Need an alternative to TURF this weekend? We’ve got you covered.

For those of you outside Toronto, TURF is a small music festival tailored to those whose idea of experimental rock is Broken Social Scene. Just kidding, there are some good indie bands playing. That being said, if you want to avoid the festival scene, here are some great options for those of us living free ‘n’ cheap.



If you guys are looking for something to do tonight, come check out the Girls Art League Fundraiser @ The Garrison, which will benefit Girls Art League, a Toronto-based non-profit benefitting women looking to make art in a welcoming, safe, and supportive social environment. GAL encourages art technique education as well as community-based events.

Here’s who’s on the bill for tonight:

Army Girls (Toronto)- Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter


Dilly Dally (Toronto) – Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter


New Fries (Toronto) – Bandcamp


Also featuring DJ Mary Mack. Cover is $10, doors are at 9 pm. Girls Art League on Facebook.



Feeling American? Wanna cram a hot dawg down your gullet and wash it down with a sudsy Budsy? Celebrate the Fourth of July without renewing your dumb passport (something that I went through the process of today – hot tip, paint your face so you don’t look like the colour of an old sock in your 10-year passport photo).

Darlene Shrugg is playing Double Double Land with DJ Gaven Dianda.  Cool? Facebook deets here. $10 equals ticket plus hot dawg + brewski. Visuals are clips from Roseanne.


What is Darlene Shrugg? Slim Twig, Ice Cream, and U.S. Girls playing together as a mini-Toronto-supergroup. They used to play as Tropics, but now that isn’t a thing. To give you an idea, here’s an old Tropics tune:



Tomorrow night, Burn Down The Capital’s Feast In The East features dancey electro-pop, as well as a tasty dinner + cool visual arts by Eunice Luk.

Silkken LaumannSoundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


No BreakupFacebook | Soundcloud


Most People – Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter


Memorex – Bandcamp


Have a great weekend, folks!

Katie’s Weekly Addictions


Yesterday, I biked from my lovely little squat in Parkdale to my friend Cam’s digs in Riverdale so he could help me repair my brakes. Such a handy man! We were still spent from Long Winter hijinks on Friday, but he made us fancy milky coffees from a shining steel contraption that looked expensive and efficient. After we were done greasing up his parquet and tightening my brakes, we went to East Chinatown for some questionable pho. I ordered a neon green honeydew melon milkshake that tasted like no fruit which has ever been found in nature.

Fully nourished, I called up Tad to see if he needed help moving the mountains of LPs, zines, cassettes, books, instruments (that organ was a monster), sewing machines, projectors, telescopes, old man sweaters, and vintage kitchenware. Cam and I biked over to the house they’ve lived in for 8 years and started packing with the guys until Neil had to leave to perform with Freelove Fenner, Bile Sister, and Dilly Dally at the Oz.

I had really wanted to see Neil play (listen to Gay here!) and also catch Alvvays at Silver Dollar, but that didn’t end up happening. I’ll have to catch them later. By the time I biked from East to West again, everyone was already well into their sets, so Sasha and I met up with some old friends at Odd Seoul.

I woke up to find out that we are now a blog on Hype Machine. I’m excited to be tagged as a “female blogger” and “lo-fi” by the first content aggregator that helped me to explore new bands at the beginning of my music listenership. Although sometimes I find it’s easier to just follow my favourite bands on Twitter & Soundcloud to learn about new releases, Hype Machine is still useful for finding tracks that are rising on the blog charts and especially good for year-end posts that would be too Shockwave-heavy to load on their own.

Anyways, I’m killing time for the next few hours before I help the guys dig out their new burrow, so I thought I’d make a quick post to share some of the tracks I’ve been obssessed with this week.

First, this older TOBACCO + AIR remix was a related song to his new track Eruption (Gonna Get My Hair Cut At The End Of The Summer), from the upcoming album Ultima II Massage, which will be released on May 13, 2014 on GhostlyEruption is classic TOBACCO – forceful yet goofy, sloppy but controlled, scattered but pulsing. The reason I love this AIR remix so much is because it’s fluttery, light, and shuffling. Incredibly playful and filled with controlled exuberance. I dig.

I caught a partial set of Toronto surf-pop, female-fronted Alvvays at February’s Long Winter and really wanted to check them out again last night. Unfortunately for me, I tend to overcommit to way too many things. Hopefully they play a few more shows this spring and summer.

Toronto singer-songwriter Lowell was recently signed to Arts & Crafts and she’s been on my to-watch list for the last two weeks. Her new EP I Killed Sara V. just came out on Feb 25th, so you should definitely check it out.

Finally, I’ve been crazy about this super chilled out electronic track from Ekoplekz‘s new album Unfidelity, which is out on March 10th, 2014 via Planet Mu. I love that Nick Edwards, the man behind Ekoplekz, is 44 and has a real-person job. It just goes to show that you can do anything you want to creatively, at any age, and still make something amazing. New content creation isn’t just for the young.

Alright, I could post more, but I am in dire need of an Americano. I’ve been writing this entire post with my jaw hanging open and my eyes half shut. Happy Sunday!