Byron Westbrook – Precipice (2015 via Root Strata)


Last night, I had the pleasure of seeing Brooklyn-based composer and sound-artist Byron Westbrook at Ratio along with Dirty Inputs, Fleshtone Aura, and Germaine Liu. Westbrook ended with a track that made my ears feel like they were stuffed with wadded cotton balls that were being slowly twisted.

Precipice is Westbrook’s first full length and came out via Root Strata on October 2nd. I wish I could’ve grabbed a copy, but he sold out in Chicago. Nonetheless, I’m very excited to listen to this album and I’ll try to grab it when I can. At times ebullient, at times subdued, it flexes between warm synths, crystalline sequences, and synesthetic tingling. Check it out if you’re into Craig Leon, Popul Vuh, or Terry Riley.

Indie-licious Tues Oct 13th 2015



1. Praha – Sarah Davachi*
2. Codex – Sarah Davachi*
3. every fucking day – Shaun Weadick*
4. old as hope (whale song) – Shaun Weadick*
5. Hypothetical Planet – Cyclopean Wall*
6. Clockwatcher – Bong Sample*
7. Midnight Oscillations – Bong Sample*
8. Pommel Horse – Joyfultalk*
9. Buschbabies – Joyfultalk*

Much love to Weird Canada, as always.