If it ain’t baroque, don’t fix it: Jacco Gardner

Photo by Nick Helderman

Photo by Nick Helderman

Sasha’s been digging Tame Impala recently, and I’m not surprised. There’s something irresistible about unpredictable, drug-induced rock that has clearly been penned during a state of rare lucidity between trips. Ladies love it.

I’ve been keeping an ear to the ground for anything dripping with psychedelic undertones and came across Dutch cutie Jacco Gardner while searching for new releases. He’s basically a 60’s dreamboat born in the wrong time, a quiet baroque-pop prince, lovely harpsichordist, and coquettish charmer. His music is like warm honey, sticking in all the right places. Of course, it’s his inventive chord changes that really tickle my fancy. And oh, how my fancy was tickled listening to his critically-acclaimed first album Cabinet of Curiosities (2013). I don’t think I’ve been this satisfied since the strawberry milkshake I guzzled last Sunday.

He’ll be performing at The Garrison with Slim Twig on Tuesday October 22nd, and as soon as I found out, I cycled to Rotate This as fast as my little gams could take me. Tickets are online here & I got mine for $8.50 – a bargoon for how much happiness I’ll be taking home.

I can’t overstate enough how excited I am for everyone to check out his first album. It’s one of those gems you find out about long after its release-date. If anyone wants to come see him with me, I promise I’ll keep my fangirling to a minimum if you buy me a button.

MP3: The Riddle – Jacco Gardner

Check out his brand new single The End Of August from the upcoming 7″ (Sept 24th, Trouble In Mind).