Fossils
5. Planet Birthday – Beverly
6. Story To Tell – Galkin
7. Empty Lines – Old Smile
8. Slow Down – Chips Calipso
9. Traneberg – Old Amica
10. Strangers – James Canty
11. I’ll Be Your – The Tallest Tree
12. Happiness Forgets – Meenk
13. Birthday Song – Frankie Cosmos
14. Birthday Card – Kate Sikora
15. More Than I Ask For – TEEN
16. Curious of You – Pillar Point
17. Oblivion – Aimee deBeer


Happy Birthday Sasha! (Katie’s favourite b-day tracks)





Here’s why Sasha is the coolest girl ever:

1) She has awesome hair


2) She has great taste in music


3) She has great taste in clothes

super model

4) She has a car and can drive me around


5) She tolerates me

kitten pounce 2

Here is some actual music.

Birthday Song – Frankie Cosmos (New York) BandcampFacebook | Twitter

“I hate everybody in this town. So I walk around with my head down. And sit alone.”

Ah, there’s nothing like good ole birthday depression to make you feel world-weary and friendless. But Sasha, don’t worry! We’ll surround you with so much love and cuddles on your actual birthday that you won’t feel like Frankie Cosmos singer/guitarist Greta Kline.

Birthday Card – Kate Sikora (Boonton) Bandcamp | Facebook

Moar 90s girl-rock goodness.

I Hate My Birthday  – Silver Dapple (Montreal) Bandcamp | Facebook

“I hate my birthday, I hate my parents, I do drugs.” False! WE LOVE OUR DNA HOSTS. Drugz R Dangerus. Stay in school.

Birthday Beach Fossils (Brooklyn) Bandcamp

Planet Birthday – Beverly (Brooklyn) FacebookTwitter | Soundcloud

Slightly scuzzy female 90s rock with a slammin’ repetitive bassline.



Katie’s Daily NXNE 2014 Picks (this is a huge post)


Check out this handy Google map I created for all the venues in my concert picks.



FUTURE ISLANDS (Baltimore emotionally-charged 80s synth) – VICE ISLAND – 830pm


HORSE LORDS (Baltimore experimental kraut) – Adelaide Hall – 9pm


JOYWAVE (Rochester experimental beats) – Drake Underground – 9pm


TOBACCO (Pittsburg Gary Glitter on acid) – Massey Hall – 9pm


TUNE-YARDS (New York Haitian playful experimental) – Massey Hall – 10pm


SYLVAN ESSO (Durham electronic pop) – Drake Underground – 10pm


HOLYCHILD (Los Angeles brat pop) – Tattoo Rock Parlour – 11pm

Can’t catch them at NXNE? They’re coming back to Toronto on July 6th at Danforth Music Hall.

YOU’LL NEVER GET TO HEAVEN (London, ON pop dreamscapes) – Silver Dollar – 11pm


MIMICO (Toronto proggy psych) – Baltic Ave – 12am


SHANNON & THE CLAMS (Oakland garage surf) – Lee’s Palace – 12am


MADE IN HEIGHTS (New York filth pop) – Hoxton – 1am

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