TGIF Playlist: June 6, 2014

I moved last weekend, so even though I put the bones of this post together a week ago, I disconnected the internet too soon and didn’t get a chance to finish, or make it live. (so many excuses…) Aaaaaanyways, here is some music that I was listening to as I packed up all my junk, then lugged it from one spot to another, as well as some new stuff for this weekend.

  • I love this band, I’m not as in love with this Tokyo Police Club album as I was with Elephant Shell or Champ, but this song is cute, upon cute, upon cute. “When you smile, you smile with all your teeth at once”… I mean most people smile with all their teeth, but I think the lyrics are adorable and for a band that usually caps their songs around 2.5/3 minutes (even though I wish they’d go longer), I’m happy to see a song that almost hits the 9 minute mark.
  • Phoenix has been releasing some great remixes, SOS In Bel Air is still my favourite, but this one by Gopher & Devin is starting to rack up the plays in my itunes. Fun fact: both bands are French.
  •  There are no lyrics in this PEELERS SELLERS song, just straight up “computer sounds” as my parents call them that make me feel like I should be doing something cool by the ocean.
  • Excited for some new Caribou, Can’t Do Without You takes a moment (around a minute and a half) for the beat to drop, kinda couldn’t help but think of this, but it’s a great song, now I only have to wait until October 7, to get the album.
  • Electro-Soul from Brooklyn band Denitia and Sene, not sure it gets more hip that that, another good song of theirs is Divided.
  • CATHEDRALS made an appearance on one of my favourite TGIF playlist back in March. They just released Want My Love and it reminds me of a smooth 90s R&B slowjam, another winning track from the band.

  • I saw Foster the People at Massey Hall and Are you What You Want to Be? stuck out, it is one of those songs that you listen to again because it’s really upbeat/catchy, but then you slowly pay attention to the lyrics, and they’re deep and interesting.
  • More Sylvan Esso love to cap off this list, this time it’s a remix

Thanks for checking out the playlist, hope you have a great weekend!

Music Video Monday – Foster the People’s Coming of Age

I went to look up when Torches was released in prep for this post, and can’t believe it’s been three years since Foster the People released new music. I should have known years had gone by because radio stations weren’t playing Pumped up Kicks on repeat anymore, kinda happy about that because I definitely did enough of that on my own.

I still listen to the last album like it’s new, but I’m really liking their single, Coming of Age and I’m excited to hear the new album, Supermodel which will be released March 18, and for those of you, who like me, saw the bands Coachella performance way back when (not live but via Youtube…) and wanted to go to there, the band will be playing Massey Hall in May (great venue choice). Happy Monday :)


Songs to get you through the work day

Sometimes it’s just nice to listen to happy music, y’know?

It’s the end of the sales quarter, so things have been totally crazy at my work. As long as I can pull in two hundred thousand dollars tomorrow (uhhhhh what?) everything’ll be golden! So if anyone has 200K lying around, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

I’ve been listening to this mini-playlist whenever I feel the 3pm blues kicking in. It’s better than caffeine (and don’t we all drink too much of that stuff anyway?). So put on this music the next time you feel a slump and you’ll be good to go.

TrellicBaxter Dury

Baxter Dury is an English guy (how could he not be, with a name like that) who started making records back in 2002. His latest album Happy Soup (2011) is enjoying a comfortable stay on the UK charts and his music is hopelessly catchy.

    Excuse MeLemâitre

    Dance around until 1:25, when the pure deliciousness sets in. Reminds me of the nineties without leaving the aftertaste of midriff tops and rave pacifiers in my mouth.

    Don’t Stop (TheFatRat Remix)Foster The People

    I like this song so much that I played it on last week’s Indie-licious. And in case you didn’t know, Foster The People are playing in Downsview Park on June 19th. It’s an all-ages show and tickets are $39.50. Prepare to be surrounded by tweens singing along to Pumped Up Kicks without realizing it’s about a school shooter. No big deal!

    Sasha’s Favourite Albums of 2011- ENTIRE LIST

    #1 – Jay Z & Kanye West – Watch the Throne

    I’m sure this one came a shocker (…not).  Even though a bunch of the songs act as advertisements, the quality of this album is hard to match, and it was an easy pick as favourite of the year.  You would have to be living under a rock to not have heard at least one of Watch the Throne’s singles/songs, and you would have to be hit by that rock upside the head to not enjoy it… And on that note I hope everyone has a great New Years Eve, I’d be willing to bet you will be hearing this song at least once (or 3 times like their encores on this tour).  Enjoy!

    Jay-Z & Kanye WestGotta Have it

     – The English Riviera
    #3 – Bon Iver – Bon Iver, Bon Iver 

    #4 – Caveman – CoCo Beware

    #5 – Foster the People – Torches

    #6 – Lykke Li – Wounded Rhymes

    #7 – tUnE-yArDs – WHO KILL

    # 8 (TIE) – Drake – Take Care & Childish Gambino – CAMP

    #9 – Florence and the Machine – Ceremonials (Deluxe Edition)

    #10 – Arctic Monkeys – Suck it and See

    Sasha’s Favourite Albums of 2011 Countdown: #5

    #5 – Foster the People – Torches

    This was the ultimate summer album for me, with probably one of the catchiest singles released this year (Pumped up Kicks), and the album doesn’t rest on it’s pop-y singles alone.  Torches is awesome from beginning to end, which makes me excited to see what this band has to release in the future.

    Foster the PeopleMiss You